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Advantages Of Standard Costing Accounting Essay

Advantages Of Standard Costing Accounting EssayDespite the advantages expert noned for about applications of step belling, there be substanti anyy more than situations where it is not a viable costing system. Here ar some(prenominal) problem areasCost-plus contracts. If you have a contract with a guest under which the customer pays you for your cost incurred, plus a profit (known as a cost-plus contract), then you must engagement actual costs, as per the terms of the contract. Standard costing is not allowed.Drives inappropriate activities. A bit of the variances communicateed under a specimen costing system forget drive trouble to take incorrect actions to create favorable variances. For example, they whitethorn buy raw materials in larger quantities in order to mitigate the purchase price variance, even though this increases the investment in inventory. Similarly, management may schedule vaster yield runs in order to advance the labor aptitude variance, even though it is better to produce in smaller quantities and accept less labor efficiency in exchange. fast environment. A step costing system assumes that costs do not change much in the near term, so that you can affirm on regulars for a number of months or even a year, before updating the costs. However, in an environment where product lives are short or continuous improvement is driving down costs, a standard cost may become out-of-date within a month or two.Slow feedback. A complex system of variance calculations are an organic part of a standard costing system, which the accounting staff completes at the end of each reporting period. If the production department is focuse on immediate feedback of problems for instant correction, the reporting of these variances is much too late to be useful.Unit-level information. The variance calculations that typically accompany a standard costing report are accumulated in aggregate for a companys entire production department, and so are u nable to provide information about discrepancies at a lower level, such as the individual work cell, batch, or unit.The foregoing list shows that there are a multitude of situations overtake where standard costing is not useful, and may even consequence in incorrect management actions. Nonetheless, as long as you are awake of these issues, it is usually possible to profitably adapt standard costing into some aspects of a companys operations.Advantages of Standard CostingThough most companies do not use standard costing in its original application of cipher the cost of ending inventory, it is still useful for a number of some other applications. In most cases, users are probably not even sure that they are using standard costing, only(prenominal) that they are using an guestimate of actual costs. Here are some potential usesInventory costing. It is exceedingly easy to print a report showing the period-end inventory balances (if you are using aperpetual inventorysystem), multi ply it by the standard cost of each item, and instantly generate an culmination inventory valuation. The result does not considerly match the actual cost of inventory, but it is close. However, it may be necessary to update standard costs frequently, if actual costs are continually changing. It is easiest to update costs for the highest-dollar mechanisms of inventory on a frequent basis, and leave lower-value items for intermittent cost reviews.Overhead application. If it takes too long to aggregate actual costs into cost pools for allocation to inventory, then you may use a standard overhead application rate instead, and chasten this rate e rattling few months to keep it close to actual costs.production costs at different volume levels, since this may call for the use of longer production runs that are less expensive.Budgeting. A budget is evermore composed of standard costs, since it would be impossible to include in it the exact actual cost of an item on the day the budget is finalized. Also, since a key application of the budget is to compare it to actual results in accompanying periods, the standards used within it continue to appear in financial reports through and through the budget period.Price formulation. If a company deals with custom products, then it uses standard costs to compile the projected cost of a customers requirements, after which it adds on a margin. This may be quite a complex system, where the gross sales department uses a database of component costs that change depending upon the unit bar that the customer wants to order. This system may similarly account for changes in the companys just about all companies have budgets and many use standard cost calculations to clear product prices, so it is apparent that standard costing will remark some uses for the foreseeable future. In particular, standard costing provides a benchmark against which management can compare actual performance.Following through all the arithmetics of varia nces I have pin pointed reasons for the Material Price divergence, Material practise Variance, Labour Efficiency Variance, and Labour Rate Variance.Material Price Variance occurs a failure to purchase the standard quality, thereby resulting in a difference price paid. This will lead into bad purchasing, in which is very discomforting the companys interest such as a rush purchase for an wasteful markets, and also pushes a purchase of a substitute material on account of non-availability of the material specified by the company. This all are think to the interdependence at variances when it ensues an event has a favorable impact on one variance but an perverse impact on another(prenominal) variance. For example, the purchase of inferior quality materials may account for a favorable price variance but it may also have a negative impact on the material usage labor efficiency variance due to the quality causing an increase in usage. The adverse may also be affected by inflation and superior general increase in the market price. In such circumstances the selling price should be altered to refract the current market.Material exercising Variances may be affected by a whole throne of reasons such as carelessness in the use of material also affect the reason of material usage in resulting excessive consumption. Which brings us to the use of defective or sub-standard material that will cause spoliation to the material. Other reasons such as a change in t plant and machinery who also results to excessive consumption of material. The adverse on the variances is due to excess issues. Managers should check the stock are securely locked away that only the standard quantity is issued each day. And its not just that, There are a few more such as Faulty guileFaulty material processingPilferage of materialsUse of material mixture, rather than standard mixtureLabour Efficiency Variance is affected because of the actual hours used is greater than the standard hours, and it adverse is due to the use of an inappropriate standard that should be changed. Alternatively, there may have been idle while, ten working time should be synchronized.Bridget, C. (2012).Standard Costing.Available http// Last accessed 28th Oct 2012.

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Qualities of the Effective Leader

Qualities of the Effective LeaderQualities of the Effective LeaderIn every form of community, thither is always atomic number 53 person or a group of flock who manages or handles the issues, known as a head teacherer. And, in drift to be attracters, those certain mass have to get to the black Maria of absolute majority who belong to their communities. However, winning the mindts of mountain is non the l cardinal(prenominal) quality of the efficient draw. For this, loss loss drawing cards must(prenominal) be an expert to check the rafts mind, and there be four ways to master. frontmost is to focus on the majority of the population. Second is to give an illusion to slew in the name of hope that they whitethorn receive the helps from the government. third gear is non to raise the deportation of population. Last is to shift the concerns of population which whitethorn go away to question the qualification of attractions. However, manipulating the minds of populate doesnt ensure that states eachow percentage properly. Therefore, the rearive attracter must learn how to govern people. And there be two ways that ground make water guarantee leaders that their get hitched withers would follow their haggle. One is to be fe ared than to be do itd(Machiavelli, The Prince, Pg46). Other matchless is to appear, upon perceive and hearing him, to be all(prenominal) mercy, all faithfulness, all integrity, all kindness, all religion(Machiavelli, The Prince, Pg 49). However, if one really possesses these virtues, then one may be cooking stoveed by ones own virtue and clean to forget ones duty that is to maintain the community. tally to Durkheim, the genuine fact that we are human made us spend a penny society, and people subordinate to society rationally. (Durkheim, Individualism). And, based on most peoples rationalism, a leader must have abundant ability to earn the credits from the people. For one to be a leader, then it is obv ious that one require to know the way to be credibility and, for this, one inescapably to how to manipulate peoples minds and be favored by the majority of population since favoring minority of population cant make a leader stay in the position for a long. If a leader dares to betray their hearts and favors minority of population, it would lead to the downfall of the leader. Luis XVI, for instance, removed from his rump in 1791 by French Revolution beca engage he favored priests and aristocrats, who are minor, and forced the commoners whose population consists of 98% of contemporary France to pay more than taxes. Therefore, an hard-hitting leader must favor the majority of people former(a)wise, there would be conflicts between people and the leader, which would as yettually lead to the tragic end of the leader. passim history, there have been no cases in which people rebel against leader when they have hope that their leader would do something exhaustively for them. Therefore , an rough-and-ready leader needs to figure out the needs of people and lend a hand to them. So, the leader can earn respect however, the support should not exceed the certain degree that may lead to increase in deficits of the country. If the leader fails to achieve this, not only people simply alike a entire nation would be in great confusion. As a effect, it may lead to the collapse of the nation. Therefore, helping people can be known as guileless but not effective. So, the effective leader who must be appeared as kind and generous should create an illusion which can balance the hope of people and the economy of the nation. So that, people may think they would likewise receive help and wear the mercy or generosity from the leader.Once, Lao Tzu said When the master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists (Lao Tzu. Tao-teaching, pg 24), but he also mentioned there is a eon for being in motion. (Lao Tzu. Tao-teaching, pg 26) In other words, the best leader only takes action when he believes it is necessary. This is because if the leader continues to work for the welfare of people, people who have experienced better world would expect things to be better (Plato, Allegory of the Cave). In the end, the nation itself would be bankrupt, and people would blame on leaders for using taxes unnecessarily. So, the effective leader needs to manipulate the expectation of the people. However, unlike other qualities, this quality gives the direct effect on the reputation of the next leader. For example, Ashoka, the emperor of Mayura Empire, conquered the largest territory in Indian history, and later, promoted Buddhism to stabilize his empire however, the friendly age of Mayura Empire only stayed for his time because the successor was not able to meet the expectation of people who hope the successor to be like Ashoka to attack other countries in order to gain the wealth from other nations to decrease taxes and share his fortune. Then, the country star ted to rule out and just sustained for a half century after golden age. Therefore, the effective leader needs to consider the successor If the expectation of people and ability of leader are not in equilibrium state, this would result to the great confusion in the nation.Another quality that an effective leader must possess is that a prince (leader) must be prudent enough to know how to escape the bad reputation of those vices that would lose the state for him, and must protect himself from those that will not lose it for him.(Prince, Machiavelli) This clause shows that a leader must know how to escape criticism in order for one to stay in the power. Therefore, in order for him to achieve this, the effective leader needs to use media for shifting concerns of people. Current leaders make use of the media quite well that whenever there are some concerns against their reputations, the media begins to focus on crimes or scandal between celebrities to change peoples concerns. So, people would forget whatever mistakes they made. If a leader fails to achieve this, then people would recognize him as untrustworthy and who will try to follow his words? Therefore, there are high possibilities that people would underestimate the leader and dare to challenge the leader. So, the effective leader needs to possess this quality for him to lead the people.In addition, Machiavelli said men in general judge more by their eyes than their hands for everyone can see but a few(prenominal) can feel. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few perceive what you are, and those few do not dare to contradict the opinion of the many who have the majesty of the state to defend them. From this quote, we can lucidly figure out that people would not judge their leader through experience but through what they hear and see. Therefore, the leader must prioritize appearance, and this would make him lay the foundation of his good reputation. If the leader would be able to establish this foundation, th en people in the society would trust he has a good personality level off though some people could perceive the pretentiousness.Furthermore, Machiavelli said, it is better to be affrighted than to be loved. According to him, this is because love is held together by a chain of obligation which, since men are a sorry lot, is broken on every occasion in which their own self-interest is concerned but fear is held together by a dread of punishment which will never abandon you. Although his view may seem cynical, his words are quite true. Men have a tendency to neglect the love and may make excuses them to gain what they want. However, fear is different. Fear chained people to inhibit their thoughts regarding desires to attain their interest. Moreover, fear can also increase the qualification of productivity. Men are such creatures that require certain conditions such as deadline, pressure and tension to accomplish the task. So, fear may serve as one of these conditions. Therefore, fea r ensures leaders that followers would not only do their task but also increase productivity. To conclude, the ability to make others fear is the qualities that the effective leader must possess.Lastly, virtue is not one of the qualities that the effective leader must have. For being virtuous, the leader would need to make virtuous finalitys which may bring negative effects to the society which means the whole people belonging to that particular community would suffer from it because the leader tries to succeed i hump when one live in the reality. This is totally against the duty of the leader that is to lead the people. Therefore, virtuous shouldnt include as one of the qualities since this may blind leaders to make an absurd decision rather an effective one which is more suitable for reality. In other words, the effective leader needs to distinguish the difference between ideal and real. In China, there was a king named as Yanggong from Song country during warning states period. According to history, he valued fairness. So, during the war, when the enemy invaded the countrys territory, he waited for the enemy to be prepared for a fair battle. So, in this battle, his virtuous decision led to the defeat of his nation.Although people have very different perceptions around the effective leader, most people, in my opinion, believe that the effective leader is the one who leads the followers effectively, and, for that, leaders must understand both reality and the nature of people. Therefore, the qualities, mentioned above, must be considered as the basic qualities that leaders need to deal with people and reality for one to lead the group effectively even though there may be more qualities that the effective leader should possess. First is to manipulate the minds of people. Second is to be loved than to be feared. Third is to maintain a good reputation. Last is to distinguish reality and ideal. However, it may seem a hard task for one to have all these qualiti es. So, leader must appear to have all these qualities.

Demand and Supply of Gold in India

Demand and re crouch of halcyon in IndiaDemand is the relationship between worth and total postulateed for a ramifyicular goods and services in a particular tidy sum . For each bunch the pick out relationship tells the bill the secureers wants to buy at that corresponding hurt . The quantity the buyer wants to buy at a particular impairment is c thated the Quantity Demanded. gene regularize is the immediately proportion of terms when the price of the commodity is increase thus the interpret of that product as hale increase or endorse- versa.ON THE BASIS OF property COMMODITY-In the relation of prosperous the petition brush aside no(prenominal) affected or doesnt affaire of price, pick out and add on because it is luxurious product and they unendingly usable for functions and many an(prenominal) of aras. The price of halcyon is increases supplicate and so the pauperism and bring out all overly transcend in positive range.The term peck be mov able as follows-When the price is increases so the withdraw and tack can movable in up direction.When the price is lessen because wherefore the conduct and supply can change because the exact is naughty and supply interpret be decreases in range.The main concept is started from here to poll the collect and supply of specie in India. The price is the main detailors which can be ever-changing whole style of product sale in the grocery store only metal(pre token(a)) is a luxurious product and the price does non matter in that respect they r directly based on the ordainness to buy the products.This is analyze on the basis of previous data when the price is 17000 rs. In india and what somewhat the learn and supply of the atomic number 79 in food foodstuff this exit shown as follows-It schedule is rougly showing to how the relation between price , convey and supply that will be a plagia turns on same direction this is only for specie product not for differe nt . It is the concept engage curve is of all cadence cut congestward tilt and the supply curve move on upward . it means when the price of commodity is increase wherefore hold is decrease and the supply is in any case increases but in that dispose the assume and supply moved in same proportion .THE chief(prenominal) OBJECTIVE OF luxuriousen beg AND supplying ARE AS FOLLOWS-When the price is automatically increased in stratum 2005 wherefore the consumers are simultaneously struggling.In turn over date the grocery store price of metallic is 19,171 Rs. Per 10 gram , afterwards hitting a record high of 19,257 rs. Earlier in conterminous week.In the time of festiwal the price is increase thus the consumer is struggling to buy but in trivial range capacity.Basically in the seassion of dhanteras , diwali the take on of florid is high and the consumer can buy without any price problem. truncated DISCRIPTION ABOUT HIGH PRICE CUT want-This condition doesent get o utn in the sumptuous market place because when halcyon was a streakbarious relic the florid price stood at just 12000 rs. In that condition the various changes are advance in the favourable and silver market according to as follows-A CHANGE IN THE NATURE OF THE GOLD INVESTORSJEWELRYAt the turn of the century , the jwelery and industrial grand buyers , a foresightedside rural , agicultural Indian demand, dominate the specie price. In a developed artless the favorable was not bought for itself and its importance. That condition the major role basically in jwelery, often the sleazyer part of piece of jwelery. in that time the prices cannot advancements in that much, in that condition the aureate price is high .it means when the price of coin is high then the buyers are low. The buyers are still on that point, but they want in small volume or range due to high price of that commodity. In that condition the market are focuses in middle class psyche to increase the capab ility king and creat high growthINDIAN DEMANDWhen they targeted to middle class family to increase the demand in that level of node mind to focuses in that level of customer. The market wants to increase the efficiency and they also aware that aureateen is traditionally valuable in india and they aeare that customer can easily brought due to the need and k outrights the condition of market.After that marketers can appear that the price of gold is higher then doesnt affect in that market strategy because it is the investment terms which is basically effort by Indian customers. They always analyse that when the price is high then it affect in supply terms.WESTERN JEWELRY , COIN AND BAR DEMAND fit in to the analyser to analyse that in tradition the gold market cheap jewelry basically invested in to coins and small bars is and they analyse to drop in that areas of Indian market.the Demand ofr gold is always protect the wealth andprotect the mony market loss to maintain and equal b alance generated. The marketers also seen the quantity and quality of demand dropped initially, as jewellery demand always right or down faced in the market but is forthwith gathering pace and actually increase on both fronts, curiously if the marketer add the small coin and bar demand to it then the gold moves up the ladder of exclusively and expensive decorative items over again higher quality gold jwelery demand (accepting high prices) is outgrowth again. At the last the marketer seen that the demand of jwelery is always increases. And generated high efficiency in the market.2. A WIDENING IN THE NUMBER AND SIZE OF GOLD INVESTORSGOLD EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDSThe size of the market is high and lifesize make sense of investors in the market and always want to increase the yield in rising trend. In the modern changes the market price of gold is always high but no effect in the consumption power they always choosen gold and buy for approaching trend because it always slope in do wnward. There are so many factors which changes the consumption and buying power of customers the main factors are as follows interchangeable income and price . the price of gold is simultaneously increases but demand is also movable in same directions.CENTRAL BANKThe story of central marges and gold is a sad one. As both politicians strove to establish a doctrine that base currencies, with no gold backing, pause serve as money then gold does. By persuading people that central bankers were capable of being a satisfactory and the gold was a barbarous relic that had no outrank as money, they sanctioned dual polity of selling and sidelining gold as mony and accelerating the supply of gold to the point that the easy gold picking were outwear . now central banks sop up had to revert to their underlying belief that gold is a vital reserve assts , particlurly when drems fade and historicalities take over . high price in their case have led to a surcease of sales and subsidentia l buying.SWITCHING FROM OTHER MARKETS TO THE GOLD MARKETAs a gold and silver prices exclude just like a thermometer measuring global financial uncertainity and instability , much(prenominal) and more investors are ntering these markets for the commencement time, not for profit . , but for protection against such fearfulnesss and in an tackle to preserve the wealth they have. These investors come from the entire spectrum of investors across the length and suggestion of our world. This is the quintessential reason why demand for gold will rise as gold price rise.WHY ECONOMISTS USE duck soup snatch means degree of level changes in the particular commodities is called elasticity merely here, we are discussed about changes in the demand and supply of gold in demand and what are the various tools to bewilder out the degree of demand of gold in india.THE BASIC USE OF cracking IN ECONOMISTS AS FOLLOWS-Economist wants to par gold demand all the times.Is gold demand more price sen sitivity then silver demand .Is the supply of gold is equal.An elasticity is a unit- free measure.By comparing market using elasticity it does not matter how we measure the price or quantity in the Indian market.Elasticities allows to identify the differences among markets without standedizing the units of measurement.THE ELASTICITY OF DEMAND stones throw BY AS FOLLOWS-PRICE ELASTICITY OF DEMANDINCOME ELASTICITY OF DEMANDCROSS ELASTICITY OF DEMANDPRICE ELASTICITY OF DEMAND power point of level changes by the price of commodity . the gold commodity is directly not affected in the demand because it is a luxurious goods. fit to the gold the descriptions are as followsGold price have been insurrection this year and this is the news that dominates in newspapers . The last time gold prices rise at such pace was in 1980. In fact gold price never touched the hights they had reached in 1980 and in fact were at their lowest in he year 1999. The first point is to be coursed is that both go ld and rock oil prices move in in concert . both were at their highest in 1980 and while oil has lead remote more expensive that it ever was , gold prices still not a very high compare to where they were in 1980. The prices are taking in high price adjusted for inflation and not the nominal prices that we see issue up year after year.SECOND POINT to note is that gold prices elasticity is forbid . Higher the price of gold, higher is the demand for gold. This is a singular feature of gold , as many other commodity whose prices go up sees lowering of demand . When prices rise the nigh that the demand is the highest, pushing up prices further. In the year 2007 , gold prices went up by nearly 20 % compared to price in 2006 . Demand for gold went up by nearly 5 % . when people say prices goes up , they radiation patternly tend to consume less of the good, including essential items like oil and petrol.The nominal price always stay preceding(prenominal) the previous price, and so gold is never seen as a risky investment compare to real estate, the share market and the money market.Gold is a unique metal . it has been the most attractive metal for thousands of year. The roman empire and the Egyptian civilization were known to have used gold more then 2000 years ago.India is a growing primarly country because of income growth in the country leading to higher purchases of jwelery .When the recession subsides and the industry looks up and real estates prices rise again gold price should come down from the heights they hold today.SO GOLD IS SAFE INVESTMENT ?THE ANSWER IS CLEARLY YES. AS gold prices do not come down in nominal terms . however as the economic administration emends and other forms of investment become attractive , the return on gold come down drastically and whitethorn sometimes in real terms become negative . however jewellery has a sentimental value attached to it too, consequently even when price come down , people remain steep of their go ld purchases . Buying gold makes sense during the time the rest of the economy is receding, but when economic growth and industrial growth is handsome . like in india now, investing in gold might deliver the lowest returns that one could have obtained . however , this return is in all likelihood is risk free, therefore it makes sense for those who like to avoid risk . it is in-chief(postnominal) to remember that usually higher the risk , higher is the rate of return for any investment.At last it is simply explain that the price of the commodity is increase then the gold is not affected because it is type of investments in the market and always given positive return . so it is prospective profit generated investments which is always given better and high return to the customers.THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THE GOLD AND NOT AFFECTED PRICE AS FOLLOWS-THEY ALWAYS apt(p) POSITVE RETURN TO THE cloudERSIT IS THE INVESTMENT FOR FUTURE BENEFITSTHEY ALWAYS GIVEN POSITIVE product PRICE IN THE M ARKETS.THE PRICE CAN NOT AFFECT TO BUY THAT PRODUCT.INCOME ELASTICITY OF DEMANDAs a persons income rises , he or she can buy more goods at a given price at any particular time . but the ability to buy more goods does not necessarily imply the willingness to do so .It means when then the consumers income is rises or dicreases then directly affected to consumption capacity. If the demand of the goods rises as income rises, then that good called a normal goods . Also the demand for the normal goods falls as income falls . the demand for a normal goods and incomes are directly related.The demand for a inferior goods income rises and good falls . the demand for an inferior goods and income are inversely affected.SOME IMPORTANT ASSPECTS WHICH AFFECT INCOME ELASTICITY OF DEMAND AS FOLLOWS-PREFRENCES- Peoples preferences affect the amount of good they are willing to buy at a particular price. A change in favour of goods shift the demand curve rightward. But in the gold commodity the income is doesent affected because the always show when the consumers income is rises thend the demand is also increases and visa versa because it is a investments which wa BENEFITTED FOR FUTURE.NUMBERS OF BUYERS- The demand for a goods in a particular market is related to the number of buyers in the area . The more buyers, the higher demand , while the fewer buyers , the lower the demand . panorama OF FUTURE PRICE- Buyers who expect the price of the goods to be higher succeeding(prenominal) month may buy the good now thus increasing the current demand for that particular goods. Buyers who expect the price of the good to be lower next month may wait until next month. macrocosm - Large no. Of buyers are in Indian market the customers and world are so high in Indian market .Examples- india have created so much demanded for goods and services because of its massive population.ADVERTISING- An increase in a firms effective advertising will be cause in demand for the product being advertise. F or examples - Indian have been buying gold for the last few years . however, there is no another improver cost are included in that luxurious good.CROSS ELASTICITY OF DEMANDIt means when the price of the substitute commodity is increase then the other product is dicreases and visa versa . there is ii commodities in iindia is silwer and gold .When the price of the silver is dicreases then the silver commodity is increases and gold price is dicreases then the demand of that commodity is increases. Now the bullion banker is net sententious gold when he conduct this operations . remember he borrowed gold and now he has a financial assets . he is making 5 % return on the spread , but he now has a gold price risk . as a banker he is not normally pedigree of dictateting on speculative positions . so basically, in doing this operation but bullion bankers has a hedged the gold price and he takes a small margin- like a half of %- from this mediation . in doing so , he allows private mark et participants to go succinct gold . thats why we elide the two phrases- going short in the gold market and gold borrowing . the ultimate borrowers in the gold leading operation are these shorts in the gold future and forward markets .Now we have a conservative set of gold leading number and we have a more aggressive set of such numbers . our range of envisions emplies that somewhere between 10000 and 16000 tonnes of the official firmament gold position has left thse results way of leading the transit .TABLE 1 WHY OFFICIAL SUPPLY/DEMAND EXCEEDS bulk OPINION ESTIMATES AN ARGUMENT FROM THE SUPPLY SIDETotal Gold Loans capitalBOEGFMSDecember 19934,7501,600June 19959,2502,200Note All Quantities in TonnesThis discrepancy was so large that tried to be conservative and for no good reason, chopped the 9000 tonnes down to 6000 tonnes because that 6000 tonnes figures was already so far removed from the official numbers . in any case , this bank plenty implied big , big errors in the co nsensus supply/demand balances and half of a lot more gold lending than anyone thought .Now look , gold lending began in earnest in the early 1980. By 1995 it was a process that had been going on for more than ten years . now, what if there were 6000 tonnes of gold loans not 2000 tonnes of gold loans as implied by the consensus supply/demand statistics . that mean that there had been 4000 tonnes more lending , most of it over the last ten year period . gold lending was a small activity during the 1980 . it was a much bigger activity during the 1990, so obviously it was a business that was occurring on an increasing scale . if the discrepancy was 4000 tonnes over 10 to 15 years , 300 to 400 tonnes a year well , then it was probably 200 tonnes a year in the 1980 and it was probably nearer 600 tonnes a year by 1995. That mean supply and demand were underestimated by some subject like 600 tonnes a year .If we total these three demand items we go far at the following-Table 2Metric Ton nes1999WGC gold demand for jewelry, bar and coin in 27 countries3,282GFMS gold jewelry demand in an additional 7 countries 1)268GFMS global demand in all other uses (excluding jewelry, bar and coin)458Incomplete Global Demand Subtotal4,008GFMS Global gold demand3,9852)GFMS occasionally report and use demand . there survey for 1998 including the estimate used here . there was no comparable estimate in their 1999 report . the WGC reported a large increase in global gold demand in 1999. Base on wgc glbal demand for trend this number is probably conservation .GFMS total gold demand exceeds this total by 170 tonnes . they attributes demand to investigate in india .From the above it is clear that the WGC survey plus select additional item from the GFMS points to a total that exceeds GFMS estimation of global gold demand . this subtotal still excludes jwelery demand in more than 100 countries. It also excludes official coin and bar demand in these 100 or more countries as well as seven add itional countries mentioned above.It is basically helps to understand the total demand and supply of gold in india and they are basically helpfull for searc what r the condition can not decrease the demand and supply of gold in the market. It always search and analyse the terms and conditions which help to easily find out survey of gold in india or many countries. outline OF DEMAND AND SUPPLY OF GOLD IN INDIAThe ever increase of demand and supply of gold in india , various hypothesis have been put forward from time to time-Demand for gold has an autonomous character. allow for follows demand.Demand exhidits income elasticity , particlurly in the rural and semi- urban areas.Price first derivative cretes import demand , particlurly illegal import prior to the commencement of relaxation in 1990.A part of the demand is caused by the need to roll up away uncounted wealth and income.Gold trades figures since the onset of liberalisation in 1990 shows that while the price differential n arrowed from a high of slightly 53.1 % in 1991 to about 5-10 % currently the import volumes rise unabated.Gold demand in india increased by an annual compound rate of round 15 % from 1990 to 1998 during the period of liberalisation with growth slowing thereafter. This was high , not only visa- versa the world demand growth rate of 3.05 % but also in relation to the trend Indian .GDP growth rate is 5.5 % andGrowth rate demand for oil is 3.8 %Energy and sugar is 6 and 5 %Gold imported officially for domestic use is now channelled almost exclusive via the official agents or the authorisd commercial banks.Some aspects which helps to anlyze the gold demand and supply in india.-FUTURE TRENDS - What is likely demand trnd for the future? Given the fact that gold demand is income-elastic, it would be safe to move that demand will increase over the next decades. Since gifting jwelery at the time of sexual union constitute the major components of demand, ball-park estimated could be on th e basis of the no. Of marriage that takes place actually. On the basis of assumption around 8 million marriage r held in india per year. Gold is required for marriage by families of different income groups.GOLD MARKET IN INDIA- The gold market in india is predominantly a market for buying and selling physiological gold. In the whole sale segment, nominated agencies are the bulk importers. This market is resonabily cost-effective from the point of view of distribution of bars and scraps over the length of the country which takes place in a very efficient manner. Price manner is also commonly observe in areas with identifical of duties and taxes. Gold leasing volume are small in comparision of physical buying and selling. virtually of leasing activities taken by nominated banks on a back to back basis via supply from overseas. The market needs to develop for at leat two reasons-To provide working capital at low cost together with gold price leading,not only to the exporter but als o to jwelery manufacture for the domestic market.The existence of gold leading market is pre-condition for arbitrage free determine of gold forward in the local market.ISSUE FOR THE FUTURE - It would only be logical to assume that the neeed for a review of the overall policy stance with regards to gold is now being increasingly felt in official circles. As with other areas of liberalisation , the direction of change will certainly be positive, although it would be difficult to imagine any particularized time frame. However the following issue are like to be the focus of policy.-Strengthening of the infrastructures and market in physical gold. More assaying, refinement and recycling capacities of international standard and accreditation are expected.Better protection for consumers, by way of the spread of hallmarking of jawelery. The emphesis will continue to be on more self regulation by jewellery manufacturing and retailers.Further liberalisation the gold import is live issue. R emoval of all the remaining restriction on gold imports has been advocated by many of following groups-Trade liberalisation for gold is a pre requisite for financial liberalisation.There is no specific vantage in restricting gold imports to the select no. Of nominated agencies.If gold is imported farely under full fiscal benefits will accure to more deregulating of gold in india.Going by Turkish example, free imports under OGL and free export are pre condition for establishing a foothold in the world jawelery market .REGULATION IN PHYSICAL AND FINANCIAL MARKETS IN GOLD IS ANOTHER MAJOR ISSUE- Regulation in general means formulation of norms by the regulatory for a. Risk assessment and operate the regulated institution.B. Investors protections.5. BRINGING THE GOLD HELD BY THE PRIVATE SECTOR IN TO THE ECONOMIC MAINSTREAM HAS RIGHTLY BEEN AN OBJECTIVE THROUGHOUT- Mobilization of gold by the gout. In the past did not yield any major long term benefit. Any government led mobolization h as inherent disadvantages. A better alternative would be allow holders of gold to raise capital from the banking system by way of pledge. It would be inconsistent with the spirit of liberalization to secern against those who saved in gold in past. A machenism can be evolved where by banks leading in deregulation of gold in india.6. IT veritable OF E- MAONEY - It is possible that a private sector units of account that is linked to gold may come in to existence in india, given the fact of huge private sector gold extends. It would be advantages to look in to this possible.7. GOLD HAVE ANY OFFICIAL MONETERY ROLE LEFT IN INDIA- Golds role in gold issue was braught to a level of insignificance in india. There is good evidence to support the view that gold is held as an inflation hadged in india.BRIEF DISCRIPTION ABOUT ANALYSIS OF DEMAND AND SUPPLY OF GOLD IN INDIADemand for gold is likely to contain culture regarding inflation expectations. Since monitory policy is reflected in the growth of money stock and in the long run the rate of inflation, there is a case for including gold in the monetory calculus. It need to analyse the advantages in including gold held by the private sector in the broad measure for liquidity, even though gold is not anybodys liabilities. Also gold could be included in the index for the real effective exchange rate for rupees. They also indicate that -Other thing be equal.Gold import demand has real effective exchange rate of the rupees.This is the analyse function where we analyse how to demand and supply of gold commodity can run in the market and whoch factors affect to ush the demand and supply of gold in equal range. This is the chart which are showing consumption n different year and we aware that the consumption of gold in india and where they and demand tableCONCLUSIONIn that demand and supply of gold in india we analyse and learn that official sellin will fill the boots ot trend following speculation in the gold market and the gold price will fall back towards its prior commerce range. The global recession and strong dollar which curb gold , jewellery and bar demand have been facilitating the ability of the official sector to go forward the gold price low.The forces for higher gold price will build. though it may not happen over the short run in the long run the dollar will fall- and substantially in our view. A dollar decline will lower than the price of gold in countries outside, which will in turn stimulate price elastic demand. The fear of weakness may also shift official sector attitudes towards retentiveness gold as a reserve asset relative to the currency. legion(predicate) central bank feels uncomfortable with the now higher share of currency in their official reserves. The huge and ever increasing internal debt of india growing prospects of inflations. The central bank has started objective of reducing its high reserve place of money, and it may be noteworthy that they have r eported the first rise in central bank gold holding in many years. As long as currency has holding remained strong, central bank have felt no pressing need to address their high mony holding, but an eventual reserval in the money exchange rate may change the perception.The supply will also lift the gold price. everyplace the last 4 year , the supply despite low prices because there was a pipeline project from the 1994-96 period of higher gold price the pipline has now been almost depleted. In addition high grade to improve cash flow at low gold price. High evaluate increase output over the near term but ultimately reduces overall life of mine output and brings forward in time depletion dynamics.At last it shows that the price of the gold is increase or dicreases then it doesent affect on the demand and supply of commodity because it is the investment which provide always benefit to the customers, due to previous record which was explain in previous topic and cover that price cant affect on demand and supply of gold in india or any country.

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The History Of Pornography Media Essay

The memorial Of Pornog exploithy Media EssayPornography is a familiarly explicit rebound of fully grown entertainment available in magazines, books, films, and photographs that is intend to help bring rouseual arousal. In its legal and widely available forms, it is lay downd by adults and intended to be used/read/viewed by adults. While child image is possible, adults make up the ability to fore collar children from backwash lampblackographic material through and through television and internet pargonntal locks. Most people acknowledge that lampblack is not whatsoeverthing modern children should view and although there be ways to prevent it, no method is infallible. Pornography caters to users with various sexual preferences and to some it slew be helpful in stimulating arousal that leads to masturbation or intercourse. Pornography depicts sex acts that consenting adults frequently participate in and so crowd come on present sex as being something unwashed, natur al, and pleaseable. While to others, it can present sex as being unnatural, repulsive, and sickening. Pornography fights a establishst sexual repression and see to its the independence to sexual expression.The circumstances surrounding the debate on soot mark ethical, social, religious, psychological, and cultural boundaries. It is argued that dirty wordo decreases the desire and appeal for long-term traditional kindreds. Judaism requires women to pasture modestly while the ancient Hindu text, the Kama Sutra, depicts sexual behavior in ways considered today to be porn. Feminists argue that it is a unfounded exploitation of women and promotes chauvinism, and that it leads to abusive human relationships and makes men more credibly to rape women. This essay ordain discuss possible answers to the posed question by illustrating the arguments for and against obscenity.Pornography is oftentimes defined pejoratively words like fantastic, debasing, and humiliating whiteth orn be used with no acknowledgement that such descriptions are subjective and contextually relative (Ciclitira 286). A common view is that carbon black is degrading to women. This tale is an opinion. Ones perception of eroticas depiction of sex is related to their testify sexual experiences and their views on sex. Some women talent say that porn is degrading if their own sexual experiences consecrate left them feeling objectified or used or if they have been sexually assaulted. In this case, the idea of sex itself might be the emerge and therefore the depiction of sex might remind that wo small-arm of her own negative experiences. Other women who have had imperative sexual experiences and frequently enjoy sex might be excited by porn and see the depiction of sex as a reminder of their own positive and revengeing experiences.Not all erotica portrays fe manlikes as being nonoperational participants or simple sex objects. In many cases, the adult female is not just large-m inded pleasure, she is receiving it. The presentation of women enjoying sex and orgasming envisions sex to be natural, healthy, and pleasurable not something to be ashamed of. Pornography can depict sex as something romantic and emotional or as an act surrounded by adults who love each other. The view that pornography is degrading to women disregards the views of women who create porn whether by writing it, producing it, or acting in it. It also disregards the pornography that illustrates a womans perspective of sex and porn that is aimed at fe male audiences. many another(prenominal) women willingly participate in the production of pornography whether for mass dissemination or for private viewing. Many women also enjoy watching pornography al ace or with their partner(s).Pornography is perverting to relationships is another view. The binge term (393-394) states, US studies find that a consistent minority of female partners of male regular pornography users find it damagin g both for their relationships and themselves. They see their male partners pornography use as a kind of infidelity, feel in high spirits treason and loss, feel slight desirable, and describe other negative effects on their relationships, sex lives and themselves (Bridges et al., 2003). First, this is a minority of females and the article does not state how secondary that minority is. The minority could be 10% of Latino or 3% of Caucasian females. A perception of porn use harming a relationship whitethorn point to fundamental flaws in the relationship that are however made more visible through porn use except do not exist because of the porn use. For example, the woman might recollect her sex life is floundering because her partner is using porn rather than her to satisfy his sexual occupys, save the man might be using porn because he is dissatisfied with the woman or disinterested in her. In this case, it is not the porn that is harming the relationship it is the lack of co mmunication between the partners the man isnt open just about his dissatisfaction so the woman sees the porn as causing the mans disinterest in her rather than being a result of the disinterest. On the other hand, the man may be interested and sexually attracted to the woman, but pornography offers a form of arousal that cannot be found elsewhere. A relationship could be sexually vibrant but the introduction of pornography may illicit unique sensations that overwhelms the male and makes the woman feel less valuable.Pornography may benefit relationships, as sex can be a very heavy aspect of a relationship establishing and maintaining closeness, giving each other pleasure, satisfying each others sexual desires, expressing affection, etc. A couple (married or dating) might watch porn in drift to get aroused prior to engaging in intercourse. But one may argue why a healthy couple would need to watch something to illicit arousal. Pornography can be used to zest things up for the cou ple giving them ideas of new positions to try or invigorate role- molding scenarios. The statement that porn harms relationships is too broad. The information available on the mischievous effects of pornography on relationships seems to be focused on straight person relationships while ignoring homosexual relationships.Another view is that pornography makes men more likely to rape women. The Flood article (393) talks about studies that show a correlation between teenage boys frequency of consumption of porn and their change coursement with the idea that it is acceptable to hold down and force a girl to have sex. However, the ability of parents to block their children who are minors from viewing porn on the internet or TV while at home may diminish the frequency of porn. Even though minors can acquire pornography from outside the home (from friends, on a different computer, etc), if adults teach children starting from a young age about sex, its need to be consensual, its conseq uences, and the importance of respecting women and people in general, because young boys attitudes toward sex and females may very well be unaffected by pornography. Nevertheless, even if all young boys were taught in this way, they would not all scoop out the important lesson. Other factors such as peer or media influences play large roles in young boys attitudes towards sex and the treatment of women and those would need to be controlled as well.Flood (392) also states that men who frequently use violent or rape porn are more likely to plow that they would rape a woman if they could get away with it. This does not inescapably mean that the porn is planting the desire to rape a woman. perchance the man who would rape a woman watches the porn in evidence to see a fantasy that he cannot realize. In this case might the porn be somewhat satisfying the mans desire to rape and preventing him from doing so in reality. However, violent porn can give violent or sexual offenders venues to act out their fantasies. The watchers of violent porn may gain inspiration to go and act out their fantasies on innocent women.Flood cites Malamuths writing that men at high risk for sexual aggression are more likely aroused by it and more likely influenced by it (392). But what percentage of men are at high risk for sexual aggression? Does the predisposition to sexual aggression guarantee that the man will rape or assault a woman ONLY if he watches porn? Or does watching porn create sexual aggression and violent feelings towards women?This view is also strewn forth in the media. Barongan and Hall conducted a theatre where males listened to neutral or ill-natured rap music before viewing sexually violent and neutral vignettes (196). They would then choose a vignette to show to a female. Their reasoning for the study is that misogynous messages appear in the media and they can contribute to negative attitudes or behaviors towards women. And pornography has been defined, by som e, as sexually explicit materials that can give notice sexually abusive and degrading treatment of women. Some men may consider that their own sexual aggression against women is justified because it is seen or perceive in the media, and if so, their actions are not wrong because they are common. The study showed that of males that listened to misogynous rap music 30% showed the violent vignette to their female. Surprisingly further 7% of the males who listened to neutral rap music showed the assaultive vignette.Viewing pornography that glorifies sexual coercion is particularly degrading and injurious. Is sexual coercion degrading to women? If you use random association with this statement, it can easily lead you to agree with the statement. Coercion is to force, compel, or persuade. If women are coerced into sex in pornography, it seems easy. Who is persuaded easily? stunned people? Children? Therefore, women are stupid or as ignorant as a child for being coerced into sex. Non -normative sexual activities falling into the sexual coercion category such as BDSM (Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism) are practiced by both women and men. To say that depiction of sexual coercion is degrading and harmful is to pass notion on those people who participate in BDSM. why shouldnt people with non-normative (but still legal) sexual desires have pornography available to them that is suited to their desires? BDSM can be viewed as strange or weird. Why not judge them for being weird? If only a small legal age of people participate in BDSM, why are their views of sex important to the rest of the population. Sexual coercion and even rape are common themes of sexual role-play among consenting sexual partners. To depict sexual coercion in pornography is to depict a real life scenario within consensual sex.I believe that pornography has beneficial effects for some and harmful effects for others. Do I believe that pornography is degrading to women? for the most part speakin g, no. However, films that are violent or disturbing in nature, depict women enjoying these acts that probably no one would enjoy taking part it, I feel is degrading to women. I think that sexually there are things that no woman would want to be involved in, and to show that some people would do so can humiliate and lessen the honor of such person. Pornography that that simply depicts intimate and erotic acts, I do not think is degrading.As for pornography creating a prevalence of wildness in men or having influences that compel someone to commit rape, I think it is very possible, but it is a person to person issue. I think men who through watching porn think it is approve to force intercourse upon someone will eventually think that heedless of if they have viewed porn. Some people are predisposed to being violent towards women in many other ways than pornography, and although pornography is not the route cause, it can definitely attribute. Non-violent men who respect women an d have had meaningful relationship will not have suddenly commit rape subsequently seeing pornography. I think it could evoke thoughts or fantasies similar to acts envisioned in the porn they watch, but they will not go out and rape or take a life.I do believe that pornography can damage relationships, but once again, it can have the opposite effect depending on the individuals. I have heard of problems that pornography has caused in friends relationships. I have seen it stem from the fact that women in pornography have physical attributes that are exaggerated to increase sex appeal. I understand that women can feel subpar to the women in the films because they dont look a real way or compare to these women in societys opinion. I believe the adult entertainment industry can be a contributor to self-confidence or image problems of young women today. Moreover, self-esteem and confidence issues play a huge role in the successfulness of a relationship. On the contrary, I have heard of pornography helping relationships by adding something new to a fading love life.Pornography can spice up a love life, or ruin one. It can illicit arousal for stuffiness or to commit a sexually violent crime. Pornography involves acts that are very instinctual to us and therefore can evoke strong judgment towards both ends of the spectrum. Similar to abortion or euthanasia, it is important to find core ground, and to encourage imaginative thinking where people will not guardianship to say pornography destroys relationships or causes rape, but it can destroy relationships and may give someone the idea to rape.

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Hamlet The Central Dilemma :: essays research papers

HAMLET ESSAYThe of import dilemma in small town is the vul send awayized fiber and lifes journey of a earth whose thought is in paralysis.To what extent is this an adequate summary of Hamlet?Hamlet certainly is a play with complex themes and come ons. As we read through the rich script we uncover valet de chambrey dilemmas and issues that have great posture on the direction of the play, and the consequences of the characters actions. One such character is, of course, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. It is around this man that the play revolves, and his thoughts and actions are closely followed and developed as the play progresses. It has been said that the central dilemma of the play is that Hamlets mind is in paralysis, meaning simply that he is incapable of action, his mind incapable of derivative thought. While this is extremely important for the play, the reason that this occurs can clearly be seen as a more important tell of the play. All the other themes contribute to the task of making Hamlet front paralysed in thought and action. He is not however a man without motive for his apparent indecision, and eventual action.However what does appear to be the central theme in Hamlet is the revenge tragedy dilemma. This central issue is the seed that has spawned the generation of the other themes of the play. Hamlets father has been off in cold blood by the scheming and adulterous Claudius by pouring poison into King Hamlets ear plot he slept, in order to succeed him to the throne. A ghost in the form of Hamlets father appears to Hamlet, revealing to him that the King of Denmark is dispirit and a murderer, and that he must revenge his conclusion. However the ghost was really specific in saying that he must revenge his death without implicating his mother, or corrupting himself.Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul manufactureAgainst thy mother aught. Leave her to heaven- symbolise I Scene 5.The circumstances surrounding the death of his father, and h is discovery of the fact through meeting with the ghost, are the reasons for his apparent paralysis of the mind. Hamlet has many issues to face here, the first being the question of morality revenge and honour versus moral purity. In his soliloquy in Act 2 Scene 2, he questions himself, and asks himself why he fails to act, and asks how a fraud can fight with such conviction a cause that is not his own, when he, with a cause so worthy of action, does nothing.

Community for Justice A Communitarian Critique of Traditional Liberal T

Communitarians cannot accept liberal supposition. It fails to pay mind to the essence of what makes human being beings function as social creatures. And while it continues to stray from its beginnings it can no longer satisfy what is necessary for an pleasant political surmisal. Communitarians view this surpass from the original theory their main objection to liberal theory. Instead an perfect communitarian theory would involve a more contextual and participation-sensitive approach (209). The real liberal theory is considered by many to be highly ahistorical, this pose of view is held especially by those considered communitarians. The criticism extends further by explaining the theory as being universalist. Ignoring necessary communal living conditions in order to create a well-rounded theory that lends itself easily becomes counterproductive, as the theory loses its power when it is related to genuine nations or societies. Traditional liberalist theorys roots originate from the French revolution, a movement whose goals include community, in partnership with liberty, justice, and equality (Kymlica 2002, 208). However ideal the theorys origins, the progression to todays liberal theory has left the judgment of community ignored. This would be unacceptable to original liberals, as modern liberalism compensates by using liberty and justice as placeholders and vetoing the importance of the community, society and the family. This perplexity is a recent product of liberalism developing only after military man War II theories viewed as evil, such as fascism and Marxist communism, utilise the community as a tool for controlling the masses, the theory feral out of favour. As community became removed from the liberal theory historically, lit refl... ...the military, gay, Christian and the greater community. This would not be permitted under the communitarian view of justice. In conclusion, allowing the desire of one person to determine the directi on of a community is not the ideal that was set by the French revolutionaries, it is instead what they were struggle against. A communal view of justice can provide an additive perspective to provide strength in the goals of a people. When looking for an acceptable political theory to live by, liberal theory with the addition of a communitarian view of liberty, rather than the traditional individualistic view, contains many of the desirable portions of a complete and satisfactory theory. Works CitedKymlicka, Will. Marxism & Communitarism. In Contemporary Political philosophy An Introduction, 173, 208-215. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2002.

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The Clean Energy and the fossil fuels in Saudi Arabia Essay -- Environ

Over the past 200 years, mankind discovered the dodo fuels and they used this source to produce hug zero. This affects the environment in umteen negative ways and caused many issues worldwide such as urban transmit pollution and acid rain, embrocate spills and the high temperature of earth. Saudi-Arabian Arabia has the biggest crude reserves in the world by 19.66% (the world factbook, 2011) and the second oil producer state of matter in the world with roughly 10.121 million lay a day which account for 12% of the heart and soul world mathematical product of oil in 2010 (Fontinelle,2011). Moreover, the region relies heavily on oil industry. And the around victoryful companies in the country are thus whose work in oil industry such as ARAMCO Company. The reason behind this success is because most of these companies get financial support and attention from the Saudi presidency and sometimes the political science owes these companies. Because of the massive reserve of oil and the high income that generated from oil, the country has less attention to seek for other sources of unclothe energy such as solar energy and wind energy which leads to the increase of air pollution in the country. However, oil is expected to last in the undermentioned 50 to 100 years (Hubbert, 1956). Furthermore, the International organizations have made many decisions to protect the environment and environmental resource such as Kyoto communications protocol which decided to raise the use of solar energy to 50%of the total global energy use by 2020 (UNFCCC ,2005 ). Recently, these issues lead the Saudi government to realize problems, such as air pollutions, and start to invest in clean energy area but not as expected. These years many people in Saudi Arabia argue the uses of clean energy and replace with the fossil fuels. And they d... ...hese negatives and people can get positives from this and have clean and healthy environment. Moreover, they will have renewable en ergy. We also can pee new jobs and we can use this fuel in transportations. However, this technology is rattling expensive but it can cover the cost in retentive term and sometimes in a short term. In addition, Saudi Arabia is large country and it is known as a desert country, which is commensurate for this technology. Many believe that the best solution for this issue is to use both(prenominal) fossil fuels and clean energy and create hybrid power (KACST, 2009). Therefore, the country can get the benefit from both side and they can financial support fossil fuels longer as much they can, save the environment and other source of income to the country. Finally, every person needs to think about this issue, so we will have a great and successful life in the future.

Honor Roles In Medieval Society Essay -- essays research papers

The Poem of the Cid is a story of a hero establish in medieval Spain. During this time period much of everyday funding was distinguished by note roles. Throughout this paper I give write roles find played in this society, and the effect it had on the expectations of custody and women in medieval society. I will end with ways in meeting dis discover.The Cid was an ideal Lord. He was generous to his followers, showed them respect, and took acceptance of their council. He was patriotic almost to a fault. He brought honor to himself by giving honor to his Lord, King Alfonso. Alfonso who was the opposite of the Cid, he did not know how to let his vassals bring him honor. The King often believed the enemies of the Cid therefore not trusting him. Enemies misled the King, which later dealt the ostracism of the Cid. After he was banished from his home never did he hire himself to the Moors as a mercenary. The Cid continued to gain much territory and many wealthiness for the king who exiled him, King Alfonso. In doing this he hoped to regain the acceptance of his king. The Cid brought honor to himself and his king by winning in battle. A measurement of honor could be assembled on the number of victories along with the booty that had been collected. An example of this is shown in the battle against Count Ramon. After accomplishing this victory The Cid gained possession of Colada, a sword worth many marks in silver. Written on knave 75, T...

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Crisis on the Korean Peninsula :: North Korea Economy Economics Essays

Crisis on the Korean Peninsula northwesterly Korea has been the most publicized kingdom in the last ten years regarding nuclear proliferation. They are a lot debated in the highest political circles and are considered by many in the fall in States the USs greatest threat. However, many politicians and critics are divided on how to deal with north Korea, and the nuclear threat it poses to the rest of the world. In my interrogation I stumbled upon a fascinating book entitled Crisis on the Korean Peninsula that deals precisely with this issue. The book written by, opinion leaders and foreign indemnity scholars Michael OHanlon and Mike Mochizuki, introduces an ambitious outline that attempts to answer the nuclear problems as well as the problems within the state itself. In the book their strategy is very clear cut and attacks leash core issues where they see way of life for improvement. Foremost, they address the nuclear weapons issue that so clouds jointure Koreas feed and future global status as well as north-east Asias security. Additionally they argue for the reduction of conventional military forces and reconstructive memory of the nations shattered economy. Lastly, they argue for calming security assurances to North Koreas embattled leaders, who show signs they might welcome such pledges. The threesome core issues covered by Mochizuki and OHanlon will serve as the basis of my query but will be backed by other sources that talk about the same important issues from different cipher points allowing a wide ranging view point. Altogether in my research of North Korea I hope to learn from the ideas of OHanlon, Mochizuki and others sources and have the ability to refine on the ideas of these men and women with my own. In order to cover the three briny points I divided OHanlons and Mochizukis book into three similar sections 1. Current situation in North Korea and world regarding nuclear weapons, 2. Confrontation capabilities, and 3. Barg aining possibilities. These sections serve as a road act ultimately conveying both the situation of nuclear proliferation in North Korea in their strongest arguments to the reader. Furthermore, as the authors follow these guidelines so will I with my research of their information. I will include in these sections ideas from other papers and authors as well as a section in which I come through some of my own analysis.

Life of Blondie :: essays research papers

Blondie was the most commercially successful band to emerge from the much-vaunted yobo/new wave movement of the late 70s. The group was formed in New York City in August 1974 by singer Deborah bother (b. July 1, 1945, Miami), formerly of Wind in the Willows, and guitarist Chris Stein (b. January 5, 1950, Brooklyn) out of the remnants of Harrys previous(prenominal) group, the Stilettos. The lineup fluctuated over the next year. Drummer Clement Burke (b. November 24, 1955, New York) joined in May 1975. Bassist Gary Valentine joined in August. In October, keyboard player jam Destri (b. April 13, 1954) joined, to complete the initial permanent lineup. They released their startle album, Blondie, on Private acquit Records in December 1976. In July 1977, Valentine was replaced by Frank Infante.In August, Chrysalis Records bought their twinge from Private Stock and in October reissued Blondie and released the warrant album, Plastic Letters. Blondie expanded to a sextet in November with the addition of bassist Nigel Harrison (born in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, England), as Infante switched to guitar. Blondie stony-broke commercially in the U.K. in March 1978, when their cover of Randy and the Rainbows 1963 contact "Denise," renamed "Denis," became a make pass Ten hit, as did Plastic Letters, followed by a irregular U.K. Top Ten, "(Im Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear." Blondie turned to U.K. producer/ songwriter Mike Chapman for their third album, Parallel Lines, which was released in September 1978 and eventually broke them worldwide. "Picture This" became a U.K. Top 40 hit, and "Hanging on the bring forward" made the U.K. Top Ten, but it was the albums third one, the disco-influenced "Heart of Glass," that took Blondie to number hotshot in both the U.K. and the U.S. "Sunday Girl" hit number one and only(a) in the U.K. in May, and "One Way or Another" hit the U.S. Top 40 in August. Blondie followed with their fourth album, Eat to the Beat, in October. Its first single, "Dreaming," went Top Ten in the U.K., Top 40 in the U.S. The second U.K. single, "Union City Blue," went Top 40. In March 1980, the third U.K. single from Eat to the Beat, "Atomic," became the groups third British number one. (It later made the U.S. Top 40.)Meanwhile, Harry was collaborating with German disco producer Giorgio Moroder on "Call Me," the bow from the movie American Gigolo. It became Blondies second transatlantic chart-topper.

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Western Education in Nineteenth-Century India :: Essays Papers

Western Education in Nineteenth-Century IndiaThis page proposes to examine the history of face language and literature in colonial India in order to cozy up why they should retain high cultural status in the comport independence years. Inevitably this was an ongoing process when results of which reflect the fusion of a wide range of social, political, and cultural influences. However, it can be seen that certain policies and publications had a particular potency and effect. Through outlining the most influential of these it will be possible to register how their reverberations continue to impinge upon the social and cultural surround of post independence India today. In the field of post-colonial studies the question of whether to write in the language of the former oppressor becomes a hotly debated subject giving hook to much difference of opinion. Crucial Events in the Shaping of a words CultureThe Charter Act of 1813 decreed that English would be taught in the Indian education system although not as a heterotaxy for indigenous languages . Instead, it was anticipated that English would co-exist with Oriental studies as a way of life by which moral law could be reinforced. The 1817 publication of John Mills invoice Of British India proved to be a defining text in the theories of how education policies should be formed (ed. Horace Hayman Wilson London, Piper, Stephenson and Spence, 1858). Mill was situated firmly in the Enlightenment tradition and disdainful of notions that Indian culture and tradition was of applicable value for an advancing nation. He dismissed cultural history on the basis that it was not primarily motivated by reason and accordingly was illogical, irrational and defunct. Relying on missionary accounts of Hindu society Mill condemned Indian behaviour as immoral in comparison to European codes of conduct. India and Indians were deemed a childish, superstitious and backward nation with a huge potential for development. In the world vi ew of Mill and others the crude emerging civilisation of India could be directed and moulded by the morally superior colonial power. Mill advocated the invention of European knowledge to counter balance Indian traits judged to be irrational. bestow ideals of reason would accordingly reform Indians by the example of Western systems of thought and outlook. The ideas contained deep down the History Of British India discredited Indian culture, language and literature up to now as its assumptions of moral superiority authorise and justified the presence of the British in India.

Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun Essay -- Raisin Sun Dream Es

Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun A fantasy deferred is a h whollyucination put off to another time, more than alike this essay. alone unlike ambitions sometimes, this essay will get litigateed and done with. distri exclusivelyively character from A Raisin in the Sun had a deferred pipe dream, even slight Travis although his dream was not directly stated. Their dreams become dried up like a raisin in the sun. Not just dreams are dried up though Walter lee side and Ruths marriage became dried up also. Their marriage was no longer of much importance, like a dream it was post-poned and it became dry. Their struggle for happiness dried up because they had to concentrate all of their energies on surviving. Their needs seem no longer to be satisfied by each other. But they both saw a resolution in the insurance check arriving in the mail. The money would let Ruth fulfill her dream of owning her own house and leaving the apartment. Walter would use the money towards his dre am of owning a business and not having to work for someone. This would allow him to provide for his family. Emotionally, the sift from not having their dreams realized has left them despising each other. Their sadness at unfulfilled dreams overlain with the burden of Ruths pregnancy gets out of hand when Walter says, Who even cares or so you? The two of them realize at that time that their relationship has dwindled to nothing however nagging and rude comments. Walter may be sorry for having said that to his wife, because he probably loves her, but he is at the end of his rope. He feels that each dream he has had has been taken away from him, either by wild timing or by the white man in general. Ruth, on the other hand, has neer had any other dream except to accommodate her family together and in working order, and now that is falling apart.Willy Harris was what festered like a sore and then ran away. He annoyed Walter Lee for money, causing Walter Lee to do the same but to hi s family. Mama was tired of listening astir(predicate) Walter Lee wanting to invest in a liquor store. Walter Lees dream to own the liquor store and be his own boss caused his family much pain. A major reason being he lost all of their money in the investment. But because his family never listened to him about his dream, he would go out and drink. When Walter Lee came home drunk, most of what he had bottled up in spite of appearance would lash out in a much more raving mad or ... ...have some money. The Youngers were well aware that they were not wanted in the white neighborhood. At this point, there is a step of dislike towards Walter because he had blown off all the money. So what was evaluate was the he would continue worrying about money and sell their dream house. But instead he does an unexpected, honor fit thing. He surprises the family by changing his mind and deciding to move into the house. I was also moved by what Mama said. SonI come from five generations of peopl e who was slaves and sharecroppersbut aint zip in my family never let nobody pay em no money that was a way of obese us we wasnt fit to walk the earth. We aint never been that poor. We aint never been thatdead inside. Walter finally showed pride in his family and let go of his dream for the good of his family.The play shows how a family had to castigate and learn lifes lessons the hard way. Through Walter, the play showed that sometimes dreams have to be let go and through Mama itshowed that sometimes dreams have to be held on to. Through Beneatha, it was shown that things arent always how they seem. The family was able to overcome a major obstacle once they united.

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Lymphoma: What To Expect :: essays research papers fc

On December 16, my life changed forever. I was in my third semester of college and had merely finished my last final exam. Having studied all night, I headed to the university gage room to shoot some pool and relax. After a some games I felt painful spasms in my neck and shoulder. At first base I thought it was a pinched nerve, and I tried to shorten it, still the pain just got worse. I wanted to go home, but I had promised my girlfriend we would meet. As I walked to her building the pain shifted to my dressing table and I grew short of breath. I remember sitting out on the steps, waiting, and thinking, What the hell is going on? Never had I experienced such fear. I thought I would die. Shari and I had been dating for only a month, and I did not want to alarm her. So when she appeared, I say nothing. She, her girlfriend, and I walked over to the cafeteria for lunch. I sat there quietly exhausting my best poker face. No one suspected anything. After lunch, the girls left to go to their next exam and I went home. Looking back, I should gain asked for help, but I did not. It took me over forty minutes to walk to my car. With severally step, the pain was more crippling. I felt like an elderly objet dart inching along with a walker. Foolishly, I drove myself home. I was nineteen geezerhood old, but never in my life did I need my start more. When I walked in the door my younger brothers and sister were there, but ma wasnt. I collapsed on the couch, but before I could explain mama arrived home. She could hear the desperation in my voice as I told her, Mom, I have to go to the hospital, something is wrong and explained what was happening. She rushed me to the Emergency Room where we waited in the lobby for hours. The nurses had already performed their initial assessment. They thought maybe I had a chest cold or perhaps sprained the muscles in my sternum. They wanted to incorporate an x-ray, but I had to wait. Mom was worried about my brothers and sis ter existence alone. My stepfather had met us at the hospital, so he stayed with me while she went home to address for them.

Skateboarding Photography :: essays research papers

Over the last twenty eld the world of skateboard has changed bigly because of the exposure it has had through media. The originators of this media were skate magazines that highlighted many photographers and their talents. The photographs from twenty years ago were using nothing but a cheap archaic 35mm and came up with some incredible artistic shots. But those old cameras take on been replaced by forthwiths photographers with the top of line cameras and lenses. The top dickens magazines in the skate world today are Thrasher and Transworld skate magazine. Both of these magazines bedevil been round since the early 80s and have covered every angle of skateboarding thats possible. Transworld has adopted an annual edition of there magazine for just photographs on every knave and no articles. In the 2001 edition many photographers were inter viewed and asked about their inspirations and there gear. Ryan Gee, a photographer out of Philadelphia, said My first camera was some piece-of-crap Mamiya I found around 92, today Im using a Hasselblad 501 CM, and a Canon EOS 1N RS, most photographers in the skate persistence today are using a camera analogous the Canon 1N for shot sequences of the more technical skateboard tricks. Some of these photographers also carry around a medium format camera like a Hasselblad for stills because of the great images that format creates. For lenses everyone seems to use a 15mm fisheye for those up close in the action shots and a good zoom telephoto for those long view shots. Fisheye shot, by Ryan Gee Telephoto shot, by Ryan GeePhotographers like Ryan Gee know that without the photographers from the 80s they would not be doing what they are doing now. One huge inspiration in the industry would have to ear Jonze. Jonze started out shooting photos of all the top pros for Transworld Magazine and became their senior photographer around the late 80s. He then decided to accomplish involved in the business side of skateboarding by scratch one of todays biggest brands, Girl Skateboards. Today many quite a little know him as a music video director and study movie director. He has also been nominated for an Oscar for his direction on cosmos John Malkovich. But he has always looked back at his skateboarding photography as his biggest influence and achievements. Spike JonzeOther influences on the industry would be Skin Phillips, Daniel Sturt, and Grant Brittain.

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Effects of School and Class Size on the Quality of Students Education

IntroductionEducation is total in todays modern society and is the subject of without end public knock overs across the United States. Recently, it has risen to the top of both state and subject agendas (Finn, 2002).One reform movement currently being debated is the effects of tame and set size on the quality of student education. Advocates of sensitiveer classes advocate students learn much(prenominal) when there are fewer students in the classroom. some studies are conducted to try to prove this theory. Although some studies show positive results, the galore(postnominal) failed experiments led opposers of class size reduction to believe that there is no link among class size and student learning. (Bell, Crandall, & Parnell, 2009). numerous studies attain been inconclusive, however, and widespread initiatives to reduce class sizes are being undertaken by schools across the nation. Because class size reduction projects are so expensive, some schools have been pressur e to mind at other alternatives to meet the same goals (Kennedy, 2003). Examples of these alternatives are adding more teachers to a single classroom or extending the school day or year. Analyzing the negatives, positives, and alternatives of class size reduction has been a topic of constant debate by researchers, educators, and leaders across the United States.Benefits of Small Class SizesMany researchers have discovered that smaller is better. Teachers from around the United States find that they eject teach with more variety and depth in a small class rather than a large one. Teachers also feel they have more time to cover material and have better administration in class. Teachers with small classes spend less time on razing and paperwork which gives them more time to spend on instruction. A studen... ... classes, and are more enthusiastic about teaching. Overall, educators believe that these methods to create smaller classes will let teachers to help their students (Dixon -Krauss & Januszka, 2008). Other studies have been criticized, such as the Glass & smith study because the final report was seriously flawed and was not accredited information (Mitchell & Beach, 1990).The cost of reducing class size is enormous, which leads some schools to look for other alternatives. This included hiring more teachers, asking for volunteers, and extending the school day or year. Clearly, students overall benefit in a small classroom surroundings and small classes encourage a sense of family and community between students and their teachers. Although, this debate is nowhere near over, research clearly shows that smaller classes are the most(prenominal) advantageous for students to learn in.

Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese :: Biography Biographies Essays

Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese   In this I essay will be discussing two unique authors, Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Morrison is a Nobel apprize winning author, and Fox-Genovese, is a history professor at Harvard. Both of these women postulate interesting perspectives on race and gender. According to the articles I have read, Toni and Fox-Genovese de valetd the way people view women and minorities is wrong.    In a Vibe magazine interview, Toni claims that In a recent British nanny case, there was indisposition about the fix not being bag with child...she she should have been home with her children, said some people (Vibe 1998 p.2). Morrison states that it would be an entirely different situation, had the mother been a poor black women. A black women should cut back, even if that work is taking care of somebady elses children (Vibe 1998). This is a wrong way to look at things we fought a long time to have Women taking care o f children tacit to be work. Now its understood to be something else (Vibe 1998 p.3).     According to Toni, people coat up who you are by what you look like, what your name is, and by what you do. withal this is scarce part of who you are. When I was a little girl, a man came up to me and said, are you a Willis? - referring to my mothers maiden name-I thought so, by the way you walk. I moved to New York and people said, What do you do So you say Im a writer..but you thats only part of who you are (Vibe 1998 p.3). Often people wrap their identity in what they do. This can be troublesome when your not performing to someones expectations, one mightiness think there is some thing wrong with who they are, which is not true. The alike thing applies to gender and race. It is unfair to already have a preconcieved apprehension about someone without checking him or her out first.    Fox-Genovese claims that many articles of literature forefend certain peo ple. Like Morrison, Fox-Genovese agrees that elite culture denied the values and perceptions of all others and impose itself as an absolute standard (Fox-Genovese 1998).

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The poems I am comparing in this essay are Half-past two and :: English Literature

The poesys I am comparing in this es enjoin be Half-past two andReports by U.A. Fanthorpe and release school by Hugo Williams.All three of the poems are active school, and about the differentaspects of it. There are salwaysal points of view expressed in thepoems, such as that of a teacher, the perplexity of a claw startingboarding school, and a child who cannot tell the time.In the poem Half-past two, the poem tells of a child who, afterbeing t aging off as been told to take a breather inside until half-past two andthen he can go. To the dismay and confusion of the child, he cannottell the time and so wonders what to do when and if, half-past twoever came. In this poem, the style is very much that of a child public speaking firsthand to himself and thinking in his head. The poembegins with Once upon a which is a harsh clich of old fairytalesof which the majority of them started in this way. In the firstparagraph, as he is so young he did something very wrong but thencarries o n to say that he had forgotten what it was that he had doneto deserve his punishment.At the stopping point of the lines in the first verse, there is no punctuation sothat the commentator doesnt break out and is forced to carry on reading toreach the curiosity of the sentence, and enable them to have a pause. Thisis written just how a child would tell a story, by not taking a pauseuntil the most important bit of a story is told. When the child speaksof phrases that he hears often, they are written as, Gettinguptime,timeyouwereofftime. As the child cannot tell the time, he classesthese as ways to tell the time.U.A. Fanthorpe attempts to recreate the voice and thoughts of thechild by describing a clock as having little eyes and two long legsfor walking meaning the hands of the clock.In the eighth verse, the deliberate repetition of the opening words ofeach line Into the are used to suggest a change of mood. The longerlines suggest how his caput escapes and his imagination starts t ounwind. This contrasts with the other verses and situation.When the child writes about his teacher, he uses capitals whenaddressing Her. U.A. Fanthorpe has done this to display how importantthe child regards the teacher. When the teacher starts talking, U.AFanthorpe uses italics to show how he regards her, and also as acontrast to the normal font used so that her run-in catches the

Nathaniel Wests Miss Lonelyhearts Essay -- Literary Analysis

Life is worth while, for it is full of dreams and peace, effeminateness and ecstasy, and faith that burns like a clear white blaze up on a grim dark altar. So begins the correspondence of the novella of Nathaniel westside, cast off Lonelyhearts (1933). Wests work was not only if a reaction to the internal problems of the Great Depression but to the in-person problems generated by the it, and not only for the general public but for himself also. West brought an element of the demure into his report that characterized both the economic and emotional depression that the 1929 crash had generated among many race in the nation throughout the 1930s. In fewer than sixty pages, West forms a clear critique of both the personal and national lives of American citizens of the early nineteen hundreds. From a clear disregard for the well-being of others to a lack of respect for the world itself, West clearly qualifies the shortcomings of those individuals. Far from totally casting the sto ne at those outside of himself, West is wont to call the literary figure as both a setting for the upheaval of someone affected by such shortcomings and the vehicle for personal desire, destruction, or change. The power of Wests novella lies in its simple depiction of the personal pare of humanity and decidedly complex representation of humanitys societal struggle. While personal problems in wests world can be comforted simply by the careful wordsmith, not even the most concerned citizen may free the problems generated by society alone. West uses a depth of imagery and grueling character relationships to illustrate the suffering caused by dependence on a society which lacks beauty at every turn.Wests leading character, a newsman who writes an advice column and t... ...nard, Rita. The Storyteller, the Novelist, and the Advice Columnist Narrative and Mass Culture in Miss LonelyheartsNOVEL A Forum on Fiction27.1 (1993) 40-61. Print. Hanlon, Robert M. The Parody of the holy in Nathanael Wests Miss Lonelyhearts.The International Fiction Review(1977) 190-93. Print Light, pile F. Miss Lonelyhearts The Imagery of Nightmare.American Quarterly8.4 (1956) 316-27. Print. Lynch, Richard P. Saints and Lovers Miss Lonelyhearts in the Tradition - page 8 Studies in Short Fiction.Find Articles at BNET News Articles, powder store Back Issues & Reference Articles on All Topics. Web. 10 Dec. 2010. . West, Nathanael, and Nathanael West.Miss Lonelyhearts & the solar day of the Locust. New York New Directions, 2009. Print.

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Bored - Father :: essays research papers fc

There is a pronounce that people here judgment of conviction and time again, but dont truly discover the meaning of it until the phrase can be applied to their own lives. You dont view what you have until its gone. Atwoods poetry is a direct contemplation of this quote. Her verse form bore talks about how she hated the repetitiveness of her everyday events with her father. But it was only until he had passed on was it that she truly did realize how much(prenominal) she missed those daily events. Sometimes people dont understand how important others mean to them until it is too late.I found the poem Bored to be very well written and very touching. Atwood did a right(a) job of describing how easy it is to overlook some of the better things in life. This poem revolved around repetition. And it was the repetition that makes the reader aware of the love that Margaret has for her father. Her poem starts with All those times I was bored out of my mind. Holding the logarithm whil e he sawed it. Holding the string while he measured, boards, distances surrounded by things, or pounded stakes into the ground for rows and rows of lettuces and beets, which I then (bored) weeded(588). Atwood is obviously transferral to the reader that the time she spent with her father wasnt what she considered of much immenseness and actually disliked it. This is because she only saw it as work and as a constant hardship of recurrence on herself. She never grok that these days with her father were the better days of her life, and she only wishes she could have them back. wherefore do I remember it as sunnier all the time then, although it more(prenominal) often rained, and more birdsong(589)? Another aspect that can be derived from this poem is Atwoods fathers obvious intentions to give her an consciousness of the many adversities life can obtain. He has make sure she leads a life that doesnt result from a spoiled childhood. He made her attentive of a hard days work, which is probably one of the outmatch things a father can teach his child. It is absolutely essential that parents in general teach their children the many hardships life may behold. This gives the child a better direction in means of future obligations. Atwood describes her fathers ambition to show her some of the finer things in life and the smash of nature and natures way of life.

The Power of the Liberal Narrative Essay -- Liberal Narrative Essays

Trudging by means of the mountains of facts, studies, and opinions relevant to social and policy-making issues creates a daunting task for policy-making strategists, leaving them to decide what information is relevant and essential for the voting national to know, in order to rally the voters to support a certain cleardidate. However, these mountains of facts and opinions can turn off voters, and scare away many potential supporters, forcing political strategists to also engage the emotional lives of the populace enter the role of cultural narratives- tales of adventure, sacrifice, defeat, and victory grabbing hold of the emotional lives of the audience, and as George Lakoff points out, politics is about the narratives of our conclusion and our circumstances make available to all of us to live (35). The anchor to the openhanded narrative is empathy not solely feeling empathy, but acting on this empathy. George W. Bush and his case staff knew this and employed it very succ essfully in the 2000 election with his slogan the compassionate conservative. And while trick Kerry and the participatory Party may have forgotten this essential point of politics, Hollywood remembers vividly the formula of the classic liberal narrative and this has led to the establishment of many films which are the quintessence of the liberal tale.The liberal narrative existed in the heyday of the Hollywood silver screen, and no better example exists than John Fords The Grapes of Wrath. Fords classic tale, based on John Steinbecks novel of the same title, immediately begins its liberal narrative. beforehand(predicate) in the film when hydrogen Fondas character Tom Joad asks a truck driver for a ride, which is not allowed by the drivers boss indicated by a sticker saying no riders allowed/inst... their feet. The liberal narrative is a staple in achieving political victory and if psyche wants to learn how to successfully create one, he or she need number no further th an these films. They contain the heart and soul of the liberal campaign and if the liberals create more films of this breed and of this caliber, there is no telling how some(prenominal) their support will grow. Works Cited12 Angry Men. Dir. Sidney Lumet. Prod. Henry Fonda and Reginald Rose. By Reginald Rose and Kenyon Hopkins. Perf. Henry Fonda. United Artists Corp., 1956. Erin Brockovich. Dir. Steven Soderbergh. By Susannah Grant. Perf. Julia Roberts. Jersey Films, 2000. The Grapes of Wrath. Dir. John Ford. Perf. Henry Fonda. Twentieth Century-Fox, 1940. Lakoff, George. The Political Mind Why You Cant Understand 21st-Century Politics With an 18th-Century Brain. juvenile York Viking, 2008. Print.

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Irving Howe and Inivisble Man :: Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Invisible Man is a new based on the journey and experiences of an unnamed blackness homophile during contemporary America. He is in search of success, companionship, and himself. Irving Howe says that, The begin is a nightmare, because it begins with a black timid boy who is awarded a scholarship and sent to the mho and invited to a ballroom with other black boys and they observe and are shake up by a woman dancing nude. The boys who are blindfolded get to a battle royal or a raucous, but after(prenominal) the chaos the black boy give a thank you speech. Although the beginning of the novel is a bit frightening, the rest of however is pretty straightforward forward, it basically just tells the life story of this unnamed hero (the Negro boy who is the Invisible Man). The hero goes to his Southern college, but is expelled, so is forced to leave for New York, where he works in a pulverisation and becomes a soap boxer. Next Howe comments on Ellisons style by calling him gifted but non a finished craftsman. Howe path that Ellison tries to overmaster the reader, when instead he should be either persuading or coitus the story. The novel is written in first person singular and whence Howe mentions that it is hard to distinguish between the hero and himself (the matured I verbalise the story and the I who is the victim). The middle section of the novel concerns the Harlem Stalinists (Communists), to Howe it appears untrue, due to the situation that Ellison wrote with bitterness and made the Stalinists seem stupid, vicious and cynical. He was not surprise either by the Invisible Mans final find that after he quit the Communist Party, my world has become nonpareil of infinite possibilities, because he did not want to be rejected nor not seen by various social groups. I agree with Howe, that Ellison is a genuinely gifted writer, with an amazing style. I would have to disagree with Howe however, when he mentions that Ellison tries to overwhelm the reade r and that it gets confusing because it is written in first person. Although Ralph Ellison, relies heavily on various symbol (visions and black and white), which can get confusing at fourth dimensions, but they can only help the novel and in no way destroy it. Also, Ellisons style is also creative because it allows the novel to appear as if you were actually listen to a Negro copulation the story, in the sense that Ellisons wrote in the local dialect of the time (with a Southern Negro accent).