Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Essay --

1.1.Background and problem statementFood is an essential gene in the look of human beings and then a necessity for survival. oft solid food crises in developing world has seen millions of people starve to expiry despite tremendous wastages witnessed in developed countries. It is often accentuated that, this wastages atomic number 18 attributed to our steads and habits as consumers, especially with regards to eating habits and the way we dispose food waste (Morgan 2009).Such attitude and habits have been regarded to not only impact on the consumers way of life but also the economy and environment (Morgan 2009, von Braun 2007).For the last five dollar bill decades change magnituded economic growth in capital of Singapore has seen tremendous increase in amount of disposable income coupled by declining food prices, thus leading to simplification in the proportion of income spend. Imperatively, with increase availability of food worldwide and variety choices offered, there ha s been increased lack of interest towards inefficient behavior and attitudes. This is more pronounced developed countries. In this countries the increase in plenty of food choices offered necessitated increased purchase of such foods (Stuart 2009). Such increased purchases have contributed to increased food wastages and over consumption. However the year 2008 proverb a change in world perception towards food consumption. This was as a result of the food crises that saw the prices of food rise importantly in Singapore as well as globally. Thus the dwindle food resource and scarcity, has necessitated a rethink and drawn much solicitude on the problem that is food scarcity and wastages. Further, with increased concern for reduction of greenhouse gas emission contributing to global warming center on has been draw... ... basis for implementation of measures by the government, consumers and other stakeholders towards reducing wastages for sustainable development.1.3. interrogation questions The study sought to answer the following question 1.Which are Singapore consumers perceptions regarding the food waste? 2.Which are Singapore consumers practices regarding food waste? 3.Which are the predictors of the food waste behavior of consumers in Singapore? I task the research the study utilized the theory of Planned Behavior. This thesis is structure into five chapters. Chapter two allow for be the literature review on prior studies on food wastages and theoretical models. Chapter three will interconnected the methodology adopted for the study and empirical study findings. Chapter four will include the research findings. Chapter five will provide conclusion and recommendations. .

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