Friday, February 15, 2019

Review of Platos The Allegory of the Cave :: World Literature

In Platos The fabrication of the Cave, Socrates tells an allegory of the hardship of understanding strongity. Socrates compargons a prisoner of an underground hollow out who is exploring a new earthly concern he never knew of to people who are trying to find a place of wisdom in reality. fit to Socrates, most people tend to rely on their senses too more than and believe the world as it is appeared to our sight. In order to free our souls from this amiable prison, Socrates suggests that we should go through a phase that does not only unionize ourselves for the real world but also prevent us from header to the wrong direction to seek the truth - discipline.In conclusion, Socrates believes those who hasten reached a higher level of knowledge and wisdom should bear a tariff to lead the community and improve it because they are blessed with better education and are able to enjoy a different reward than the indicator to control others like most politicians do.Two thousand years later on Plato has written down the allegory, it is amazing how we can still relate it to our normal lives. As Plato wrote in The Allegory of the Cave, education is a very valuable phase that leads us to wisdom and helps us to get accustomed to the real world with less difficulty. Apparently, this theory has proven to be correct for the recent two thousand years. Until today, those of higher wisdoms are mostly people who imbibe mastered a thorough and solid education and they certainly have become the leaders of the community who share their knowledge and enlighten umpteen people.We can also find Platos theory on rulers of countries relevant to the world today.

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