Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Internets Impact on Traditional Genres of Art :: Technology Computers Essays

The nets Impact on Traditional Genres of Art information technology and computers are without a doubt already playing a major role in very many peoples lives and will probably do so far into the future. Every single day the pocketable power-up sequence of turning a computer on happens millions of times alone over the world, and is commonly more and more often followed by make the computer go online via the Internet and the World Wide Web. In a few years men will be able to drop dead more effectively through a machine than face to face. (Mayer 1999, p14). This outstanding statement is from an artificeicle written by two computer visionaries Licklider and Robert Taylor as far back as in 1968. They realized in the 1960s that people werent satisfied with just interacting with their computers. They wanted to use their computers to interact with other people. The rise of the personal computer by Apple and IBM introduced the persist of the world to computing. In the 1980s PCs becam e a common fixture in homes and offices, and the Internet and the World Wide Web started to kick of. People were development their computers as Licklider and Taylor had prophesized, as a medium to interact with other people. straight off computers are - next to telephones and face-to-face conversations - without a doubt the most utilize medium for communication in industrialized countries. People send terrible amounts of emails every day, videoconferencing is getting more and more common and online chatting rooms and discourse forums are becoming increasingly more popular. Actually, according to www. net the amount of internet users worldwide 1st of September 2004, was as many as 800,040,498, as opposed to only 360,971,012 in 2000. A growth of no little than 121.6 %. So how is this impacting on traditional genres of art?As mentioned above the Internet is a very fast growing medium, also for interaction between people. This relatively new medium h as not only created a jam of new types of occupations and businesses, it has also in many ways altered a number of the existing ones. This also applies within the field of art. As art has traditionally been thought of as something one can touch or view up close, like a painting or a sculpture, some find it hard to accept digital art to be a proper form of art. But as Shawn Olson a source photojournalist and now the author of Artistic Network creative arts on the web - states Ive heard people say that technology lessens the value of art.

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