Sunday, March 10, 2019

To Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

He fears in telling them the truth he is going to disrupt their bliss and unknowing of the sharp reality. By doing this, he is pulling a mask e re every(prenominal)ywhere their eyes and turning a blind eye to the truth. This study of keeping these women away from unpleasant things is almost hand in hand with the mentation from the poem, The Barred Owl, where a child is told the owls cry is Who cooks for you? when in reality the objective is eaten raw. In this way of shielding reality from an innocent child, they be beingness robbed Of what they need to know.The truth must be told no matter how harsh as to non sugar-coat what reality is, if these women were on their own they would know how ferine notations were, and that might help them form and opinion opposing what is pass offing. In a common theme, I look at thats why sight, women and children in particular, argon not told the truth ab show up brutal situations, so they cannot form a forebode opinion and stand out a s their own person. I believe this is why the women are so sheltered in this novel, so to not see what is true, so they cannot protest the decisions and actions of a earth. Role colonization seems to happen even before a child is born.We are putting boys in blue clothing and the girls in pink while in the womb. later that, parents tend to give boys trucks and play guns to make them aggressive and less bare-ass and girls dolls and play houses to promote loving and taking care of a family. Children course accept this and will pick their given toys even if the other picking is available because they have been labeled as their gender role and they are not even aware. Later on in life this theme still happens, men are taking all the law enforcement, military, and governmental jobs while women outnumber the men in care related jobs standardized healthcare and hill care.These gender roles established offer little valuation account for men to portray feminine qualities and vice ver sa, but as businesses refine the need for both qualities is in de realityd. On the other hand, if a man is too feminine or a woman is too masculine, they effect something outside of the social norm which only creates scrutiny for them. Across the panel gays, lesbians, and transgender are all groups that have disrupted the normal gender roles in society by violating the allowance of femininity or masculinity.When a man comes too feminine he has violated the gender role he is suppose to fit in, an aggressive, strong, and solitary thinker, but a man that lacks these traits is considered fallible and less of a man. Also, when a woman starts losing her feminine qualities she may be referred to as a dike or lesbian or either Of those names, simply because she no longer fits into her gender role of being soft, loving, or someone who takes care of everyone. Similarly in Things Fall Apart women are abused and precedentless in a society ruled by men. Abuse seems to be a common factor wi thin the tribe.For example, when Kimonos wife Gouge leaves the hut before cooking dinner, he reticks her for neglecting to cook. shell comes off as a m both thing to do to exert power over the weak, which is how women in this society were perceived, weak assets of a man or his property Also, the women are absolutely powerless, Awoken becomes bored and makes up a reason to scat his second wife. These women are treated give care property and stripped of their mankind qualities and only meant to cook, clean, and reproduce, which is very basic role and creates no sort of kind other than an owner and tool relationship.Unfortunately, things like this still happen in todays society, where women are beaten by men, men trying to show strength and power. In reality if women and woman-like traits were not around, this world would be a very corrupt and violent place. Being loving kind, and nurturing are all viewed as feminine traits and a man in these novels wouldnt dare show any sort O f weakness by resembling a woman. In order for all aspects of daily life o run in a even-tempered manner and for families to be happy, one must show kindness and jazz and even compassion and understanding.These girl)/ traits are what keep peace and respect without having to beat it into someone, it allows for someone to feel love or respect without feeling like if they dont they will be punished. As a society dealing with other societies in other parts of the world we cannot expect to show command over them and be aggressive or harsh and still permit what we want, we have to know how to see both sides of an opinion and know what the other person wants and not imply rule with an iron fist, because if you dont respect people you rule, how will you maintain power by just ruling out of fear?

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