Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Contribution of Philosophy to Founding of Psychology - 275 Words

Contribution of Philosophy and Physiology to Founding of Psychology (Essay Sample) Content: Contribution of Philosophy and Physiology to Founding of PsychologyName:Institution:Date:Contribution of Philosophy and Physiology to Founding of PsychologyPsychology is explained as the study of human brain operations especially those that impact behavior. The emergence of psychological study can be dated back in the 1800s during the time of early Greeks. This essay clearly indicates how philosophy and physiology have contributed to the founding of psychology as a scientific discipline.Wilhelm Wundt, a German self-proclaimed psychologist, distinctly highlighted the relationship between psychology, physiology and science through the use of rigorous analytical methods to explore reaction times and how different individuals responded. He understood psychology as a study of human awareness and applied exploratory means of studying central rational processes. From his studies involving vision, attention span and emotion, understanding conscious thoughts helps appreciate h ow the mind functions and how its operations affects behavior.Rene Descartes, a French philosopher came up with the idea of dualism, where he argued that the human mind and body are two dissimilar beings and they cooperate to form the human experiences. He stated that the physical attribute of humans, is scientifically measurable while the mind cannot be measured.The early philosophers like William James, Thomas Hobber and John Lacke greatly contributed to the founding of psychology in different ways. They used methods like logic and observation which developed into scientific methods utilized today b...

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