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Apple and ATT

Apple and ATT Executive summary Apple and ATT, the largest U.S. mobile service provider entered into an agreement that would see both companies introduce the iPhone into the U.S. carrier market of handsets. According to the agreement, ATT would be the soul service provider for iPhone while the iPhone company would be the sole distributor with the latter holding 10% of iPhone revenue.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Apple and ATT specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More IPhone as a brand did much better in terms of sales than their previous brand, the iPod reason being that the iPhone encompassed the iPod in a cell phone and in nearly 74 day had sold one million set of the new iPhone, which is the highest number of handsets ever sold by any cell phone company in the history of US mobile handset industry. Although the iPhone had done much better than iPod which had taken two years to sell a similar number, the iPhone faced steep challenge s from other smart phone and cell phone providers. Analysis of Facts The new iPhone displayed Apples prowess in developing new application like the user interface (UI) technology. This application allowed iPhone handsets to have a multi-touch wide screen than having a key pad; the screen took most of its surface giving the new handset a unique and catchy shape. The touch screen functionality improved the iPhone video quality and functionality. Problem Statement By apple signing with ATT mobility meant that phone users in the U.S. had to subscribe with ATT Mobility. This locked users into a commitment which lasted for two years with the same carrier. ATT offered GSMs voice network which was in contrast to other network providers who used the CDMA standard, ATT mobility offered it clients unlimited access to its Edge network. This limited the iPhone. On top of this, the new iPhone handset faced a lot of pressure from other quarters. Firstly, the handset could not support the 3G networ k, it was relatively slow to other smart phone handsets that were on the market, according to business this was a raw deal as the phone could not much modern business enabling trends like e-mail and browsing, the iPhone manufacturer could not upgrade the handset because it relayed on the Edge network, which provided only 2G to 2.5G.Advertising Looking for article on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Also, the plan by iPhone to face out cheaper models of the brand and reduce the price of the 8GB and the 4GB iPhone provided unprecedented challenges especially with its customer. The Solutions of facts The iPnone set to resolve the problems of the handset by Promising to launch a 3G enabled handset by late 2008, but in the meantime advised its customers to migrate and tap into the Wi-Fi technology that was generally faster than the Edge network. The iPhone general manager, Steve Jobs, decided to tackle the problem of facing out cheaper iPhone handsets by mollifying those customers with cheap iPhone handsets with a $100 Apple store credit. The other problem that presented itself with the new iPhone was that its memory was too low to other music players and also its capacity could not be expanded. In addition to this, the handset relied on a non-replaceable battery that had a lifespan of only one year. This problem was eradicated by coming up with a handset that had a high memory and also having a replaceable battery. Competition from other players The iPone faced a lot of competition from other handset makers who offered music enabled cell phones and smart phones like Research in motion BlackBerry, LG Prada, Samsung F700, and Nokia N95. These cell phone manufacturers offered similar applications to those of iPhone and some went further to offer quality video definition and high music storage capacity like the Sony Erickson walkman phones that could store up to 8,000 songs. To beat the high competition, iPhone had to diversify its market where it ventured to other countries like Germany where it partnered with Deutsche Telekoms T-Mobile.In France, iPhone partnered with Orange division of France Telecom. In Britain, iPhone was in agreement with Mobile operator O2 as their sole distributor and service provider.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Apple and ATT specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More All these new markets offered an edge over other competitors in terms of customer volumes, making the iPhone emerge as the most successful cell phone manufacturer in the shortest time in the history of cell phone industry. Recommendation For iPhone to keep its market base, then it needs to improve on a few of its applications. This include increasing the memory of the iPhone to be popular with its young clients who are interested in storing large files of music and also its business class customers who are i nterested in saving information either through downloads or emails. Lastly, iPhone should take into consideration the fact that majority of phone carriers in America use handsets that are less than $100 and iPhone handset retailing at double this amount reduces their clients’ realism, although, they may argue that the cost is compatible to quality.

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buy custom Programmable Logic Controls essay

buy custom Programmable Logic Controls essay History of Programmable Logic Controls With emergence of new technologies, control engineering has undergone drastic changes. In the ancient days, only human beings could control a system. The 19th and 20th century witnessed great deal of advancement in technology. Electricity based on relays has been adopted for control systems. More recently the development of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) has added up to the advancing manufacturing controls. PLC has been widely used in industrial automation. The advent helps control and regulates sequence in any production operations. Notably, most production process undergo a fixed a logical steps. PLC has gained popularity in most industries and is expected to become predominant even in the future. During early days of its inception, PLC was hard wired by use of logical units, timers and electronic relays. It restricted production time and it was hard for products to be changed. The system was not effective, and this forced engineers to invent a flexible PLCs system. The pursuit for an effective control system started in 1970s. This was facilitated by the advent of mini-computers which allowed easy change of input-output features of a manufacturing process. In 1980s, fast and reliable microprocessors came into being. In effect, this facilitated the emergence of the current PLCs. The instrument is robust and serve many functions. The system is available in small, medium and large sizes (Vernon 2010). Units of a Programmable Logic Control PLC has four distinct functional units. The system has a Programme Memory where the instructions and procedures for the logical steps of a manufacturing process are stored. The system has a Data Memory which carries interlocks, status of the switches and values of data. The output devices comprises of hardware and software drivers which are commonly used by the industrial process actuators which may include motors, valves and solenoid. The input device is another unit that has hardware and software drivers such as proximity detectors, switch status sensors and interlock setting. Other than the above mentioned units, Programmable Logic Control has a superior programming unit. In most cases, a PC may be connected to PLC to make a programming unit (Lewis 2008). The programming unit performs very crucial role during automated manufacturing process. It is used for building, testing and editing logical steps that to be followed during the manufacturing operations. PLCs are programmed diffe rently by different manufacturers using their own standards and definitions. The most programming languages used include Sequential Function Chart, IIEC 61131-3 standard and Function Block Diagrams. However, Ladder Logic is a programming language that has been well established and wiidely used by PLC programmers (Lewis 2008). Functions of PLC System tools The basic function of Programmable Logic System is to admit information from switches and sensors to control machines in a manufacturing process. It electronically rewires the established control panel thus facilitating relay of information. In the recent times, PLC roles have extended beyond mere relay of information in system circuits to food processing and environment control. The PLC communication tools, processing power and information treatment process have replaced desktop computer. Advantages of using PLC PLC has been widely used in most manufacturing industries because of its numerous advantages. Firstly, PLC is cost-effective for controlling sophisticated manufacturing processes and systems. Secondly, it is flexible hence can be used to control other complex systems easily. Thirdly, PLC has high computational abilities thus allowing a classy control of the manufacturing operations. PLC allows trouble shooting thus making programming easier. Due its reliable components, the system can operate for a long time without failure. Disadvantages of Programming Logic Controls The system is expensive to installed hence small companies would be able not utilize the invention. It requires technical expertise which might be lacking in most organizations. Buy custom Programmable Logic Controls essay

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Central Network System for Sharjah Government Organizations Research Paper

Central Network System for Sharjah Government Organizations - Research Paper Example Implementation of a new system in an organization will lead to requirement of new skills, change in communication pattern, modification of work relationships, reporting responsibilities and roles, redefinition of points of control and authority, a shift in data ownership, increased security and privacy concerns and change in organizational structures and newer management skills. Therefore, the effects of system implementation need to be evaluated before a concrete decision is made. This document presents a review of system implementation methods, implementation strategies, and discusses the pros and cons on the implementation of Central Network Systems for Sharjah Government Organization on different government departments and authorities. System Implementation System Implementation is the fourth stage of the system development process where the needed information system is coded, tested, debugged, installed then supported. There are many factors to be considered prior to the choice of an implementation method, appropriate for a new software system. ... The procedure can be followed in a linear pattern being that it is a structured plan. The existence of an implementation procedure can let the involved team know all the conditions to be met at a given step before moving to the next step. The method or procedure of implementation should ensure that all possible risks are identified and counteracted efficiently. Below are examples of the system implementation methods: i) Direct Change Over The old system is stopped at once then the new system is started. Every data initially fed into the old system now goes into the new system. This method is fit for highly centralized and small organizations with excellent ability to handle change. One advantage of this method is that it takes minimal effort and time and the users can feel the effect of the new system within a short time. One flaw is that failure of the new system can be a huge set back since there will be no back up. ii) Parallel Running In this method both the old and the new syste m are left running side by side during which the data fed into the old system is also fed into the new system. In the end, the old system is dropped but only after a proof that the new system is working well. Familiarity with change and good organization are fundamental for a business enterprise wishing to use the parallel method of system implementation. The method has the benefit that the old system can serve as backup in the event of failure of the new system. Also, the outputs of the two systems can be compared and this could be useful in evaluating the success level of the newly implemented system. One challenge with this plan is that a lot of time and effort will be spent in running the two systems concurrently. iii) Phased

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E-CRM Platform Design and Implementation Coursework

E-CRM Platform Design and Implementation - Coursework Example In many parts of the globe, use of internet or web-based sites to purchase or sell products or services is gaining momentum. For instance, there are many online retail businesses such as e-bookselling, e-tourism, e-fashion sale, and even e-transport. As the issue of online retailing becomes live in the 21st century, there is another issue of electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) that key stakeholders have to grapple with. As a result, there is popular view that success of online retailing will result from effective establishment and implementation of e-CRM platform tools (Reponen 2003). Online retail industry Online retailing is a sector that many predictions points to its robust growth. The growth is associated with increasing use of computers in many aspects of the economy and the increasing social networking that is web-based. Heinemann and Schwarzl (2010) observe that the increasing utilization of the internet by many people across the world as an information portal and the subsequent movement of people to social relationships using the Web are likely to see growth of online retail. At the same time, in 2003, research by Forrester Research Group ascertained that, online retail was to grow from $95.7 million in 2003 to $229.9 billion by the year 2008 (Krishnamurthy, 2006). Further, online retail was to account for 10% of total USA retail sales by 2008, with recent figures indicating this figures have increased (Krishnamurthy 2006). As a result, e-CRM in online retailing has become an issue that stakeholders with future sustainability growth strategy cannot ignore or undervalue. As competition in online retail sector increase due to promising prospects and little start-up capital, the need for effective and functional e-CRM platforms and tools is important for stakeholders keen to build long-term growth strategy in the sector. Stakeholders in online retailing have to effectively serve the huge promising market base and it is from this, electroni c CRM constitute an area companies in the sector need to invest heavily. In this sphere, there is need for stakeholders to initiate longer attention to its visitors and subsequently establish and foster positive relationship, which is likely to impact growth and revenues in the sector. Dissatisfaction in online retailing by customers has been identified to exist despite growth being witnessed (Krishnamurthy, 2006). Due to this, it has been established that some customers have being switching to other channels while others have drastically reduced their purchasing experiences online (Krishnamurthy, 2006). Dissatisfaction among customers has been associated with lack of transaction completion and the slow pace of companies to rectify this. More so, attention to customers and visitors is perceived to lack vigor and this has led to untimely meeting of customer needs, response to queries is poor and the larger feedback process is poorly managed. What online retail companies need to know is that customer retention and loyalty is paramount (Lee-Kelley, Gilbert and Mannicom, 2003), where the two aspects have been associated with influencing company revenues positively (Krishnamurthy, 2006). Customer loyalty arises from the aspect of customer experiencing value for the product or service consumed and satisfaction derived thereafter (Lee-Kelley,

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The Environmental Aspect of Pocahontas Essay Example for Free

The Environmental Aspect of Pocahontas Essay â€Å" Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. † This is a quote said by a Native American chief, shows the attitudes of the Native American people as a whole and Pocahontas’ Mattaponi tribe. Disney’s highly acclaimed movie, Pocahontas, is about a female Indians battle to be with an Englishman named John Smith; even against her tribes culture and traditions. Throughout this story, we find that there are huge gaps in the way that the Englishmen and the Native Americans treat and view nature; through their culture and religion, the ways they acted towards earth, and the songs that they sang in the movie. One can tell a lot about a person or people by the culture they come from, ranging from: the way they dress, the way they talk etc. In Pocahontas, that could not be truer; we first have the Native Americans. Their culture was solely based on nature and nature alone. They believe they are one with the earth, that earth is their mother; everyone should respect it because we do not own it, but rather that we are borrowing it. Native Americans look to the spirits and the forces of Nature to guide them through life and help make important decisions and sort out dilemmas they will encounter in life. For example, Grandmother Willow, who in fact is not really a human but an actual willow tree who has the face and wisdom that one would find in their grandmother; as she also is Pocahontas’ guiding force and wisdom provider. Now on the other hand we have the Englishmen’s culture: their culture was very self-centered based due to their religion of Catholicism/Christianity; which to them are human-centered religions. Basically saying that their world view of their religion makes them think that everything in this world was created for them and that they can do what ever they choose to do with it, regardless of how it is come about acquiring what they want. Another difference between the two groups is their distinguished appearance. The Englishmen for example are pompous and actually very fat, showing how they gorge themselves into the luxuries of food and self-centered living. As for the Native Americans, only take what they need and no more, as they look healthy and strong. These examples give a glimpse of their true attitudes towards the earth, and Mother Nature. The attitudes of both the Englishman and the Native Americans towards Mother Earth are very obvious and different in this film as from their culture. â€Å"The gold of Cortez, the jewels of Pizarro / Will seem like mere trinkets by this time tomorrow. The gold we find here will dwarf them by far. / Oh, with all you got in ya, boys / Dig up Virginia, boys. † This quote was said by Governor Ratcliffe, the leader of the Englishmen, showing the English’s self-centered, egotistical way of thinking when it comes to the earth. They do not care for nature or the creatures, even the other people of the world; the world and everything in it, is solely theirs for the taking and no one person, people or thing can stop them. However, the Native Americans attitude towards the earth and in general is more humble and nurturing. Since their belief system is that they are one with the earth; in order to take care of ones self they must take of the earth. So this caring way of living in turn makes them a humble people. One can also tell how the attitudes of the two groups through the songs that they sing throughout the movie. â€Å"And dig, boys, dig ‘til ya drop. Grab a pick, boys. Quick, boys, shove in a shovel†¦It’s gold and it’s mine, mine, mine†¦Make this land, My Land,† this is one of the lyrics sang by Governor Ratcliffe in the song called, â€Å"Mine, Mine, Mine. The name of the song in itself shows the Englishmen’s view of earth, which is very greedy and narcissistic of him and his men. Another quote from the song showing this selfish way of thinking was at the end of the song where all the Englishmen sing in unison, â€Å"This land and what’s in it is Mine! † They only view the land as theirs and not the Native Americans even though the Native Americans were the native people! On top of that they refer to the Native Americans as savages, â€Å"What can you expect, from filthy little heathens? Their whole disgusting race is like a curse. Their skin’s a hellish red. They’re only good when dead. They’re vermin, as I said. And worse, they’re Savages! Savages! † Even though this one lyric does not have to do with nature directly they are disrespecting the people of mother nature completely, degrading not only their land with their actions, but the people of the land with their words and hatred. â€Å"Drive them from our shore. They’re not like you and me. Which means they must be evil. † The Englishmen in this song show the lust of power to kill anyone and anything who isn’t ike them only to get gold and riches. Now on the other hand, the songs that Pocahontas sings are not so harsh and self indulged. â€Å"You think you own whatever land you land on. The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim. But I know every rock and tree and creature; has a life, has a spirit, has a name,† she sings to John Smith explaining, that the earth is more than just something to dig up and take from. The Earth and everything in it, like her and Smith, have the same qualities that the humans do. She also sings in that song , â€Å"Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest. Come taste the sun sweet berries of the earth. Come roll in all the riches all around you. And for once, never wonder what they’re worth,† she tells Smith to bask in the earth and all its resources without thinking about how much money or the worth it could be sold at. Also another aspect of that lyric is when she says riches, she is not referring to money but rather the richness of beauty and quality the Earth gives us. Another song that reflects the Native American culture to nature is, Just Around the River Bend. † This is a song where Pocahontas compares life to the river and asks the Spirits a question regarding whether she should marry Kocoum or not. â€Å"Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum? Should I marry Kocoum? Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver; Just around the River Bend? † Pocahontas does not know whether she should take the path chosen for her or to continue on the path of her free spirit. She asks the Dream Giver is she should the safe path and do as her customs say or is the Spirit waiting for her just around the river bend. These are just a few examples of the many through the music in this movie. One can now see how both the Englishmen and Native Americans way of thinking environmentally are polar opposites. Through their culture, attitudes, actions and musical numbers, we view the sanctity of Mother Earth to both the groups. But this movie did show that the humbler the attitude towards the earth did in fact become the victors in the situation.

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The Overwhelming Atmosphere in Macbeth :: Macbeth essays

The Overwhelming Atmosphere in Macbeth      Ã‚   The atmosphere looms heavy in William Shakespeare's tragic play Macbeth. However, there are some brief, contrasting moments. In this paper we shall dwell on this dimension of the playwright's work.    A.C. Bradley in Shakespearean Tragedy comments on the contribution of the imagery to the atmosphere of the play:    The vividness, magnitude, and violence of the imagery in some of these passages are characteristic of Macbeth almost throughout; and their influence contributes to form its atmosphere. Images like those of the babe torn smiling from the breast and dashed to death; of pouring the sweet milk of concord into hell; of the earth shaking with fever; of the frame of things disjointed; of sorrows striking heaven on the face, so that it resounds and yells out like syllables of dolour; of the mind lying in restless ecstasy on a rack; of the mind full of scorpions; of the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; -- all keep the imagination moving on a 'wild and violent sea', while it is scarcely for a moment permitted to dwell on thoughts of peace and beauty. (309)    Charles Lamb in On the Tragedies of Shakespeare comments on the atmosphere surrounding the play:    The state of sublime emotion into which we are elevated by those images of night and horror which Macbeth is made to utter, that solemn prelude with which he entertains the time till the bell shall strike which is to call him to murder Duncan, - when we no longer read it in a book, when we have given up that vantage-ground of abstraction which reading possesses over seing, and come to see a man in his bodily shape before our eyes actually preparing to commit a muder, if the acting be true and impressive as I have witnessed it in Mr. K's performance of that part, the painful anxiety about the act, the natural longing to prevent it while it yet seems unperpetrated, the too close pressing semblance of reality,give a pain and an uneasiness [. . .]. (134)    In Fools of Time: Studies in Shakespearean Tragedy, Northrop Frye shows how the atmosphere is altered for the better at the end of the play:    This theme is at its clearest where we are most in sympathy with the nemesis. Thus at the

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English literature: History, Authors, Books, & Periods Essay

Dear Kipling, You are my favorite writer in the English Language who well versed in both. Prose and verse in the late- nineteenth and early- twentieth century ’s.Being interested in your creations I took more interest in knowing about yourself. You were born in Bombay, British India on 30 December 1865. In 1870 you were taken to England and stayed with a foster family and did your education there.Later you came to India in 1882 and worked as a journalist, writing poetry and fiction in your spare time. I had gone through your oeuvre and I really marveled which made me go into a deep thought of your perspective on imperialism. In 1888 you wrote ‘plain Tales from the Hills’ which won success in England. Again in 1889 you went to live in London. There you met your soul mate Caroline Balestier and married her in 1892.And then you moved to a place called Vermont in the United States where her family lived, your two daughters were born there.Then you wrote the most fantabulous work â €˜The Jungle Book’ in1894.I think you got the inspiration to write this from your environment. Because when you were writing this, your abode was in the forested area called Vermont. Alright!I have to stop here Because I want to talk more about this work. So now I am going to discuss the rest with you. In 1896, you moved with your family from Vermont to England because of some family affairs. I do not want to discuss that. Because that is not my area, isn’t it? Then your most beloved son John was born in 1897, to whom you later addressed the poem ‘If’ which very much exhibited the qualities of men during Victorian times and it is often discussed by the critics as a â€Å"stoic poem†. Then you wrote the series of works like ‘Stalky and Co’ in 1899, ‘Kim’ in 1901 and ‘Puck of Pook’s Hill’ in 1906. Your contribution of ‘Just So Stories’ in 1902 were originally written for your beloved daughter Josephine,   who died unfortunately at the age of six because of pneumonia. That’s why this work reflects the stories of children. When I was analyzing your work I came to know that it offers us a clear and sensitive picture of English people who lived in the late 19th century in India. And it is obviously seen that you are an â€Å"accurate reporter† and was capable of giving the faithful account of the commonplace and people of what you had seen. In this time, I want to take account of your uni que perspective.This is one of the things that I loved in you –that your works do not reflect anyone else’s ideologies.It always stands a remarkable thing. The preliminary study of your works had revealed an idea which is to be taken into consideration. It displays that your works of six essays, ten addresses, four volumes of letters, five full-length books, one hundred and eleven short stories, and one hundred and seventy-eight poems were in quite touching with the phenomenon called ‘culture shock’. Kipling, don’t consider me as an over-talkative person for I am going to explain what is a culture shock. Because you know what it means, but the readers of this letter have to know about it something. Culture shock is a synonym for homesickness, an experience normally associated with insecurities of childhood. This will occur when a person is suddenly removed from a familiar environment to an unusual one commonly exhibits confusion and hostility. You suffered from this effect for about eight such times at approximately five years intervals of your first forty years of your life. Even though this happens continuously, your works were highly outstanding. But some critics made this culture shock as wide as possible and criticized you every angle. I had no opinion on this matter. But I want to tell something, I think because of this culture shock only you could deliberately deliver your mind about the things that surround you, otherwise, I would miss this unique use, Kipling.Once again I repeat that it was my own opinion and it can be interpreted in some other way. Another criticism is about your famous phrase ‘White Man’s Burden’. Actually, it means â€Å"the alleged duty of the white peoples to bring their civilization to other peoples regarded as backward†. But the critics took this phrase and classified you as a ‘Racist’. Their perspective is that you are the one who differentiated as white man and backward, so they criticized in that way. But I want to look it from your view. I think you wrote it in the perspective of how I understood ie.,† Imperialism was not just a way for countries to grab power; it was also a form of humanitarianism, a way to help fewer fortune people by the governing people.† So only you mentioned that it was the responsibility of ‘White Man’s Burden’. Alright Kipling, now I come to the point which I mentioned earlier to discuss that is – The Jungle Book. Actually, it is a collection of seven different short stories. However, only three of them have Mowgli and the characters associated with him. While the rest four stories happened completely elsewhere and in different situations. When I came to analyze this piece of work I understood that its culture period is during British Raj – British ruling over India (1858-1947). So many critics call you as a racist, misogynist, and imperialist. And some argue that this piece was about the politics occurred at that time. All that shouldn’t matter anyway, because it’s a great story of imagination and above all, it opens up the relationship between you and the forest in India. And I also enjoyed the way Mowgli grows up and the way he and other animals interact with each other, it’s completely breathtaking. I believe that while you were undoubtedly a man of your time and country, your stories are less about politics and more about your own humanity. The story seems to be more similar to your life history. Though the scholars criticized this work in a di fferent way, I can’t deviate my views from the eyes of imagination and enjoyable experience which I had when I read it. Last but not the least adding to your accolades, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907 making you the youngest and first English language writer increased my zeal towards the language. With more Love, D. Joan Swarna. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Lohman, W.J. The Culture Shocks of Rudyard Kipling. P.Lang, 1990. 2.>kipling 3. 4.

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Temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit)

is equal to . Similarly,   is equal to . Therefore, conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit Formula can be written as: F = mC + a Since at   the value is , therefore a = 32. and 212 = m100+32à   m = 180/100 = 9/5 Therefore, formula to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit is: F = (C x 9/5) + 32 Rearranging F and C give formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius: C = (F – 32) x 5/9 Both equations are useful for conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit and Fahrenheit to Celsius. If we know the value of temperature in degree Fahrenheit and want to calculate value in degree Celsius than equation C = (F – 32) x 5/9 can be used. Similarly, if we know the value of temperature in degree Celsius and want to calculate value in degree Fahrenheit than equation C = (F – 32) x 5/9 can be used F = (C x 9/5) + 32. The city picked for finding its record high temperature and record low temperature is London. The record high temperature ((June, July and August)) and record low temperature (December) is given below in degree Celsius. Record High Temperature: 32 Record Low Temperature:   -17 Converting, record high temperature and record low temperature from degree Celsius to degree Fahrenheit. Record High Temperature: F = (C x 9/5) + 32 = (32 x 9/5) + 32 = 89.6 Record Low Temperature:   F = (C x 9/5) + 32 = (-17 x 9/5) + 32 = 1.4 Reference:   Accessed on November 22, 2007 Accessed on November 22, 2007   

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Party Elections Essays

Party Elections Essays Party Elections Essay Party Elections Essay Party Elections BY Mikebd28 Party Driven Elections Political parties are the driving force behind elections in the United States. Since the Reconstruction, no third-party candidate has even been close in winning the Presidential Race (Schattschneider 186). Also since then, only 163 third-party candidates have been elected to government office without being affiliated to the two major parties( Schattschneider 189). George Washington was the only man to be President as a true independent. Many people may look at this and think that if Washington did this, maybe the system should be changed. But the fact is unless the system is changed, the United States will most likely always be controlled by only two parties. Ever since this country was created it has been governed by two parties. Originating with the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists, advancing to todays Republicans and Democrats (Domino 705). A party has almost always claimed at least a 50 percent majority in Congress. Never has any third party risen to power and stayed there, without bringing another party down from power. The longest leading parties in history are the Republican and Democratic Parties (Domino 707). While the arties stances on issues may have developed, their core beliefs have never changed. Republicans have always been in favor of a decentralized government, while the Democrats have always supported a centralized government. Some examples would be Obamacare for liberals, and tax cuts for the conservatives. But not everyone supports all issues of his or her parties platform. Many prominent leaders ally for the most part with their respective party, but sometimes disagree on a prominent issues. Sometimes a leader claims to hail from one party, but almost entirely disagree with the party on many issues. Ron Paul is a perfect example of a man who does not believe in his partys values. Paul was a presidential nominee, whose values reflect many strong liberal views. But Paul ran as a Republican and got beaten soundly. Mitt Romney is another man who has not always believed in his party values. Romney has changed many of his positions over time to gain conservative votes. Both man serve as examples of what happens if one does not, and what happens when one does follow the party. Paul did not changes his views; therefore, he stood no chance. Romney did, and because of that he was the GOP candidate. The United State is a a two party form our government, purely because of how elections are set up. When the votes are tallied and winners are selected, it is on a winner take all basis (Schattschneider 786). In presidential elections if Republicans win 50 percent of the vote, and the rival democrats win 49 percent, all votes are allocated to the Republicans. This form of government, is one in which majority rules. This alone cripples any form of third party rise to power. Even if third parties have a very strong showing, they cannot possibly ever win. They can only make a difference in who ends up winning. Many times they draw votes away from one of the said to be about 33 percent Republican, 33 percent Democrat, and 33 percent independent. It is not mathematically feasible for a third party to rival the two parties. The reason is because the 33 percent independents are made up of so many different beliefs, ideas, and values; and stemming from that no third party could surpass at most 15 percent of the population (McArdle 1823). New parties face many challenges and for one to rise, another would have to fall. This stems from Independents actually having a stronger voting bias, as opposed to omeone who is a moderate towards a party. Therefore, it is not possible to have a third party if almost every person always leans towards one side or the other. For the rise of a new party to occur, many different things would have to happen. The most important change would be to combine independents along with people from either one or both parties, either crippling one or both parties. If a new party rose to power, it is likely that a second would follow replacing both original powers (Wald 41). This is what has occurred in the past with the fall of the federalists, Whigs, and many more. The main reason for the rise and decline is how the issues evolve and change over time. In the 1800s gay marriage was not a big topic issue at all. Today, it is splitting people apart and is a leading issue for political parties. Currently, there is a division of Republicans called the Tea Party. They are very conservative and are gaining momentum all over the country. They have gotten many candidates elected and are starting to make a big difference in many races. They will most likely settle the issues with Republicans as a whole, but this shows how a small party can grow and gain power. These parties can heavily influence elections, even hough they have no chance at winning. They will attract many independent votes, as well as taking other support from candidates. This is crucial because if it takes enough away from a candidate, it can swing the election in a different direction. For there to be more then two top parties we would need a different form of voting. The country would have to switch to a system like Israel and Germany. They have elections, and each percentage of the vote gets something in return (Schattschneider 184). For example, if the Republicans get 35 percent, the Democrats get 30 percent, the Green Party gets 20 percent, and the U. S. Taxpayers get 10 percent, would allocate votes according to percentage. Because of this system, it elects a party and not necessary the best man for the lob. If Abraham Lincoln ran today as a U. S. Taxpayer, or John F. Kennedy as a Green Party member, neither wold have any chance at winning. Obviously, it is not because the men are not capable to be President. It is merely that they lack the party to back them. When running for President, the candidate would need to have the perfect storm to be elected. One would need the full support of the party, strong financial backing, and the opposing party needs to be lacking popular support. If the opposition is lacking the popular support, it leaves the independent vote open to win (Mera 126). It is almost impossible to win without getting independent votes. Since each party is almost equally split, this voting area is crucial. nonetheless it has an impact. This is focusing more on the future and how they will vote. This is important for the future of the party, rather than one election. Colleges are notorious for being extremely liberal. This makes an age group that is very left leaning. President Obama won the young vote 70-30 percent (Mera 120). All of these aspects add up to decide who will win the election. In 2008, John McCain had no chance of winning the election. At the time, Republican were losing the control of the government. In that year the Democrats took control of the Senate, the House, and the White House (Lioz 21). This expresses that the country felt Republicans were responsible for the current situation in America. When parties are held responsible, as a whole, it does not matter who the candidate is. The chances of the old party winning are very unlikely in a close election. Elections are hard fought and played on a winner take all basis. Because of how they operate, they are very comparable to football games. There normally is a census of who will be victorious. Also, name recognition and talent are always big factors. In 2007 Appalachian State beat the fifth ranked team in the country for one of the biggest upsets of all time. In politics it is very similar, but very different in numerous ways. Name recognition can get a candidate far, but who had heard of Obama before 2007. Four years before Obama was elected President, he was serving in the State Senate of Illinois (Finkel 29). He decided to run for U. S. Senate after a failed bid for the Congressional seat of his district. The man he was running against was very well nown, and Obama was given little chance. He won because his opponent had a major scandal revealed during the campaign. After Obama had been a U. S. Senator for three year, he decided to run for President (Pope 326). His opponent was a war hero, and a popular, long serving Senator. John McCain had everything Obama did not going into the election, except for one major thing. Obama was a Democrat, and McCain was a Republican. President George W. Bush had Just finished his second term as President and held an extremely low popularity rating. The economy is the U. S. was in a recession, and America was at war in multiple countries. If the tide was reversed and the Democrats were the ones leaving the White House, McCain would have won fairly easily. But Obama crushed his more well known, and experienced opponent. In 1992, Ross Perot ran for President as an Independent. He represented a change in America and promised things would be different under him. He generated strong momentum and therefore was considered to be the first third party candidate to have a chance of winning in a very long time. Perot failed to win more then 20 percent of the vote and failed to win a single state or electoral vote. The election outcome was Bill Clinton arrowly defeating President Bush Sr. (Whitehead 16). This goes back to the earlier point that a third party has no chance of winning, but they can decide who will end up winning. If Perot never ran, President Bush likely would have won a second term. Perots views were similar to the Presidents but leaning more to the middle. So voters who would have voted for Bush, voted for Perot, and Clinton claimed the White Abraham Lincoln ran against Stephen A. Douglas many times in different elections. Douglas beat Lincoln every time. In 1858, this all changed when the two men ran against one an other for the Presidency (Develder 17). Douglas had more name recognition and better financing, but this time there was not a party in trouble. Instead, there was a party on the rise. The Republican Party was brand new and attracted many new followers. Lincoln was running against three other men, all whom had more name recognition. Lincolns name was not even on 10 of the 15 southern states ballots. But when all the votes were counted, he won the election in a land slide (Develder 19). All of these examples in history show that it comes down to parties. With the new era of today, new issues are coming to light every day. Thirty-Five ears ago, no laws existed against cybercrimes. Todays world has many complex issues, that still tear the country apart. This is why in the future a new party may rise. If a new party does rise, it is a sure bet they will gain control of the government. America is ruled by momentum and the current day climate. Without being in a party where the common census is favorable, the candidate has no chance to win. This is why many people wait for the right time to run for office. If the candidate runs at the wrong time, the person might not Just lose, it might end all other opportunities at running at all. No one man can win and take complete control over this country. Our government was created for this exact reason. The Founding Fathers were terrified of a king rising to power. They set the government up in the only way they could, they made it so majority always rules. This is why no third party candidate has a chance and why no one party will ever be the sole entity of power in the United State. This country will always change, but it will also continue to thrive in being competitive. Works cited university Law journal (2012): 701-09. 18 NOV. 2012. web. 08 Dec. 2012. Develder, Carla J. Election Law: Careers at the Intersection of Law and politics. Student Lawyer (2012): 14-97. web. 18 NOV. 012. Schattschneider, E. E. Party Government. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1942. 173-204. print. Finkel, Ed. On the Campaign Trail 2012. Student Lawyer (2012): 27-41. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. Lioz, Adam. Democracy at Stake: Political Equality in the Super PAC Era. Human Rights Era (2012): 15-36. web. 18 NOV. 2012. McArdle, Andrea. The Increasingly Fractious Politics of Nonpartisan Judicial Selection: Acco untability Challenges to Merit-Based Reform. Albany Law Review (2012): 1799-2163. web. 18 NOV. 2012. Pope, Daniel. American Radicalism. New York: Blackwell, 2001. 26-331 Print Wald, Kenneth. Religion and Politics in the United States. New York: Lanham,Rowman Littlefield, 2003. 34-59. print. Whitehead, Tom. The anti-politics voters. Daily Telegraph (2012): 1-19. Web. 19 Nov. Mera, Scott. Youth Political Participation: Bridging Activism and Electoral politics. Annual Review of sociology (2012): 119-141 . web. 18 NOV. 2012. Works cited Revised Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Coward-McCann, 1962. Print. Twain, Mark, Ilknur Altun, and M. All. Ayyildiz. Huckle Berry Finn. Istanbul: Kapadokya ELT, 2004. Print. Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor, 1994. Print. Orwell, George. 1984: A Novel. New York, NY: Published by Signet Classic, 1977. Print. Morgenstern, Erin. The Night Circus: A Novel. New York: Doubleday, 2011. Print. Egan, Jennifer. A Visit from the Goon Squad. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2010. Print. Erdrich, Louise. The round House. New York, NY: Harper, 2012. Print. Orwell, George. Animal Farm;. New 2003. print. Meyer, Stephenie. The Host: A Novel. New York: Little, Brown, 2008. Print. Paolini, Christopher. Eragon. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2003. Print. Owen, Mark, and Kevin Maurer. No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navvy Seal : The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden. Detroit [Mich. : Thorndike, 2012. Print. Bowden, Mark. Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War. New York: Little,Bown, 1999. Print. Luttrell, Marcus, and Patrick Robinson. Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10. New York: Little, Brown, 2007. Print. McMurtry, Larry. Lonesome Dove: A Novel. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1985. print. IDEA: Elections Thesis: Political parties are the driving factors in our government. l. Introduction A. Ever since our country was created, it has been ruled by two political parties. 1. Whigs, federalists, anti: Republicans always want less government 2. Democrats have always supported a stronger federal government C. Just because a man is from a party, does not mean he agrees with all party views. 1. Romneys changes 2. John Kerrys changes 3. Ron Pauls liberal views II. All U. S. Politics are reliant on the two party systems A. Congress 1. Two independents in total for both the House and the Senate 2. Lieberman B. 33% Identify for Republicans, 33% Identify for Democrats, 33% Identify as Independents. C. Independents are not true Independents 1 . Study on leaning toward a side. 2. Moderate Republicans and Democrats. Ill. Our country is a two party form of government, because of how elections are set up. A. Winner take all. 1. 50% Republicans, 49% Democrats a. ) all votes would go to Republicans B. Reason why we have no strong 3rd party. C. What would happen if a third party rose to power 1. 1992 Presidential Election 2. Tea Party V. If any President would have run as a third-party candidate, he would have lost. A. Elections do not come down to who is the best man. It comes down to party support(funding, votes) Name recognition, controlling party of current government, and how that controlling party is doing. 1. 1992 Elections 2. Ralph Nader 3. Abraham Lincoln 4. 2006 Democrat takeover(timing and why) B. Why Joe Liberman won as Independent but not a Democratic 1. Lost in Democratic primary 2. received Republican support to win Re-election, but as an Independent. V. Closing A. Future Predictions 1 . Younger Voters a. ) Social and Fiscal Issue

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The Sinai Peninsula From Ancient Times to Today

The Sinai Peninsula From Ancient Times to Today Egypts Sinai Peninsula, also known as the Land of Fayrouz meaning turquoise, is a triangular formation at the northeastern end of Egypt and the southwestern end of Israel, it looks like a corkscrew-like cap at the top of the Red Sea and forms a land bridge between the Asian and African land masses. History The Sinai Peninsula has been inhabited since pre-historic  times and has always been a trade route. The peninsula has been a part of Egypt since the First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, circa 3,100 B.C., although there have been periods of foreign occupation over the past 5,000 years. Sinai was called Mafkat or country of turquoise by the ancient Egyptians, which was mined in the peninsula. In ancient times, like its surrounding regions, it has been the treadmill of evaders and conquerors, including, according to biblical legend, the Jews of Moses Exodus escaping Egypt and the ancient Roman, Byzantine and Assyrian Empires. Geography The Suez Canal and the Gulf of Suez border the Sinai Peninsula to the west. Israels Negev Desert borders it to the northeast  and the Gulf of Aqaba laps at its shores to the southeast. The hot, arid, desert-dominated peninsula covers 23,500 square miles. Sinai is also one of the coldest provinces in Egypt because of its high altitudes and mountainous topographies. Winter temperatures in some of Sinais cities and towns can dip to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. Population and Tourism In 1960, the Egyptian census of Sinai listed a population of about 50,000. Currently, thanks in large part to the tourism industry, the populations is currently estimated at 1.4 million. The peninsulas bedouin population, once the majority, became the minority. Sinai has become a tourist destination due to its natural setting, rich coral reefs offshore and biblical history. Mount Sinai is one of the most religiously significant places in the Abrahamic faiths. Rich in pastel cliffs and canyons, arid valleys and startling green oases, the desert meets the sparkling sea in a long string of secluded beaches and vivid coral reefs that attract a wealth of underwater life, wrote David Shipler in 1981, The New York Times bureau chief in Jerusalem. Other popular tourist destinations are St Catherines Monastery, which is considered to be the oldest working Christian monastery in the world, and the beach resorts towns of Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba. Most tourists arrive at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, through Eilat, Israel, and the Taba Border Crossing, by road from Cairo or by ferry from Aqaba in Jordan. Recent Foreign Occupations In periods of foreign occupation, the Sinai was, like the rest of Egypt, also occupied and controlled by foreign empires, in more recent history the Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1867   and the United Kingdom from 1882 to 1956. Israel invaded and occupied Sinai during the Suez Crisis of 1956 and during the Six-Day War of 1967. In 1973, Egypt launched the Yom Kippur War to retake the peninsula, which was the site of fierce fighting between Egyptian and Israeli forces. By 1982, as a result of the Israel–Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979, Israel had withdrawn from all of the Sinai Peninsula except the contentious territory of Taba, which Israel later returned to Egypt in 1989.

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Hitler and music in the third Reich Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Hitler and music in the third Reich - Essay Example This "Hitler and music in the third Reich" essay outlines the impact of Richard Wagner's music on Hitler and what that has to do with World War II. All his musical works were made on the assumption that they will be performed on the stage hence called â€Å"Musikdrama. He wrote all the scripts directly and added music to the scripts. Wagner generated a German epic saga combining music and drama in one unified art work. He took inspiration from German mythology and medieval literature. Wagner was motivated by the medieval myths and literature as Lohengrin, Tristan, Ring des Nibelungs (Das Rhinegold, Die Walkure, Gotterdammerung). Wagner brought plots and characters in medieval myths and literature to his music. The structure of the Ring cycle is complicated and has several topics. However, most of his operas’ topics are love stories. As Wagner accepted the subject of German myths, he also accepted religious elements. He extended this to the unique ritual that inspires nationalism. Wagner’s music drama shows the process of ritual when it is on the stage. This means that his music drama reveals strong religious character. Therefore, people cannot forget the scenes of his music drama easily, because of its strong ritual characteristic. Hitler was one of those people who could not forget Wagner’s strong and powerful opera. Wagner indicts the Jews and metaphorically links them to the characters in the operas. Wagner’s music dramas, made during the time when unification of Germany was taking place, reve al patriotic enthusiasm greatly. In Wagner’s Ring drama, there are a lot of metaphorical words that indicate Jewish characters. In Wagner’s ring opera, Nibelungs, the curse, demons, goblins, and the lust for gold refers to Jewish characters. Wagner casts the voices of Alberich and Mime in an abnormally high register and gives them tritons and other awkward internals to sing which made their voices creak, croak, and buzz. Wagner also used Jewish names for his evil characters. Wagner casts the voices of Alberich and Mime in an abnormally high register and gives them tritones and other awkward internals to sing which made their voices creak, croak, and buzz. Wagner also used Jewish names for his evil characters. In Wagner’s opera â€Å"Das Rheingold†, â€Å"gold-hungry† characters are very consonant with Wagner’s writings about how the Jews seek to control the world through their use of money (gold). In Lohengrin, there are inspirational words, such as those of King Henry to h is knights that wakened in them the primal urge of race and nationalism.   â€Å"Let the Reich’s enemy now appear.   We’re well prepared to see him near.

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RFID in the Context of Customer Services Research Paper

RFID in the Context of Customer Services - Research Paper Example According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that in the modern business world, there is a need for companies and firms to increase the quality of services they provide their customers or quality of goods and products they produce or manufacture. It is very hard for any company or a firm to regain popularity among their lost customers or improve their position in the market. To make a profit very often means to provide customers with better services. At the same time, a chosen marketing strategy of customers’ services improvement should be developed in compliance with the needs of the company; their assets, potential, set goals and many other internal and external factors. Moreover, with regards to a wide-spread nature of technological innovations, companies implement innovative technologies in customer services. In accordance with research conducted by†¦: â€Å"Technology does more than enable the creation of new or improved services. It may also impro ve consistent service standards of the company, and, what is more, important is to involve the customers in operations through self-service technology†. Therefore, the modern business world needs innovations. To keep pace with the globalized world every firm or company should meet new requirements and follow the developments of technologies. In order to appropriately introduce valuable innovative assets, it is relevant to assess their advantages and disadvantages. An individual-centered approach is high on the agenda in the modern business world. A customer is of crucial importance. The more customers the company has, the greater success comes.