Thursday, September 3, 2020

10 Words for Categories of Words

10 Words for Categories of Words 10 Words for Categories of Words 10 Words for Categories of Words By Mark Nichol Antonym, homonym, nom de plume. Do nyms make you numb? Here’s a helpful manual for words, natural or new, for classes of words: Abbreviation: A shortened form, articulated as a word, comprising of the underlying letters of a multiword name or articulation. It can comprise altogether of capitalized letters (NASA) â€thought British English has embraced an underlying top style, which is utilized in American English for longer abbreviations like Nasdaq or lowercase letters (radar); the last are otherwise called anacronyms. Anepronym: A trademarked brand name currently utilized conventionally, for example, ibuprofen or kleenex. Antonym: A word recognized from another with a contrary significance, for example, huge, when contrasted with little. There’s additionally a class of words called autoantonyms, contranyms, or contronyms, single words with differentiating implications, similar to oversight, which can mean either â€Å"responsibility for† or â€Å"failure to be mindful for.† Eponym: A legitimate or basic name getting from another name, as San Francisco (out of appreciation for St. Francis) or numerous logical terms, for example, watt (named after James Watt) and volt (from Allesandro Volta). Heteronym: A word spelled a similar path for various implications, for example, wear (to dress oneself) instead of wear (to decay); now and again, as for this situation, nonetheless, they have a similar cause. A heteronym can be articulated distinctively relying upon importance, for example, bass, the instrument, and bass, the fish; this sort of word is additionally called a heterophone. Homonym: A word articulated or spelled the equivalent yet extraordinary in significance, similar to hello and high (additionally called homophones). Bass, alluded to above, is both a heteronym and a homonym. (Does that make it a binym or a duonym?) The homonym sow, which can mean a female creature, for example, a pig or can allude to planting seeds, is likewise a homograph, implying that its elocution as well as its beginning and definition can contrast. Metonym: A term that recognizes something by its affiliation: Articles about Microsoft regularly used to allude to the organization metonymically as Redmond, the city in Washington State where its base camp are found, similarly as Washington subs for the U.S. government. Nom de plume: name embraced by a creator, for example, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s utilization of Lewis Carroll. In a scholarly setting, this is frequently alluded to as a pseudonym (â€Å"name of the pen†). A related term is nom de guerre (â€Å"name of war†), initially regarding French Foreign Legion enlistees who covered their personalities however from that point forward utilized by guerrilla contenders to dodge retaliations against their families. Different instances of aliases stage names (performing expressions), ring names (proficient wrestling), and handles (PC hacking, or CB or ham radio activity). Equivalent word: A word with a similar significance as another, for example, little, when contrasted with pretty much nothing. Toponym: A spot name, regardless of whether it holds capitalization, or is lowercased in nonexclusive utilization, for example, burgundy. Many other - nym words exist numerous for, as you may envision, dark classes of words. Need to improve your English quickly a day? Get a membership and begin accepting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Vocabulary class, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:Is She a Woman or a Woman?Rules for Capitalization in TitlesParticular versus Explicit