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Business Information Systems Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business tuition Systems - Assignment Exampleion that is linked to processes as good as responsible for providing line of credit administration a 360-degree vision all through the distributed company departments of the bank. To opt for this business intelligence platform from business Objects was the logical alternatives to facilitate and expand the worth as well as importance of banks mug deployment. The Business objective for the banks intelligence platform has the plan eristic to hold up together present and upcoming information requirements as well as it also authorizes banks executives by means of the information they require for developing day-to-day working and formulating effective decision for the bank. vernacular of Ireland business Group deals with almost thousands of dealer demands into its collective services department every year prescribed well-organized administration of this data and information flow is quite necessary planned for its Acquire-to-Compensate pro cedures and practices. Implementation of a current ERP application proposed to develop efficiency it has become apparent that better procedures and practices were enviable for moving as well as recovery of business invoices, plus the bank started out to the marketplace in order to realize out new and innovative solution and efficient techniques (SoftCo Group Ltd., 2010), (Laguerre & Welsh, 2010), (SAP-2, 2010) and (Case Study).At the earlier SAP carrying into action in the Bank of Ireland, there were great opportunities and facilities to the additional and far effective development in business invoice management and accurate handling of business dealings. Formerly the business was functioning totally with manual(a) methods planned for managing and handling business processes which are vital for the approval or required for a good turn of exceptions determined prior to processing. The major tighties in the paper-based or manual procedures were becoming more and more difficult p lus time-consuming. These incorporated processes which are missing, the troubles

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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment2 Assignment

Geology Vol ignoreoes&Earthquake Assignment2 - Assignment drillBack from the Dead depicts the magnitude of damage that a volcanic activity can cause. The depiction shows the gust of Mt. St. Helens as one of the most catastrophic events that occurred in the United States. Both movies give viewers first-hand inference that volcanic activity can cause economic and human loss. Various things such as disruptions champion to the eruption of hot magma and lava. But those are not the major lessons learnt. People who knew the background of Mt St. Helens were take aback by the events that followed. The events that take place, as shown by both movies, reveal that mountains that occur through volcanic agent can reoccur. What is interesting is that a resurgence of plant and animal life invoked the mountain out of its dormancy. Additionally, the movie increase insight regarding causes of environmental and geological shifts, forces that spur eruptions. If geologists and people in general can further better understanding of factors behind shifts, they prediction of future eruptions can become easy (Dale, Swanson, and Crisafulli, 7).Fire Mountain, on the other hand, presents a firsthand experience of one of the biggest natural catastrophes to have occurred that resulted in more 540 meg tons of rock and ash being thrown out into the sky. The movie is talking almost the akin event as Back from the Dead is, but the details and accounts presented in this movie are unlike from the first one. The video, packed with evolutionary partiality, does not categorically mention how the ecological or geological features came about by the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 parallel the creationist explanations more than the evolutionary theory. However, it gives a good account of what happened, curiously with its interviews with survivors, and the viewer can easily draw apparent conclusions. This movie shows how seemingly old, stratified rock can form by

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Efficacy of Personal and Professional Communication Research Paper

cleverness of Personal and Professional discourse - Research Paper ExampleYet, application of its principles seems neglected in developed clinical set-ups. Although the efficacy of wellness care confabulations is disregarded by some, interpersonal and professional communication patterns play primary roles in enhancing quality services, connecting communication gaps, and preventing clinical practice errors. Interpersonal Health Communication Interpersonal communication functions as one of the main areas that need close scrutiny. In clinical settings, interpersonal contact means provider-client communication, which serves as the primary source of association (Schiavo, 2007). Accordingly, clients place their full trust on their clinical providers, in return, the medical checkup staffs do their best to assure their clients condition--clients fully depend on health providers for support and treatment. Initially, clients seek health-related advice regarding their health status, establ ishing interpersonal contact between clients and health providers. In the process of medical consultation, health providers are accountable in exhibiting intellectual and psychological skills in handling their clients (Hubble, Trowbridge, Hubbard, Ahsens, & Ward-Smith, 2008). Part of elementary function is forming personal relationship with clients during preliminary inquiry on physiological and psychological disposition. As this is a delicate matter, competent communication techniques must be exhibited by providers--draw out accurate and reliable knowledge as chief basis for further management and treatment. In the assurance of therapeutic interpersonal communication, this annex client awareness and comprehension with suggested care plan, while being time-effective during assessment and examination period (Gordon, 2002). Evidently, the exploit of efficient interpersonal strategy in health communication assumes that clients get quality medical heed they seek, and health staff g ets to perform their obligatory functions more proficiently. Professional Health Communication In another(prenominal) communication area, professional communication serves as important aspect in the care of clients. Schiavo (2007) illustrates this communication smorgasbord as involving health providers in a peer-to-peer approach...to promote the adoption of best medical and health practice. In this statement, the professional category in health care communications indirectly affects the clients in the pursuance of like medical practice. Through cooperative relationship, each member assumes individual and team responsibilities during decision-making and resolving client-related management issues (ODaniel, & Rosenstein, n.d.). group collaboration elevates the features of care provided, in all phases of health process. Their expert exchange of medical information and vigorous participation in the care of clients is critical in achieving holistic health care services and validating health outcomes. Excellent professional communication serves as best defense against medical errors and neglect (Smith, & Mishra, 2010). preceding(prenominal) all else, the professional health team can uphold their oath to ensure patient well-being in every action they perform.

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Construction Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Construction Law - Essay warningplaced on par with other kinds of projects because delays in construction and claims arising out of such delays apply constantly been an integral part of construction law. According to Yates and Epstein, there is an enormous amount of time, energy and cost that is give to delay claims which do not strictly begin around the time of completion of the job, rather these delays sustain right at the inception stage of the project itself.2 The Protocol states that the process of analysis of delay place only begin to be addressed when there is an understanding about what work was carried out and when such work was carried out, as a result, the Protocol recommends that contractors maintain a written record of what work is to be carried out on the project and when it is to be done over the specified time period. However, as McCredie points out, this causes difficulties, not only in terms of the extensive record keeping which the contractor will now have t o maintain, but also from the point of view of correlating those records with schedules and locations3.In the case of Great eastern Hotel Company Ltd4, charges of indifference by contractor and resultant dischargees thereof as claimed by Great eastern Hotel were not upheld by the court and no relief was allowed for losses sustained. In this case, the difficulties in forming causation of delay wind to losses were also demonstrated. There is no definite court precedent to establish causation of loss due to delays and in this case, it was pointed out that the Courts have not laid down any formal tests to establish causation, rather they have relied upon commonsense and an interpretation of the individual facts in a particular case in order to determine whether the breach of the contract was a sufficiently substantial cause of the claimants loss.5 whence the party that violates the contract is liable only if the breach was in effect the effective cause of his loss.6An natural proc ess for losses caused by a breach of

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Etymology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Etymology - Essay ExampleThe forge remember dates back to the 18th century when it was developed. The vocalize teleph one is the combination of different traditional languages. It is derived from the rare language of Greek. The parole telephone is made by combining two different words. These two words are tele and phone. The word tele in Greek mover far away and the word phone means voice or sound. Both these words combine to give the word telephone which was designed to transmit the voice of individuals to far away places. The roots of the word telephone are yet non specifically known. Even though it is assumed that French was the language which gave birth to the word of telephone. Firstly the word telephone was apply for a devisal which produced sound waves. The gadget produced different frequencies of sound waves. This whatchamacallit was made by Sudre in 1828. The word telephone was initially used for this gadget but later on was used on for another device. This device was used in different ships to signal the other ships of their location. This instrument is likewise known as a signaling device in English. Telephone was the word given to this device as again the signals being transmitted by the ships were a way of communication between the ships. in addition after a certain span of years a communication gadget was predicted by P. Reis in 1861. This communication tool was predicted to come the name of telephone by P. Reis. In 1877 Graham Bell made his known invention of a gadget through which people could transmit their voices. This gadget was later on named telephone by Graham Bell himself in 1876. This word got its level of a verb in 1878. The verb telephone means to speak to soulfulness by the use of telephone. The word telephone can be defined as a gadget which is used to have telephonic conversations. It can be further divided into a verb a noun and an adjective. The verb of the word telephone means to telephone a friend i.e. a particula r action of calling a friend. When we try a word from etymological concept we need to know search out the origin of the word. As we use the word Book, from an etymological point of view, book was used as * bc -in Old English. bc is adopted from Germanic word *bk-, which means beech tree. In the same way, the old English form of book, i.e. bc has Germanic origin, *bk-, written document, book. Book and beech are twigs of the same tree. Both words have Germanic origin, which is *bk-, which means beech tree from an Indo-European perspective. The meaning of book thereof can be said as beech tree and it is because of the fact that people of Germany, in early ages, used to write on the stripe of beech tree. The same origins of book are found in Latin. Liber is the word for book in Latin. Liber meant verbalize, that is the smooth inner bark of a tree. Early Romans used to write and state on the bark of a tree and hence Liber was used to identify the thing we call Book in English these d ays. Book refers to a tote up of papers printed, written, and blank or with images combined together usually fastened or hinged at one side. Every paper of the book is known as a page number and every side of the leaf is called a page. Books are meant to convey some idea or information. There are many kinds of books including, explanation books, novels, magazines, journals etc. Books are available at the bookshops and libraries. People can purchase books

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Homeless English Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Homeless English - Research Paper exercisingThere atomic number 18 individuals who absolutely cherish the idea of being dispossessed because they are able to run their obligations through the helping hand of the society. However, this is a very wrong approach that has been taken on by these individuals who would not like to make their way through the tough times and be completely dependent on the donors and organizations which would give them shelter, food and clothing their most basic pauperisations in essence. Being homeless in the tough times of today is such a severe problem that it is hard to operate a remedy for this problem. What is regular worse is the event that being homeless is not something that one does or chooses by choice. It just happens in the nick of things and brings on more trouble for the people who do not have a shelter to live under. Hence being homeless is a stigma that has been abandoned with individuals who are not that affluent and have a tough time making both ends meet. It likewise creates issues of joblessness, poverty and health related concerns which are raised time and again. What is even sickening to know is the fact that the state of homelessness brings with it problems of expounding proportions. These problems do not just remain attached with the poverty domains yet are engulfed with more grave concerns, most of which are related with the ways and means under which people wear out becoming mature and are shelved into a box from where they cannot escape (Khan, 2010). They simply let go murder the feeling of thinking in a better way for their own selves, and this results in their complete subjection of activities and tasks which they ought to do time and again (Gudauskas, 1999). One must remember that homelessness is not a sin, yet it is a circumstantial happening which comes about when there are problems which an individual cannot face up to and hence becomes a part of the unwanted picture that has developed wi th the advent of time. Some estimates suggest that around 200,000 to 500,000 Americans live without a permanent shelter. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development quoted more than 600,000 sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals deep down America, as of January 2009 figures. Moreover, approximately 1.56 million people were making use of an emergency shelter or even a transitional housing program between October 2008 and September 2009. For some, homeless becomes a blessing in disguise. This is because they believe homelessness gives them a sense of being unattached with the responsibilities that they would have to take had they owned a house. They are thus dependent on the state and its people for their shelter needs. Similarly, they have gone one bill ahead and relied on their food and clothing regimes as well. The need is to establish their psyche more than anything else. This is the campaign why they are living in an age of destitute where they have just about naught with them yet they are undertaking minimal efforts to make do with the changing times. These are important considerations which need to be understood and which shall pave the way for future growth and development regimes of such individuals. The society therefore takes the brunt of such individuals who do not want to do anything yet remain at the behest of the people at large. The state has therefore

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Willingness to Pay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Willingness to conduct - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, for a lay or a green blank shell to remain in nigh and attractive condition, regular maintenance, and improvements argon mandatory. Costs are incurred in assure for these services to be effectively provided to the public, hence necessary to charge the public a relatively lilliputian sums of money in order to meet the costs. Nevertheless, it is important to consult the public about the amount they are willing to pay for the services, amenity, or a resource hence the term willingness to pay.A good example of willingness to pay scenario is the residents of Boulder Colo in USA. The people of this area were willing to pay up to $234 per kinsfolk in order to keep a five and a half acres of land uphold for public usage (Americantrials, 2014). This land had not been developed for long hence the community decided to be contributing the large sums of money in order for them to be using it as a park. Their closing could however b e termed as highly brilliant since presence of this land as a park made the think of of the surrounding properties to dramatically hike in price. Other recreational emoluments that were accrued from the universe of discourse of the park included travelling costs incurred while visiting the park. Within a period of quaternion years (1995-1999), the property price premiums were summing up to $140.2 million. There was also a net entertaining value of over $7.6 million (Americantrials, 2014).In conclusion, provision of opportunities for physical activities such as establishment of recreational areas like parks or provision of service may have so much economic benefit to the local government, private developers, and the to the residents of that the neighboring areas. Facilities like parks availability of quality water among others raises the value of the properties and homes in the nearby area. Moreover, the cost incurred in maintaining such recreational facilities and resources is by far much lower than

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Case Studies Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Studies - Case Study ExampleFrom this perspective the sample should be dependant on the quantity of people entering the store but if we were to select one out of every louvre people that would represent twenty percent of overall entrants into the store. The method of determining information from the customers would be an in person survey with close ended questions. In situation 2 it is my recommendation that the airline should wasting disease a convenience sampling method. The means by which we should select the sample would have to be proportionately representative insofar as we and not only looking for people who would typically fly in airplanes but they must also be university students. Finally the sample size should be restricted by the overall budget. If the cost is $75 per student we would need to determine how many people we can wonder based on the overall budget is $7,500 than the number of interviewees would be 100. However the number should ensure that the impudence le vel is larger than 95%. In situation 3 the type of sample that should be utilized is a systematic sampling method in which every nth person is chosen at a predetermined point in the city. The method of choosing the sample should be along the lines of every fourth part or fifth tourist that they encounter.

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How Does the Legacy of Colonialism Contribute to Some of the Economic Essay

How Does the Legacy of colonialism Contribute to virtu eachy of the Economic Issues Facing Caribbean Countries Today - Essay ExampleColonialism can be defined as the control of people another country (Osterhammel & Frisch, 1997, p15). This involves suppressing the inferior culture. These Caribbean countries hold Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico among others. Caribbean countries have common problems, which include financial stress and lack of sufficient investment as a result, they face crisis in the commendation markets. Nevertheless, colonialism impact on the Caribbean countries is felt up to date. Cuba and Puerto Rico gained independence in 1901 whilst Jamaica and Trinidad gained their independence in 1962 (History of the Caribbean 2012). Colonial governments were mostly undemocratic, and emphasized on divide and rule, which weakened the local power institutions. This paper will cover the legacy of colonialism in relation to some of the economical is sues facing the Caribbean countries. Legacy of colonialism and its contribution to some of the economic issues facing Caribbean countries today The Caribbean countries struggled, but were full of courage for many years to attain their freedom and body politic as well. These countries have been a target to many authentic countries due to their natural resources. However, the Caribbean countries have, over the years, seek to improve their economy to no avail they have also tried to engage in robes production, processing of food, and manufacturing of sugar, all of which have ended up in failure. The effects of colonialism have been felt on the Caribbean economy, which have contributed to its weakness. Though the Caribbean countries have attained their independence, some colonial policies hinder the Caribbean economy from excelling, posing as a ground for exploitation. According to The Michael Manley foundation (2006), colonizers of the Caribbean countries benefited greatly from con trolling these countries for instance, slave trade impacted positively on the industrialization of Britain, and as a result, emerging as the wealthiest nation. The colonise countries did advanced partially, as all the profits extracted from their resources benefited the mother countries of the colonizers. In addition, the Caribbean countries were not in a position to produce what they required, but they produced what the colonizers necessitate (The Michael Manley foundation, 2006). Today, the developed nations continue to benefit from the natural resources of the Caribbean countries with insignificant returns. For instance, Trinidad produces oil while Jamaica produces coffee, bananas, and sugar, all of which are exported to the developed countries. The developed nations use these bare-assed materials to the benefit of their countries, and export the finished goods to the Caribbean countries as a result, they make gigantic profits, while the Caribbean countries receive fewer retu rns. Colonialism encouraged the exportation of agricultural goods as a result, the Caribbean countries have move to lay more emphasis on the exportation of such goods rather than investing in their manufacturing industries by expanding them. If the Caribbean countries would expand on their manufacturing industries, they would gain more profits through exporting finished goods, rather than raw goods, and as a result, boosting their economy. Importing more and exporting less is the trend of the Caribbean countries, this trend began in the colonialism era, where these colonized nations imported goods from the colonizing

The Perfect Husband Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Perfect Husband - Essay subjectAs I mature, I realized that perfection can be seen on how a preserve is someone who understands and provides a wo humanss needs and how he keeps his marital commitment, how displays sacrificial leadership.A woman and a man have different needs which should be met by their lifetime partners. A perfect husband should be able to differentiate from his needs and his wifes needs and respond to them. For example, it is stressed that while a mans primary pauperization for marriage is sexual fulfillment, a woman constantly longs for his husbands affection and whap. Thus, a husband should always video display his love to the wife by doing small things like sending her love notes, cooking for her, hugging her a lot, and telling her how much she means to him. A perfect husband is someone who will never infer twice of giving up his machismo and show his soft side in order to satisfy his wife. He will also go the extra mile in order to show his constant l ove and affection.Secondly, a husband should have a strong marital commitment. It is irrefutable that most men abominate commitment and dedication but a perfect husband is someone who reaches the maturity of being responsible and responsible for his actions. Since he allowed himself to be bound by a lifetime commitment, he will hire sure that he stays faithful to his wife. When the going gets tough, he stays with the wife and remains inclined to her.The husband is often regarded as a head of the family even in this more

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The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Middle Managers Essay

The Main Roles and Responsibilities of Middle Managers - Essay ExampleA subaltern function of middle counseling that Morgan et al discusses is with regard to definition of making the delivery of public function accountable. Irrespective of a single policy, or task assigned, the expectation is that they will fulfill the task in letter and spirit of utmost professionalism. Often, the need for this accountability is felt in the situations where the plan is questioned and upper management must definitively prove that the approach that was engaged was both meaningful and effective in a trope of different areas. Broadly, the middle managers in large organizations perform the following roles (1) Interpret and represent their work units bear on (2) Provide or secure assistance (3) Establish organizational relationships (4) Leverage others time. In short, the middle management serves to holding the apex of management in the balance in the organization and core operating the workforce. more than often, the top management may not be able to reach out to the subordinates. The middle managers playact a great role in assisting the management with running the organization such(prenominal) that efficiency and potentiality of the firm can be achieved. Middle management plays a role towards true representation of the club objectives. They Therefore, the middle managers act as a go between to thevbridge this gap that may exist such that the efforts of all employees are coordinated towards the attainment of the desired goals and objectives in the organization.

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Reform on The English Libel Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

square away on The English Libel Law - Essay ExampleHowever, does the deprecation Bill reflect these concerns? This testify seeks to critique the current Defamation Bill (As Amended on Report, ordered to be printed on 5 February 2013) particularly focusing on articles 4, 5 and 6 thereof. The said Clauses provide for some of the defences to an action for defamation. Clause 4 Clause 4 refers to the truthfulness of the imputation which if shown by the defendant to be substantially true, then it whitethorn be a defence in an action for imputation (Defamation Bill, Clause 4). Additionally, where there are two or more distinct imputations, the defence of truth will not be diminished if the imputations which appear to be substantially true, those not shown to be substantially true do not significantly injure the claimants reputation (Defamation Bill, Clause 4). This clause seeks to substitute the previous common law defence of justification (Shaw & Chamberlain, 2011, p. 49). The defenda nt must show that the imputation made is substantially true, a stand of the common law (Chase v News Group Newspapers Ltd 2002 EWCA Civ 1772). Although there is no definition on what is substantially true, still, there is no equivocalness as to the meaning of truth (Mullis & Scott, 2011, p. 12, citing the Oxford English Dictionary). ... 12). Although it should be the claimant that should have the burden of proof to demonstrate the faithlessness of an imputation since the former is in a better position to demonstrate much(prenominal), this is not always true as the facts would wholly rely on the kind of imputation made (Mullis & Scott, 2011, p. 12). The terms substantially true and serious upon on claimants reputation, were not defined in the bill and opens a wide interpretation as to its meaning (Mullis & Scott, 2011). Litigation may likely occur especially on the demarcation between those considered as substantially true and which are not, or those considered as a significant in jury to a claimants repute (Young, 2011). Further, although the truth may be known, it may nevertheless be difficult to establish (Flood v Times, 2009 EWHC 2375 (QB)), (Young, 2011). There is no criterion to lessen the probability of increasing false information especially as to those which may occur after publication (Young, 2011). It would be hard to comply with the required responsible journalism especially where the imputation was false, but was nevertheless supported by sufficient evidence that the statement was true at the time when such a statement was published by the responsible publisher (Young, 2011). Clause 5 This is the defence of Honest Opinion and sets forth the conditions that it must be a statement of opinion such opinion is of public interest the honest person could have held the opinion based on a) a fact which existed when the statement complained of was published and (b)a privileged statement published before the statement complained of (Shaw & Chamberlain, 2011 , p. 49, citing the Defamation Bill).

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Brand Evaluation of Paul Smith Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Brand valuation of capital of Minnesota Smith - Assignment Example fall guy value, brand position, and brand image. Moreover, to present comprehensive scene of the brands chronological sequence, the paper has alike implied the multidimensional approach of brand evaluation. Subsequently, the discussion of the paper initiated to adumbrate few strategic measures to eradicate the shortcomings of the brand. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1.0. Introduction 4 2.0. Brand Evaluation of capital of Minnesota Smith 5 2.1. Brand Value 6 2.2. Brand view 7 2.3. Brand Positioning 9 2.4. Multidimensional Evaluation 10 2.4.1. Branding Vision of capital of Minnesota Smith 12 2.4.2. Organisational Culture 13 2.4.3. Brand Objectives 13 2.4.4. Audit Brand Sphere 14 2.4.5. Brand Essence 14 2.4.6. Internal Implementation 15 2.4.7. Brand Resourcing 15 3.0. Conclusion 16 4.0. Recommendations 17 References 18 1.0. Introduction Evidences reveal that the concept of branding has changed drastically f rom that of the past. In the present era, brands are perceived to be assets. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, brand can be defined as a trade mark, goods of a particular make. (Clifton & Ahmad, 2009). According to many traffickers and analysts, it is also referred as a insure of satisfaction which exists between the manufacturers, sellers, performers, and the consumers and environment at large in an unwritten form. While brand is termed as an intangible property, branding is recognised as a multidimensional process through which a marketer continuously strives to improve its products and/or services to develop the trust relationship with the customers. Thereby, brand emerges to be virtuoso of the crucial components of businesses in the highly competitive environment of the 21st century. With all its virtues, a well-developed brand rewards many advantages to an organisation. It reinforces a superior reputation of an organisation, assures quality-performance from its e nd and above all, builds customer loyalty besides their stimulated sanction on the product and/or services. This in turn facilitates shareholder values rewarding the organisation remediate growth and strength (Healey, 2008). Realising all these aspects of brands numerous companies have initiated to enhance their brand value, brand image and brand reputation in their targeted markets, e.g. Marks & Spencer, Wal-Mart, Gucci, D & G, and others. On the similar context, Paul Smith can also be recognised as a brand. However, in the modern context, few brands can be identify as successful while few others can be recognised as inefficient and slight beneficial to the organisations. With this concern, the paper will intend to discuss the various features of branding initiatives adopted by Paul Smith. The objective of the paper is to critically examine the brand, Paul Smith in order to identify its successiveness in the international market. Perpetually, the paper will aim to document the v arious branding strategies adopted and benefits gained by the organisation, through an extensive research. 2.0. Brand Evaluation of Paul Smith Paul Smith is recognised as a marketer of fashion wears and accessories to the international customers of the fashion industry. The first initiation was taken by Sir Paul Smith, the owner of the organisation in 1970. However, for the first time he showcased his designs as menswear collection in genus Paris in the year 1976 with his own name. This initiative made the young marketer famous in the vicinity and also rewarded the recognition

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Examination of benefits of using IT Software in value added elements Essay

Examination of benefits of using IT Software in value added elements in supplier procurement - look for ExampleA shorter purchasing cycle to maintain lower inventory levels and respond more chop-chop to stock-outs is the core product line value through e-procurement. Along with some strategical challenges on implementation, study observed standardization and internationalization of problems as few limitations of the technology integration with e-procurement.In the late 1990s, big corporations managed their come out chains with a combination of paper, faxes, e-mail, and proprietary electronic data interchange networks. But these systems provided opportunities for errors. Executives responsible for maintaining an double-dyed(a) flow of supplies to keep production lines running and distant field operations on schedule were at the mercy of primitive purchasing processes that were beyond their control.Though they could select from a host of qualified suppliers, they didnt pitch the roughly convenient ways to find the perfect supplier with exactly the right product at just the right price. Alternatively, it could take days or weeks to have the requisitions signed by executives who spend most of their time on the road. A critical pre-requisite for success in digital economy is the implementation of an combine value chain that extends across - and beyond - the enterprise.The term extended enterprise represents a new plan that a company is made up not just of its employees, its board members, and executives, but also its business partners, its suppliers, and its customers. The notion of extended enterprise includes many different arrangements such as virtual integration, outsourcing, distribution agreements, cooperative marketing, R&D program partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, preferred suppliers, and customer partnership.Enterprises that have global operations or need to deal with a multitude of suppliers are finding that e-procurement has

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Anheuser Busch SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Anheuser Busch SWOT Analysis - Essay ExampleThe companionship was a pioneer in introducing pasteurization to keep the beer fresh and also was the first to use refrigerated cars for transportation system of beer. The companys early innovations also included a network of railside ice houses to preserve the beer. It was in 1981, that this small impregnable became Anheuser-Busch International and currently owns 12 breweries in the US and 20 breweries outside the US. The flagship brand of the company is Budweiser which is brewed in 10 countries and has a global grocery store. Other brands include Bud Light, Michelob Honey Lager, Michelob, Busch, Busch Ice and Bare knuckle Stout. The presence and the strength of the company as continued to grow and it was the largest brewer in the United States in the year 2007. (Leone, 1995) The companys goals are to extend its position as the leading brewer internationally. This is perceived would be achieved by increasing its share in the domestic beer market and also extends its presence internationally. It is tapping thirsty markets internationally by using two pronged strategies for growth. These two pronged strategies include expanding the Budweiser brand globally and simultaneously change law partnerships with other large brewers around the globe. Since the company produced two thirds of all beer in the US, it could easily be assumed that the local market was saturated with Anheuser-Busch products. It was evident that the linear growth model that the company has been avocation for the last so many years will have to be stretched beyond the boundaries of the United States if the company has to make its presence felt. Section II- Strengths and Weaknesses Strength no 1 Cost effectiveness The company has take its strategies to revolve around its key strengths and opportunities. Its biggest strength lies in its ability to produce represent effective products by capitalizing on product development expertise within the com pany. It also used its substantial capital for equity investments and acquisitions. The tax laws and regulations caused it to change its prices to adjust for tax changes. The company is also not new to low cost packaging and production for new markets. It has a cost strategy for the economic segment and is an expert at using the value chain to assess the supply side of its production. Thus its two pronged or rather multiple pronged strategies were based on its core competencies. Equity investments include a $cv million investment to own 10% of Antarctica and to control 70% of Antarcticas operations. It again involves the exchange of representatives on both the companys boards. This deal helps Anheuser-Busch garner a share from the huge Brazilian beer market which is growing at a rate of 15% annually. Besides the coalition and partnership, another move by Anheuser-Busch includes a licensing correspondence for a new company. This will be a joint venture where Antarctica will brew Bud weiser in Brazil. This joint venture is an example of production in the host country and will be 51% owned by Anheuser-Busch and 49% by Antarctica. This local production will maintain Budweiser quality standards and exit for more competitive pricing as importing costs and taxes will be eliminated. (Nelson, 2005) Here again, want in all global markets Anheuser-Busch capitalizes on its beer making excellence and combines it with the expertise and the reach of market leading in the host countries. Normally a coalition results in the increased sales of products of both companies and a more competitive beer market which results in benefits for both suppliers and consumers. Strength no 2 Leading market Position Anheur Buscher also enjoys the leading market position in the industry. It kept its

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300 - a Gender Analysis Essay Example for Free

three hundred a Gender Analysis EssayGender The motion-picture show industry has created the conventional sex activity parts of society into their movies A majority of films have supported near of the virile and feminine stereotypes. In the history of the film industry, the role of manpower is primarilythat of the stereotypical working class man or submarine sandwich, while the roles of women are primarily portray as macrocosm somewhat inferior to men. In the 1930s through the 1970s, men held the leading roles in films while women played smaller roles. hands were typically employed, successful gentlemen, while the womans exclusively job was a housewife.The film industry was approximatelyly dominated by men. In terms of jobs, women were addicted mostly family roles and rarely were shown outside of their homes, while men had successful careers and did many an(prenominal) activities outside of home. Women were shown doing housework and men were the beneficiaries of their work (Womens roles in the film industry Women in film). As women were given a to a greater extent active role in society, the gender roles in movies changed. However, many types of gender stereotypes in films still exist. follow out genre movies in particular account for many of the gender stereotypes in the film industry today.Men are typically represent to be the hero, while women are often portrayed as intimate objects. In the movie 300, the Spartan men served and protected the city of Sparta, while the Spartan women did domestic chores and bred more warriors. Because this movie was set back in 480 BC society portrayed men to be weapons-grade to women. Some of the main characters in 300 are prime examples for the different gender roles. fagot Leonidas is the proud, lordly tabby of Sparta. In the film, the character Leonidas possesed as a couple different male stereotypes.King Leonidas is portrayed as the hero throughout the different action sequences. Throughout the movie Leonidas takes charge of his troops and leads them into battle. Leonidas is hero non only because he is the King of Sparta, scarce in corresponding manner because he is the commander of the troops. Before King Leonidas leaves for battle with his three-hundred Spartans, he confronts his wife and refrains from saying My queen, my life, my acknowledge, because he, comparable all former(a) Spartans, is not soft and does not want to show emotion to his queen (Zack Snyder. 00). The narrator speaks of how Spartan men are raised like brutes and are hard warriors (Zack Snyder. 300). This particular phrase is important to the story because it reflects the gender role of men during that era period. King Leonidas can also be classified as the family man stereotype. Throughout the film he trains his young boy for battle. He plays the role of protector not only for his individual family, but also for Sparta. In the movie 300, King Leonidas represents many male stereotypes.In con trast, the character business leader Gorgo stands for many female stereotypes in the movie. The queen portrays the domestic female stereotype. In the film Queen Gorgo cares for her young son and waistband at home while her husband, King Leonidas, is fighting for their country. Like many of the women in the film, Queen Gorgo performs many domestic tasks such as retrieving food and water for her family, as well as looking subsequently her child. Queen Gorgo is also a sex object. She is easily seduced by her King. She bribesone of the councilmen with sex.At times in the film the Queen, among many other women, wear little clothing. The 300 Spartans also wear little clothing in the film. Due to the lack of clothing, the Spartans show their ripped and brute physique to reinforce the male stereotype of being sizable and strong. Lastly, the queen represents the female stereotype of beauty. The queen is an attractive woman with a small frame, much like how the media portrays what a woman should look like. Her attractive looks and sexual qualities are a large part of Queen Gorgos character.Queen Gorgo represents an abundance of the female stereotypes in society. The skipper of the Spartan troops also shows male stereotypes. The captain is a close ally of King Leonidas. Throughout the film, the captain portrays the male stereotype of being a family man. The captains son, Astinos, is barely old enough to be in battle with the Persians. The captain is skeptical of allowing his son to enter battle, but decides to encourage him to serve their country. Throughout the different battles with the Persians, the captain protects his son from harm.When Astinos is killed by Persians, the captain goes on an extremely violent tirade and kills all(prenominal) Persian in crapper due to his overpowering vengeance. After the death of his son, the captain proclaims to the king that his heart is filled with hate, and King Leonidas replies Good. King Leonidas feels that it is necessa ry for a soldier to feel hatred toward his enemies. This particular scene portrays another male sign of not showing emotion towards a certain subject. The captain is another character that shows the male stereotype present in this film.Although many of the characters in the movie portray the prevalent male and female stereotypes in society, there are a few characters that stray away from these social formalities. Councilman Theron is an example of one of the characters that does not abide to the brute and warrior stereotypes in the film 300. Theron is no older than the Spartan men who fight for their city, but he lacks the physical strength that the Spartan warriors possess. Because Theron is not a typical man in Sparta, he wears a gown that is similar to the gowns worn by Spartan women.Along with Councilman Theron, there are other men that are on the council of Sparta. These men are far less in physical size of it than the Spartan warrior and are given duties that are similar to women. The men in the council are unique to the majority of men in Sparta that serve their city. Since the men wear woman-like clothing, it labels womens apparel to be very revealing. These men reinforce some of the women stereotypes prevalent in the film. There are also some specific scenes in the movie that stop some of the male and female stereotypes.Directly after Astinos is killed in battle, the Captain begins to break down and cry. The captain immediately showed his emotion for the loss of his son. This scene in the movie shows how even the most masculine man has to show some emotion at some point in time. In the end of the battle against the Persians, after King Leonidas has been shot by many arrows, he stands up and shouts, My queen, my life, my love (Zack Snyder. 300). This phrase is contradictory to the general actions of Spartans, and men in general, because it shows emotion.Both of these sequences in the film show how every man must show emotion, regardless of who they are. 300 demonstrated the many male and female stereotypes in society. Although most of the men were relatively similar, there were a few men in Sparta who went against the normal gender role. Like many other action movies, 300 showed various roles that supported some of the gender roles in the film industry. The main characters primarily demonstrated the conventional gender roles, but they also expressed some contradictory qualities. The film industry provides arious different types of gender roles through movies. advertising. Home Saint Marys College, Notre Dame, IN. 20 Apr. 2009 lt http//www. diigo. com/05lfx Women in Film. Yahoo GeoCities Get a free web site with easy-to-use site building tools. 20 Apr. 2009 lt http//www. diigo. com/05lfw 300 Movie Spartans. Mens Movie Guide. 20 Apr. 2009 lt http//www. diigo. com/05lfv 300 (Widescreen Single Disc Edition). Dir. Zack Snyder. Perf. Gerard Butler, Lena Headey. DVD. Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures Inte rnational, 2006.

Caris Story Essay Example for Free

Caris drool EssayHow could an infection in Caris nasal consonant passage and pharynx spread into her sinuses? The pharynx connects to the nasal meatuses, which can in turn cause an infection. Which structures found in the terminal bronchioles and alveoli publicly would protect Caris lungs from infectious pathogens and particulate matter? Macrophages in the terminal bronchioles and alveoli protect Caris lungs. How would Caris lung compliance (the causal agency required to expand the lungs) be altered as her alveoli fill with fluid due(p) to pneumonia? Her lung compliance ordain increase because of trying to force gases in and out of the alveoli. The lungs are filled with fluid due to pneumonia. How does the heyday of Caris respiratory rate alter her minute ventilation? Her respiratory rate would rise due to shallow breaths. Normal blood oxygen saturation levels are greater than 94 percent Caris blood oxygen saturation level was 90 percent at the time of her exam and initia l arterial blood gas analysis done when she was admitted to the hospital revealed her arterial PO2 was 55mmHG.How do these clinical findings worry to the internal respiration in Caris body? The arteries have too much oxygen. A normal resting level should be around 94% without any additional oxygen. How would you have expected Caris lessen PCO2 and alkaline blood pH to have affected her breathing? Her rate of breathing would also decrease. Which anatomic structures in Caris respiratory system were initially involved? Nasal cavity, external/internal nares, nasopharynx, pharynx, and sinuses. Which prejudicial effects of tobacco smoke led to Caris impaired respiratory defense mechanisms? The cilia and villi begin to stupefy hardened and die they wouldnt be able to filter particles through the nasal cavity, which would lead to the mucosal membrane drying out from the cigarette smoke. The lungs would then lose elasticity from over inflation of the lungs trying to picture enough air to the rest of the body.

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Position Paper Essay Example for Free

Position Paper EssayI had chosen the exit for the response account to the highest degree the choice of Sarah Palin as the running mate for John McCain. In this business office newsprint, I try to develop my position around the same topic and I would develop the musical theme around the choice and how it is affecting the presidential bid. I use the response stem for the topic exactly only to that extent that I use it as a base. My main thrust in this paper would be on putting the nomination of Sarah Palin in perspective. Choice of Sarah Palin There was universal surprise when Sarah Palin was picked as the vice presidential nominee.When everyone was expecting Joe Lieberman or someone else to be picked as the vice presidential nominee, the McCain camp pulled a rabbit from the hat in the form of Sarah Palin. This left wing-hand(a) many observers stumped and people were left wondering about the real reasons. There was intense speculation that this was part of a move to cou nter the Democratic campaign and the put forward of Hillary Clinton. With Hillary no longer in the reckoning, the perception was that Sarah Palin could draw away some of Hillarys supporters into the republi goat fold. Others saw it as a kind of maverick stunt that could upstage the rock star appeal of Barack Obama.What no one could lay down anticipated is the electrifying effect that Sarah Palin had on the electorate immediately follo go her nomination. The broad(a) campaign was energized by the Palin Effect and suddenly the republicans were back in the reckoning. Her go-getter image along with her voguish attire has caught the imagination of the public. However, there is a sneaking suspicion that she is all glamour and non substance. She has the transfix of a Kennedy, Clinton or a Reagan (Mayer, 2). She also can draw crowds and hold their attention.It was this very ability that do the McCain camp plump for her to get the star appeal to the voters. Media Management Sarah Pali n looks good on TV and she is the favourite(a) of the right wing media. Though her appearances in the public rallies have been highlighted, what is also glaring is the fact that she has not given too many interviews and has not appeared on the popular talk shows like Larry King Live. And some(prenominal) chances she had with other networks, she turned in a less than favorable performance. In recent days, much has been do of her $150,000 attire and the way in which she has been made up with lot of effort.However much this has been played up for the benefit of the voters, there are some who see this as mere gloss and unlikely to have an effect on the larger electorate. The Insiders Choice? temporary hookup there have been several articles in the media about how Sarah Palin has been a wild card, Jane Mayer of The New Yorker thinks otherwise. As I pointed out in my response paper about the article that she had written, where she had laid out the case for Sarah Palin being backed by influential members of the republican Party, there is no conclusive point about Sarah Palin being an outsider.But there are teeming indications to indicate that she has been favored by the Republican insiders who wanted someone to counter the charismatic appeal of Obama. While the point of this position paper is not to contest the claim of Sarah Palin being selected or not by a power group, nonetheless it throws light on the happenings of the Republican Party as they went into election mode. It is and then a powerful choice as reflected in the approval ratings after her nomination. Her Star Power is certain(predicate) bound to get the ticket some badly needed swing votes in the upcoming election.As we see in the next section, Sarah Palin has twist what some commentators have been calling the Attack Dog of the Republican camp. Attack Dog In recent weeks, Sarah Palin has taken the attack to the Democratic camp. First, by portraying Obama as someone who is palling around with terro rists an apparent reference to his earlier friendships with Bill Ayers, a sixties left wing radical and then by proclaiming that Obama wants to turn America into a socialist paradise. These have left the Democrats seething with anger and the hard core among the Republican camp egging her on.Of course, this has led to resentment among moderate Republicans and as the title of this article says Palin is diving more than uniting the faithful. Pro-life and family matters Sarah Palins pro-life stance has pinched attention towards her own family and her daughter in particular who is single and pregnant. This has provided ammunition for the Democrats though there was decent damage control exercise done. This raised the question of how much of vetting the McCain camp did before zeroing on her.And this left many wondering whether the McCain camp had done their homework particularly after she was found to have use her position as Governor of Alaska to influence some decisions in her familys favor. Economic Policies Even on the subject of the tax breaks or the other proposals to shore up the economy, Sarah Palin comes across as a clamant voice adding to the clamor on Capitol Hill. There is no fresh approach to the vexed question of how farthermost and how much should the government intervene in bailing out Wall Street.My way politics Most pertinently, Sarah Palin is practicing what can be called the My Way politics. In the words of one critic, Celtic Diva (17), Palin is transforming her base into a kill mob. What she is effectively saying is that her way is the only way and her supporters are the true supporters and the like. Though this whitethorn appeal to the radical right, there are nonetheless large swathes of Republican voters who would not be soothing with this kind of rhetoric.And it is leaving an overall sense of polarization in the plain. This makes for hardly good news for a country that is deeply divided in the aftermath of the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004. Liability for McCain? While the first sections of this paper examined how Palin became a star in the initial stages of the campaign, it is now apparent that unless she comes up with some new ideas, she would become a liability instead of the trump card that the McCain camp was hoping for.Conclusion As I mentioned in the title of the article, Sarah Palin has increasingly come to divide the electorate quite a than unite them. As Basu states, Palin should aim to Unify rather than polarize. Her strident approach towards Obamas proposed policies and the trenchant criticism that she reserves for her opponents are just indications of a personality that thrives on divisive politics.While this would have been tolerable in times gone by, what this country needs now, with all the economic crises and a war that has no end in sight, is a improve figure that can re-energize the country and make Americans look forward to their place in the world. As we period into the last days of the campaign, we can expect more of the rhetoric from Palin and an increasingly strident stance. It remains to be seen how the electorate would respond to this ticket as well as the Democratic ticket on Nov 4, 2008.

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Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants Essay Example for Free

Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants EssayDifficulty and traffic with difficulty are part of the balance that makes up the human experience. Forced to deal on virtuoso side with the selfishness of other people and on the other side by a terrible charge of what they do not know, there are two characters in Ernest Hemming dashs 1927 figment, Hills Like White Elephants. Here, the story reads us a man and cleaning ladyhood who are overcome by the personal things they are dealing with. In order to deal with them, though, these characters are behaving in a very detached way that counts ab prohibited defensive against these things. In the female character, named Jig, Hemmingway shows a woman who is ripe for experiences with typic meaning. Implied through with(predicate)out the story is the unstated idea of a pregnancy. The man aggressively tries to manipulate Jig into having an abortion without ever saying it out loud. This is the issue that beings to become more clear to t he contributor as the couple talks. They speak with anger and bitterness, and the reader ordure feel that there is a sense of something bad coming in the future.This is the feeling which is shown through Jig, who makes a statement with importance at the start of the story. She tangs at the two white hills showing in the distance with a barren brown piece of land in front of the them. She says that they tonicity same white elephants. (1) The angry conversation that comes afterwards between the two characters shows how they both respond differently to the allegory. The woman seems to view the hills with some kind of wonder and even with the consideration that they are of a fantastic nature.This is peculiarly true by the way they were so different looking from the brown earth around them. For the man, the hills and the simile that his partner states make the man a little hostile. He is defensive in a way that says he is afraid or resentful. To him, the objects in the distances l ook like a challenge. This shows how he views the unusual. Another symbolic way to look at the hills is to see them as symbolic of motherhood or of pregnancy.This pair of hills can be seen as the swollen breasts of a pregnant woman. And with the brown land in front of them, they look fertile in a place that mostly cannot support life. This is a metaphor for the life of the woman in the company of this selfish man. The dry and unforgiving way that the man talks to Jig helps to show why her life has this negative quality. In a very difficult discussion where the couple speaks with raillery and dislike, the are detached and argumentative.This shows the unhappiness of the human condition and how they try to hide from themselves and separately other. The conversation they afford seems like its supposed to help them be distracted from their pain the consequences of their lives. Specifically, when the woman says that Thats all we do, isnt it look at things and try new drinks, she show s how directionless she feels her life has become. (1) Even in the middle of a dreadful decision like that of having an abortion, the woman tries to dismiss the importance of her own existence.The symbolic relationship between the hills, the egress of the womans pregnancy and the overall unhappiness felt over it make a petty story that doesnt state much deeply meaningful anyway. If on the surface the characters battle with each other in a way to hide from their own feelings, they still share the fear of the unknown that is now in their careless lives. Shadowing all of this exchange is the image of the hills and the negative promise which they seem to promise is waiting on the horizon for the tired and unhappy couple.

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Macbeth - Directing Act 2 Scenes 1 and 2 Essay Example for Free

Macbeth Directing Act 2 Scenes 1 and 2 tryFrom the swayors point of view, this diorama is precise dramatic because of the imp scrap on Macbeths decision in Act 1 scene seven. In this scene Macbeth almost decides that he has talked himself out of killing the male monarch, hardly his wife lady Macbeth has other plans and forces him into a decision that will lead to the death of the king. This affects the two scenes I will be directing because in these two scenes the decision is put into practice when Macbeth kills the king. So I sustain to direct the two crucial scenes that see the king murdered by Macbeth.The setting for act two scene one(a) is in Macbeths fortress. It is dark and Banquo and Fleance are in the courtyard discussing what time of day it is, and as to whether it is then(prenominal) midnight or not. They work out what time it is by seeing if the moon is down, and then the candles are pursy out. Now it is at this point large gusts of wind are heard h snout ing throughout the castle with thunder and lightning clashing down around the consultation. Owls are heard calling and all manner of night life-time is heard. This termination is utilise so that the earshot are made intense and unaware as to what is happening abutting and to bring round tension. The lasts would be achieved through sound effects being played over the speakers and sharp, crisp firing would be employ to symbolise the lightning. A background tune will be played very lightly to piss a mood so scary it will keep the audiences fixed to the demo from the edges of their seats.When Macbeth meets Banquo, Macbeth tells him that he is sorry for not being as good a host as plebeian and Banqou reas sure enoughs Macbeth that he has been an excellent host to the king. Then he brings up the subject of the witches. He says that he daydream of the weird sisters the night before, and tells Macbeth To you they have showed some truth. Macbeth replies, I think not of them, wh ich is a deliberate lie. It is rightful(a) that we havent heard him mention the witches, but he has been thinking of nothing except how to make the prophecies come true.If I was the director I would introduce Macbeth by letting him enter from right and to walk on quietly, surreptitiously in fact with only soft dull lighting to imitate the moon light. He would be wearing a long black smock to follow the fact he was upset or in regret that he was about to commit a terrible deed. The black would be used because it is traditionally the colour of the night and Macbeth had to blend into the background and move like the night in roam not to be spotted or noticed.Banquo would be wearing red pants and a cash lightweight vest created out of steel with the imprinted cross of Scotland on the vest. He would be wearing a polished steel helmet with a sword placed neatly in its pouch, left hanging on the brown leather belt fastened around his waist. He would as well as have a barb in his han d with a long shaft that would also be used as a walking stick. He would be dolled up like this because as a general protecting Duncan king of Scotland he would be accepted to wear the kings finest military uniform. As a director I would expect Macbeth to deliver his lines to Banquo in a restless manner.I would have him stutter and muddle up his run-in he would also jolt and pause in mid-sentence to throw the impression to the audience he is unsure and nervous as to the crime he is about to commit. The lighting in this part of the play as I have already touched on would be dull yet crisp to create a sense of atmosphere and to create a mood, which would help Macbeth, deliver his lines. The torchlight the servant would be carrying at this point would be quite sharp and a glowing effect would be used to create the fire effect. Macbeths facial expressions would be few and far between because I would want him to be wan and blank sloped so that it looked like he had other things o n his mind, more important and life threatening things.At the opening of Act 2 scene two, Lady Macbeth is stood near to Duncans room hold for Macbeth to return. At this point, I would want to emphasise the crime that is about to be committed and to create weapons-grade tension between the audience and the stage. Ideally the audience would be sitting focused, eyes fixed on the events and I would want them to feel a sense of danger and betrayal the moment Macbeth kills the King. The effects used to create this feeling would be sudden cold gusts of wind lashing through the audience. A truehearted gust of wad would slide swiftly along the surface of the stage creating a dark musty atmosphere. Sharp lightning would be seen jolting over the stage with deep blasts of thunder to follow. Lady Macbeth would be dressed in a long silk red dress to represent betrayal and guilt even though she does not show any.When Macbeth returns with the daggers, I think it would be a dramatic moment, so I would chose to have a powerful blaze focusing on Macbeth as he staggers across the smoke filled stage to his wife. My decision for this is that I would like the whole audience to be fixed to Macbeths every(prenominal) movement. I would want this because I would want the audience just to think about him and the crime that he was just committed. Makeup would be used on Macbeth to make him look like a tracing he would be completely white except for the small dashes of red on his face that would represent the kings blood. His hands and the area around his waist would be completely covered in blood to give the impression that he had hacked the king to pieces.At the opening of act two scene one, Macbeth is confident that he is ready to kill the king. When he tells the lie to Banquo that he has given no more thought to the witches predictions, he should deliver these lines with a sure stutter including repeating and missing out some words. He would also stop and jolt in mid sentence. I think he should speak like this because it makes the audience think he is not sure about what he is about to do and he isnt sure as to whether he can or not. When Macbeth hallucinates he thinks that there is a dagger before him and he reaches out for it and of course cant grasp it. Macbeth is not sure, and wonders whether it is A dagger of the mind, a false creation. If I was the director, I would make Macbeth say these words with confidence then I would make him sound disoriented as to what he was saying. To give the impression his mind was thinking one thing but viridity sense was thinking about something else.As Macbeth speaks of the bloody business and how wicked dreams abuse/the curtained sleep, he appears much more confident. To indicate this, I would make him start of whispering the lines then slowly change magnitude the sound so by the time he had delivered the lines he was screaming them from the rooftops. I would expect his face to be blank, a dark spotlight would b e shining on him, as he started yelling his lines he would smile and the spotlight would be turned up, eventually when he had finished Macbeth would be smiling, and the spotlight would be shining brightly.After Macbeth has murdered the king and he returns with the bloody daggers, he seems to be nervous and edgy. His repeated question whos there? What ho? indicates this. I would show this by make Macbeth speak his lines in a slow, shallow majestic region with the words flowing slowly but surely one after the other with a short silent pause between each precious word. Macbeth considers the outrageousness of the crime that has been committed, and is terrified, as he knows that he can never be forgiven.He stresses how he could not say Amen after the murder, and how he thought that they heard a voice cry Listning their fear, I would not say Amen, when they did say God bless us. To make this point more dramatic, I would chose to make Macbeths voice cry lightly and sharp frequent drops of water would be seen running across his chin and sopping onto the stage. It would sound like he was in pain with sudden shrieks lashing through the audience as though he wants everyone to experience the heart breaking pain that he is going through.After the murder, Macbeth says I am afraid to think what I have done /look ont again I assume not. Perhaps Macbeth does feel factual remorse for his crime, or maybe he is more afraid about what will happen to his soul when he dies. I think that he does show some genuine remorse because I think deep down he didnt want to kill Duncan but was in fact talked into by his wife and has now noticed the error of his ways. I could show this by reservation him drop to his knees and holding his head in his hands crying out for mercy from God.In act two scene one, I would require to have Banquo to speak in a stern but tired way, as he is Macbeths friend. I would indicate to the audience that he is honest by making sure that he is looking loyal and worthy along with proud and upstanding when he is talk to another character.Throughout the scenes, Lady Macbeth is revealed to be calm and calculated. When Macbeth returns from the scene of the murder, he says I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry. Did not you speak?. I would reflect her unemotional state by having her speak nicely soft and quiet. Her eyes would wonder as if she were thinking of something completely different.Lady Macbeth seems ill concerned with her economize when he talks of his inability to sleep. She warns him You do unbend your noble strength to think/ so learning ability of things. Why did you bring these daggers from the place? They must lie there go carry them, and smear the sleepy-eyed grooms with blood. If I were the director, I would show her irritation by speaking to her with an abrupt sarcastic voice with a tone that suggests that shes speaking to an idiot. She will snap and snarl at Macbeth and look down on him.To resolve I have tried to answer each section as best I can. I have tried to incorporate the mood set by each characters lines by using lightning and sound effects as well as the way the actors portray their lines. My aim was to try to get the audience involved in the play without them actually acting, so that they could experience one to one the characters moods, so that they could really understand and get into the play. I would chose Ozzy Osborne to play Macbeth because he is older than some, dresses in black and has a certain element of disguise in him which I feel Macbeths actor needs to portray well. I would choose Halle Berry to play Lady Macbeth because her latest film Gothika was a perfect example of a excitable story of which she played her part extremely well.

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Stages In The Decision Process Buyer Essay Example for Free

Stages In The Decision Process Buyer Essaythither are two stimuli that can trigger needs, namelya. Internal stimuli, when one persons normal needs-hunger, thirst, sex-occur at juicy enough levels.b. External Rangasangan. For example, an advertisement or a discussion with a friend can prevail you think of buying a new car. At this stage, marketers should research consumers to find what kind of needs or problems that arise, what ca physical exercises it, and how the problem could steer consumers in this particular product.Look morethe consumer buying process begins when essay2 Sources of informationWhere consumers want to find more information, consumers may simply enlarge or actively search information. As more and more information is acquired, consumer awareness and knowledge of the brand and the features available to increase. A family must design its marketing mix to make consumers aware of and know the brand. Companies must identify the root of consumer information and importance of each source carefully.3. Evaluation of alternativesHow consumers process information to arrive at brand choices. How do consumers evaluate alternatives depend on the personal consumer and situation specific purchase. In some cases, consumers use careful kalkusai adn logical thinking. At other times, the same consumers do evalusai Ganya little or even non evacuate instead they buy on impulse and rely on intuition. Kadan-sometimes komsumen make their own acquire decisions sometimes they ask for advice from friends purchase, consumers guides, or salespeople. Marketers should study buyers to menmukan in how they actuallyevaluate brand choice. If they know what is dismissal evaluasia process, marketers can take steps to influence the buyers decision.4. purchase decisionConsumer purchase decisions is to buy the most prefer brand, but two fixingss could be between the purchase intention and the purchase decision. The first factor is the attitudes of others. If mortal ha s significance for you to think that you should buy the cheapest car, then the chances of you to buy the most expensive car is reduced. The second factor is unexpected situational factors. Consumers may form a purchase intention based on factors such as income, prices, and the expected benefits of the product. However, unexpected events can change the purchase intention.5. post-purchase BehaviorAfter purchasing the product, the consumer will be satisfied not satisfied and look in the post-purchase behavior that must be considered by marketers. Which settle the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the buyer to a purchase lies in the relationship between consumer expectations and product cognitive operation assumptions. Why is customer satisfaction so important? customer satisfaction is the key to building a profitable relationship with the consumer-to maintain and grow the customer and collect customer lifetime value.

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It is difficult for the reader Essay Example for Free

It is ambitious for the reader EssayThis Boys Life, set in the States in the 1950s, is a compelling memoir by Tobias Wolff, whom recreates the defeats and cruelties face throughout his adolescence, as he fights for personal identity and self-respect. During this period of clipping, America underwent major changes in the political and economic spheres, which in turn were responsible for its social make over. Society in this time was geared toward family marriage and children being part of the national agenda. The 1950s was to a fault an age of male dominance, where up to now if women conked, their assumed proper place was at home. Throughout the memoir, the protagonist, young poop Wolff, makes it difficult for the reader to feel much affection towards him, as his actions prove to be hard and unruly. However, as the memoir progresses, knucklebones struggle reveal the reasons for his actions which sequentially shape his character, providing the readers with understanding a nd kindliness towards his inexorable situation. The unsound lies and deceitful rooms of yap can be frustrating upon the reader though we come to give that he does this in order to be accepted by the people around him. shucks as well as engages in fightsand unfaithfully betrays his best friend Arthur, although it kick the buckets evident that he only does this in order to come Dwights approval of him. The lack of a real father figure in Jacks life has a profound impact on him and his desperate attempt to develop his identity, which further supports the readers emotions of sympathy towards him.Jack lies relentlessly in order to escape the grim pile of his childhood. His life is fuelled with emotional devolve and verbal abuse Dwight, his indignant step father, being the foremost cause. He inclinations of transforming himself into the person that he actuallywants to be an image he believes will help him to belong and to be happy. The lies he tells are a constant source of co mfort for him, as he relies on them to provide stability and hope in his otherwise uncertain life.I couldnt help but try to introduce new versions of myself as my inte eases changed, and as other versions failed to persuade, installs an essential part of Jacks character, as he lies in order to chink in. His identity would change with the different people he met, in order to fancy their expectations of him and to obtain their acceptance. Thisgreatly contributes to the sympathy felt for Jack, as he renders the reality that he finds so difficult to accept as a young boy.Among many other lies throughout the memoir, Jack has the intention of creating a new identity for himself. It was truth known only to me, but I believed in it more than I believed in the facts arrayed against it. I believed that in just about sense not factually verifiable I was a straight-A student. At this point, Jack takes his re-creation of identity to a new level. Jack is exclusively aware of what he is doi ng, although he does not stop.His incessant lies and then believing that they are the actual truth continuously reoccur throughout the memoir. This serves to show his insecurity of who he was, and his imprudent belief that he had the ability to become something better than what he was. Jacks fabricated attempts to re-create new versions of himself, reveal his instinctive lying nature, frankincense contributing to the annoyance the readers occasionally feel towards him. However, it becomes clear that Jack is confused he wants to belong. This misperception, and yearn to fit in explicates why feelings of sympathy by the readers towards Jack are inevitable.Jack is forced to live with his tempestuous stepfather Dwight. Dwight cruelly exercises authority over Jack, in order to create a sense of dominance over him Dwight would dump a pile of nuts on the floor of the utility room and put me to work with a knife and pair of pliers until he judged that Id done enough for the iniquity. Becau se of this, Jack is determined to prove to Dwight, himself and the reader that he is not the person Dwight defines him as. Jack is not pain by Dwights accusations that he is a thief and liar because I did not see myself that way.However, when Dwight calls Jack a sissy, Jack thinks of Arthur, who is his bestfriend and the biggest sissy in school, and remembers how the word sparked the fight amidst him and Arthur. Dwight treated Jack differently for a few days with certain submission Dwight took the calls and explained that the papers had been finished in a fight, adding that his boy Jack hung a real shiner on the Gayle kid. This was the only time he expressed a genuine interest in Jack that bordered on admiration, or else than disgust. Dwight was always associated with hatred and negativity, but because of this certain deference after he fought, Jack felt a certain connection to him as a father figure.He felt as though he finally impressed Dwight, and even felt loved because of Dwights respect towards him. This discloses that Dwights actions had significant mould over Jack, as he continued to engage in these tearing fights, in order to demonstrate his masculinity to Dwight. Jacks violent nature is driven by his belief that he has to prove his masculinity to Dwight. This attests annoyance within the reader as Jack claims he defined myself in opposition to him, he ironically shares the traits of Dwight, such as violence and his desire to be regarded as powerful and masculine.However, Dwights deference towards Jack after he fought contrastingly draws sympathy for Jack from the readers, as it reveals his desire to belong his desire to be loved. Jacks friendship with Arthur gathers a significant affair in the re-creation of his identity. Arthur was value as a notorious sissy, and because of this Jack worried of the social implications it would consequently have on him by being friends with Arthur.To put myself in the clear I habitually mocked Arthur, alw ays behind his back, imitating his actors line and way of walking, even betraying his secrets, demonstrates Jacks desperation to acquire acceptancefrom others, even if it meant denying a part of himself- a friendship- that actually made him happy at times but I had withheld my friendship, because I was afraid of what it would equal me.Jacks betrayal of Arthur imparts anger in the reader, as he attempts to impress people who are not his real friends. However his confused identity and lack of self-confidence justify his disloyal actions, particularly because of the circumstances he was faced with at such a young age. Parental neglect plays an important role throughout the memoir.This is first evident inthe text when Jack says after all, he was in computed tomography and we were in Utah, signifying the substantial physical and emotional distance between his birth father and himself. Fathers play an important role in their childs upbringing and development. Due to this lacking in Jack s life, the responsibilities of growing up prove to be difficult for him, evident through his confused identity and troublesome ways.Furthermore, Rosemarys ex-husband Roy plays a significant role in shaping the way Jack thinks and reasons, particularly from such a young and susceptible age. I thought Roy was what a man should be, reveals Jacks naivety atsuch a young age as Roy, offensive and indignant, was in fact the complete opposite of what a man should be. Wolff is once again faced with a man, Dwight, who abuses him and sets a terrible example for him.His violent nature plays a major part in Jacks development, which ultimately forms his identity. Dwights actions have such an influence that Jack writes about Dwights voice being ever-present in his head and own voice, even as an adult even as a father. I hear his voice in my own when I speak to my children in anger. The sympathy felt by the readers for Jack is inevitable, as his brutal childhood is left with him for the rest ofhi s life.Although Jack makes it difficult for the reader to feel much affection towards him on some occasions, the abusive, neglectful and violent experiences he is confronted with at such a young and vulnerable age conveys a sense of understanding, which in turn rouse feelings of sympathy towards young Wolff. Jack lies constantly whenever he is presented with the opportunity to. This frustrates the reader is some instances. Generally though, reasons for this are understandable, such as his confused identity due to the violent and emotionally unstable life he lives.The violent fights he associates himself with, and the betrayal of hisbest-friend Arthur, leave the readers in a position to incertitude whether his motives can be justifiable. However, these fights and betrayal are a reflection of his desire to be accepted by others, and the masculine, powerful man Dwights expects him to be.The lack of a real father figure largely affects Jack and all aspects of his character, from his de ceitful ways, to his violent involvement in fights. Because of this, compassion and sympathy prevails over the occasional frustration felt towards Jack by the readers. In supposition, Jack is a helpless child seeking a happy life an identity he is truly happy with.

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Teaching grammar in context Essay Example for Free

inform grammar in mise en scene EssayAccording to Constance weaverbirds book empower Teaching Grammar in Context, this position aspect of education helps the students used their language in a wane manner of putt phrases and thoughts together to create a single message that sends a ripeful idea to the readers or the listeners of the message. This I the primary reason why principle grammar is encourages to be inside the context of teaching speech and physical composition practices to the students. This is to primarily allow the students to use in actual practice what they are learning regarding grammar through committal to writing and speaking as well. Knowing the grassroots ideas regarding the events about what process writing and teaching grammar in context means, elaborating the ideas that pertain to this particular discussion indeed helps in enriching the discussion presented herein. Through the utilization of the ideas of other writers in this particular matter, pro ving the fact that teaching grammar in context within the curriculum of teaching the processes of writing is a more strong approach in t4eaching language to students of all ages.Presentation of sources As mentioned earlier, the book entitled Teaching grammar in context as authored by Constance Weaver discusses the most basic ideas that pertain to the fact that the effects of teaching grammar and process writing in an integrated manner gives better results among students, especially in the manner that they try to apply their learned strategies of writing in an effective manner that they are open to send the ample and actual message that they want to sent to their readers.In this particular reading material, Weaver points out several important points of consideration that would indeed help in the process of integrating grammar lessons within the procedures of teaching writing skills to students. The said points are as follows teaching concepts of subject, verb, clause, sentence, and related editing conceptsWhen teaching the basic skills that are needed to be considered in writing, the lessons on verbs as well as subjects and other move of speech would indeed help in the procedures of helping the student understand the richness of using the right words and right phrases to be able to send the actual message needed to be conveyed to the readers. teaching style through sentence combining and generatingWhen editing processes are discussed, the sentence structure discussion could in each case be generated to help the students identify what particular parts of the written work needs to be revise so as to be able to send the correct ideas to the reading audience. teaching sentence sense impression and style through manipulation of syntactic elements Syntactic elements and being able to understand the importance of this particular aspect of grammar in creating sensible sentences helps the writers create a better piece of work with a a good deal clarified message and a much more furnished work.teaching the power of dialects and dialects of power The correct usage of language helps in creating a more clarified message within the context of any written work. Being able to learn this particular power of language shall encourage students, or writers at that in careful choosing the words that they use in their writing as well as furnishing the grammar that they employ in their writing procedures.Teaching punctuation and mechanics for convention, clarity, and style- the impact of learning how to clarify the messages through the effective use of punctuations and clarifying styles of writing shall indeed help writers in being able to understand the importance of sending clarified ideas through the enhancement of the usage of correct punctuations within sentences to denote impact and feelings of the writers towards the topic.

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John Forbes Nash Jr Essay Example for Free

bum Forbes Nash Jr EssayJohn Forbes Nash Jr. (born June 13, 1928) is a mathematician who worked in plucky theory and differential geometry. He shared the 1994 Nobel Prize for economics with cardinal other game theorists, Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi. After a promising start to his mathematical career, Nash began to suffer from schizophrenia around his 30th year, an unhealthiness from which he has only recovered some 25 years subsequently. John Nash was born in Bluefield, westside Virginia as son of John Nash Sr. and Virginia Martin.His father was an electrotechnician his mother a language teacher. As a young boy he spent much time reading word of honors and experimenting in his room, which he had converted into a laboratory. From June 1945-June 1948 Nash studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, intending to become a technical train like his father. Instead, he developed a deep love for mathematics and a lifelong lodge in in subjects such as n umber theory, Diophantine equations, quantum mechanics and relativity theory. He loved solving problems.At Carnegie he became interested in the negotiation problem, which John von Neumann had left unsolved in his book The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (1928). He participated in the game theory group there. From Pittsburgh he went to Princeton University where he worked on his equilibrium theory. He received a Ph. D. in 1950 with the dissertation Non-cooperative games. The thesis contained the definition and properties of what would later be called the Nash equilibrium 44 years later, it would earn him the Nobel prize.His studies on this subject led to three articles, the startle entitled Equilibrium Points in N-person Games, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) (1950), and the others in Econometrica closely The Bargaining Problem (April 1950) and Two-person Cooperative Games (January 1953). The only official economic lessons he followed we re a series active international trade. In the summer of 1950 he worked at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, where he returned for shorter periods in 1952 and 1954. From 1950-1951 he taught calculus courses at Princeton, studied and managed to stay out of military service.During this time, he proved the Nash embedding theorem, an important matter in differential geometry about manifolds. In 1951-1952 he became science assistant at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At MIT, he met Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Larde, a math student from El Salvador, whom he married in February 1957. Their son, John Charles Martin (b. whitethorn 20, 1959), remained nameless for a year because Alicia, having just committed Nash to a mental hospital, felt that he should boast a say in what to name the baby. As was his parents, John became a mathematician, but, like his father, he was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic.Nash had another son, John David (b. June 19, 1953), by Eleanor Stier, but refused to have anything to do with them. An admitted bisexual, he carried on internal relationships with men during this period. Although she divorced him in 1963, Alicia took him back in 1970. But, according to Sylvia Nasars biography of Nash, Alicia referred to him as her boarder, and they lived like two distantly related individuals under one roof until he won the Nobel Prize in 1994, wherefore they renewed their relationship. They remarried on June 1, 2001. In 1958 John Nash began to show the first signs of his mental illness.He became paranoid and was admitted into the McLean Hospital, April-May 1959, where he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. After a problematic stay in Paris and Geneva, Nash returned to Princeton in 1960. He remained in and out of mental hospitals until 1970, and held a research position at Brandeis University from 1965-1967. Illustrative is the 30-year publication gap amid 1966 and 1996 of any scientific work. In 1978 he was awarded the John Vo n Neumann Theory Prize for his invention of non-cooperative equilibriums, at once called Nash equilibria. Nashs mental health improved very slowly.His interest in mathematical problems gradually returned, and with it the ability to gestate logically. He also became interested in computer programming. The 1990s brought a return of his genius, though it lived in a still feeble mind. In 1994 he received the Nobel Prize in Economics as a result of his game theory work at Princeton as a graduate student. He is still hoping to score substantial scientific results. Between 1945 and 1996 John Nash published a total of 23 scientific studies, plus an autobiographical essay, Les Prix Nobel (1994) 1 (http//www. nobel. se/economics/laureates/1994/nash-autobio. html), first published in Sweden.A look at titled A resplendent Mind, released in December 2001 and directed by Ron Howard, dramatically portrayed some events of Nashs life. It is (loosely) based on the biography of the same title, writ ten by Sylvia Nasar (1999) and received four Oscars in 2002. A deleted scene from A Beautiful Mind reveals that Nash (re)invented the board game known as Hex or (at Princeton) Nash or John, as it was often played on hexagonal bathroom floor tiles. A Beautiful Mind has been criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of John Nashs life and schizophrenia. The PBS documentary A Brilliant alienation attempts to portray his life more accurately.

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Power and Communication Essay Example for Free

Power and Communication EssayLanguage discrimination has been prevalent in society for thousands of years. This has been something that happens in every civilization and will not stop now. Language discrimination is below the belt treatment of an individual by the route that they compose themselves in a verbal matter. What I convey by this is to treat some iodin un dear because of factors such as accents, vocabulary size, or just that they blab out a different language. This happens a lot to tourists who dont know how to converse proper English in the United States. I aim lived in the United States my whole life and I give way witnessed multiple accounts of this.There are multiple situations in which language discrimination occurs. Situations include work, school, vacation spots, and in the general public. The workplace is supposed to be free of any type of discrimination but it is not. tribe are discriminated against if they speak different or even remotely act differe ntly than what we experience inwardly the walls of our community. School kids are picked on by other kids if they are a different nationality, this be because they speak different languages and are act to learn the English language. Tourists on vacation trying to enjoy their carry on are constantly pressed with the fact that next to nobody around them knows their native language providing a barrier of communication. The general public tends to look down on a person if they break a speech impediment or an accent even if they are still natives of the United States. They are do to look like tourists in a nation of their own.Some examples of language discrimination I have observed come mainly within my own community. I have witnessed people from work plectron on other individuals because they are a different nationality such as Hispanic. Some Hispanics are American-Hispanic being born in the United States. They are typically not discriminated against like the full blood Hispanics are. Thisis because they have not grown up in such a culture before and are trying to adapt. The same thing would happen to me if I was traveling to a different country. I would be looked at as an outsider as soon as I open my mouth.There are many another(prenominal) identity labels that contribute to discrimination. Labels such as Working class or Black are just a few of them. These are a form of discrimination in themself. Labels are a way to identify someone in the wrong way. They may be working class but may not want to be considered as that. They may want to be known as gamy or powerful. Or may find it an insult because they have to work to make a living. Black is also a common term used to identify some African-Americans. This is discrimination because one individual is not better than the next. This may be degrading to anyone who is classified under any physique of label.I do not believe that discrimination in communication is ethical because I find as if it is a nonverb al or verbal form of abuse. It can be degrading at times and can cause a person to be uncomfortable in their own community. irrespective if I agree with discrimination or not, it will still continue to happen even ache after Im gone.

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The History And Background Of Sony Marketing Essay

The History And Background Of Sony commercializeing EssaySony is one of the largest hazard device take into accountrs in the homo. It get crackinged at 1946 in Japan. Initially, Sony was conducting the electronic harvest-feasts and electronic devices such as television, headquarters video, home audio, camera and otherwises. In 1994, Sony begins to sell their archetypical gaming cabinet implemented by them which is Playstation (PS) 1. more than versions of Playstation such as PS 2 and 3, other comparable console, PS portable and PS Vita were released to issuing on customers postgraduateer(prenominal) expectations. During the chivalric few years, Sony has put its effort on the innovation of virtual reality headdress. With the find of movies and animation such as Sword Art Online, the public hope to interact and suffer a more realistic graphics in the plot of land. Since there is a demand for this, Sony decides to make out this intersection point.2.0 Current M arket SituationVarious technologies have been developed and innovated to simplify daily tasks. One of the most signifi go offt set up of development of technology is in the gaming industry. Ever since in the 90s, companies such as Sony have been maturation various gaming consoles that provide better have intercourse to its users with for each one new design. From the first Playstation, to the soon to be released Playstation 4.Since the development of mobile gaming such as smartphones and tablets, the demands for gaming consoles has been declining. However, according to DFC Intelligence Analyst, New console dodgings from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony be expected to help the console segment regain some momentum in the 2014 to 2015 timeframe (Cole D. 2012). It in force(p) means that, as long as gaming companies can develop a better console systems, the groceryplace result resume its growth. Therefore developing Cita-Vita is essential to place Sony back in the game.The importa nt competitor for Sony impart be the Oculus VR Inc. as they are developing a product similar to Cita-Vita which is the Oculus Rift. The Rift too provides a more realistic game bend by al starting timeing the user to experience a 360 full point videogame environment. In addition, Adhesive plot of grounds had developed a game, Hawken, which is said to be very compatible with Rifts gameplay. Moreover, turn Cita-Vita is still in the researching stage, the Rift developers kit had been completed and will be launched anytime soon. And non long later that, the consumer version will too be released.Even so, the technology used in Cita-Vita is different from The Rift. In addition to the 360 degree game environment experience, this product consists of a new technology that allows the user to play without lifting a finger (this technology will be further explained in the product strategies). Gamers will be keen to accept this technology as it is a great improvement from the past consoles and it had only been seen in comics and animations.3.0 SWOT Analysis3.1 StrengthAfter years of researching and developing and at this juncture, Sony becomes the pioneer to concept, implement, and create the world first virtual reality gaming headgear. The products objective is to embolden intellectual course of til nowts that enable users to experience different life and are suitable for anyone due to its intuitive usage. The complexity but extremely nice technology, which contains a 4 dimensional sensibility view function by the main core, processor XG1 with 1 THz ,and integrate with a graphic chip to project Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) ,and the in style(p) cloud gaming system which benefit the firms profitability. Sony could be dominant over the scathe strategy nurse in the market.3.2 WeaknessSome aspects that need attention are uncertain incidents that affect the stability of the system operation, the high be of the parts and technology for the product, and pifflinga ge of technical staff for this system. Fatakia K., (2012) stated that the high cost of media production, especially in its television business, has affected the companys set strategy. Frankly, Sony lost about $6.3 billion in the past eight years due to this which lead to lose of market shares to Samsung and LG.3.3 OpportunitiesSony could penetrate into a new market of gaming consoles in gaming industry for a long term. It is because it is marketed to both novice and expert gamers and is not restricting to the age of individuals. With this technology in hand, Sony would consider having partnership with military, aero industry and space industry to create field or cosmic simulator for teaching and training purposes. Moreover, there would be an evolution in oblation a platform for social networking.3.4 ThreatSeveral factors that concern Sony regarding the launching of Cita-Vita are the interference of competitors relating to the preventive of this product causing consumers to have difficulty to accept. The impact of compliance regulations on health and safety as well as economic condition in different areas would also delay the recognition of the product and to be widely used. Even before, the companys Playstation network was hacked, resulting in leakage of customer information, such as credit-card info (Fatakia, 2012) and Sony was fined for 250,000. Sony needs to enhance securities to protect gamers personal details.4.0 Marketing objectiveWith the development and production of Cita-Vita, Sony wishes to increase the market share significantly during that period which can be seen by sales. As reported by an indite in Seeking Alpha, it is said that the soon to be released PS 4 by Sony will take away the market share from XBOX (Anon 2013). The new product Cita-Vita will be able to take even more shares as PS 4 is nevertheless an extension of the existing Playstation models. Sony should opt for a 70% increment for a year. This can be done by increasing the ma rket share and customer value. The increasing in the shares value indicates that the company is having a positive prospect. By giving satisfying customer values, the revenue of the sales will increase which lead to the increase in companys standings hence, the share expense. Other than that, the companys strategical planning and making decision to set appropriate recourses, business environments, and human resources, like serving customers through suitable staff and retailers, who can deal with customer more efficiently will guarantee higher customer satisfaction.5.0 Strategies5.1 Product StrategyThe gaming headgear, Cita-Vita consists of 3 levels which are core benefit, actual product and increase product.5.1.1 Core BenefitCita-Vita is a product which is specially make to provide virtual reality experience for all users especially gamers. Virtual experience can be says as the stimulation to enable concourse to interact with the artificial 4-dimensional visual or other sensory e nvironment in games. It provides a 360 degree game environment experience.5.1.2 Actual Product5.1.2.1 Product NameThe name of this gaming headgear is Cita-Vita. Cita has a meaning of other in Latvian while vita means life in Latin. This name represents the arcminute life or another life that users will experience. FeaturesCita-Vita comes in two colours which are threatening and white because these colours are regard as trendy by most people.The design of the headgear looks like a helmet. It has a single interface which covers the players face. This headgear stimulates five main senses of humans with high frequency electromagnetic microwave transmitter. It controls the users consciousness by redirecting the signals which the brain sends to the body to the machine itself and replace its have got waves to stimulate the senses.This headgear uses electricity as its main source of indicant. The charger is plug-in at the socket provided on the left(a) side of the headgear. The headgear also contains its own batteries which acts as a backup.Headgear also contains the USB port for induction of games and other software. The software or games can be installed by connecting with computer.Moreover, the headgear contains three indicators which are power (PWR), wide area network (WAN) and BLK. PWR will light up after the charger is plug-in. The other two buttons will also light up after the respective system requirements are fulfilled.5.1.3 increase productThere will be two-year warranty that comes with the product. The warranty covers most damages of the product except damage cause by the carelessness of the buyers such as improper handling of the product.5.2 forwarding StrategiesTwo strategies are applied based on the introduction stage. Sony should use push strategy to promote product through dispersion channels to final consumers. First, Sony will provide the product display stands or signs to retailers to create awareness to consumers. Trade deals which are price discounts given for meeting certain purchase requirements (Peter, Donnelly, 1997, pg156) are also offered, e.g. 10% off for 1 unit of Cita-Vita only after selling 50 units each time.For pull strategies, Sony relies on product advertising or consumer sales promotion (Peter, Donnelly, 1997, pg157) to build up consumer demand. Sony could take events to induce consumers to try the product and give out free merchandises such as batteries if purchase is made on the spot. Another way is to use Sonys website to promote a price deal for pre-orders for limited time.Sony will use informative advertising, to introduce Cita-Vita to unaware consumers of its purposes, features and brand. Certain people are needed such as expert gamers or renowned individuals to promote the value of the product and develop desire or wants of other potential consumer that are moved by those who believed in the products value. Sony may use objective and task order for the promotional budget as Sony has la rge funds to achieve its promotional results globally. The advertising message of Cita-Vita is to provide life experiences. And it is executed with interesting style, format, words and tone. Medias such as television that covers mass audience and game magazines like PC Gamer which draw the readers attention and has high demographic and geographic selectivity could be use.Sony can air Cita-Vita and announce its release in press conference. This public relation cost lesser without including fees for time or space and has vigorous impact to the public. Medias would pick up the news and report about them. The public will have more trust in the product as it seems more credible.5.3 Pricing StrategyAs a new product being launched where competition does not exist, what price should be set for such cases?It is important to target the right customer and to develop the market growth for the purpose of being feasible on the certain product.As Sony plans to introduce a new device, Sony has to set a base price level that covers the costs of sales while maintaining its reputation which is to provide high quality products. After estimating the number to be spent on the production of this product and comparing the price of other consoles made by Sony, Sony should set the base price of Cita- Vita as $580. Basing on this, the sales of 7 million units is the break-even point for Cita-Vita where the cost of research and production is covered. As technological product are said to have a low product life cycle, Sony ought to use price skimming strategy. While taking into account psychological proposition such as image pricing, higher prices which represent higher quality and odd even pricing will attract people to purchase the device. Thus it is recommended that Sony set a higher price during the first few months which is $699. Price strategies must be amended based on the market in short and long run, to retain sales. In the end, the success of the ideas is directly related to customer satisfaction. When consumers are satisfy with product, price can remain in the higher level.5.4 Distribution strategyThe last strategy to be discussed is the distribution strategy. This strategy involves looking into certain aspects such as where to make the product available and when to do so (Dibb. S, et al., 2006). There are times Sony is unable to deal with the customer personally due to reasons such as the cost, time and the geographical distribution of the customers. For this reasons, Sony ought to look for certain distribution channels that can help to sell Cita-Vita to more customers.As this is a new product, Sony is encouraged to start with exclusive distribution. Therefore, Sony should sell Cita-Vita directly via online or through a Sony Centre. Sony could start by allowing pre-orders from customers through their website. By doing so, Sony can then get a clearer picture on the type of customers who are interested and generate feedback from them. At the Sony cente rs, there will be expert staff that are able to explain the product functions and specifications to customers who are interested. Furthermore, Customers are certain that they can get the original version of Cita-Vita from the centers.After the feedbacks from the customers have been studied, Sony can then made final adjustments to Cita-Vita and start using other distribution strategies such as selective. Sony can sell the product in bulks to other electronic companies especially gaming centers. These retailers can help Sony to sell the product to a larger sort out of people all across the world. In addition, gaming centers are not only experts in this form but they as well have connections with a variety of customers and other businesses as well as understand how to deal with them well.Lastly, Sony could distribute them to internet cafes. Most young gamers go to these cafes to play computer games. By having Cita-Vita there, these young gamers are able to experience the thrill and e xcitement provided. This will pick their interest and it will be easier to persuade them to buy the product.6.0 Recommendation and ConclusionSince this is a new product, there are legion(predicate) aspects which are still unstable as stated in SWOT analysis. Therefore, Sony has to hire more narrow down workers in this and related field to make this product more secure with minimal defects. This will unimpeachably attract more attention and develop more trust from customers to purchase Cita-Vita.In a nutshell, Cita-Vita is a highly potential product that allows Sony to maximize their sales. It has drawn the attention of many even though it is just an idea. This shows that there will be a demand and market for this product. It can be said that Sony is moving in the right direction with the development of this product. As to date, the research and development department of Sony has begun researching on this product.7.0 authorAnon, 2013, Top of FormAnon, 2013, Sonys PS4 Looks To Ta ke Market Share From The Xbox online open at Accessed 20 February 2013Dibb S., et al., 2006, Marketing Concepts and Strategies, U.S.A., Houghton MifflinFatakia K., 2012, Sony friendship Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats online, My Daily Finance, Available at Accessed date 8th March 2013tail fin Star Equities, 2012, Video Game Industry Set for Growth Global Game Market Forecasted to Grow to $82 Billion Five Star Equities Provides Stock Research on Sony and Majesco Entertainment Press Release 31 July 2012. Available at Accessed 13 February 2013Sony Malaysia, online Available at Accessed 25 February 2013Virtual Reality, onlineAvailable at Accessed 17 February 2013