Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Simple Guide to Writing an Essay on Gone Girl

A Simple Guide to Writing an Essay on Gone GirlGone Girl is a novel by Gillian Flynn that takes place in New York. Many essay topics can be used to capture the essence of the book. Some of the topics include the study of crime, mental health and media. These topics will not only be used as background information, but also as supplemental sources to help you write a Gone Girl essay.Gone Girl essay topics include media coverage of crime and violence, especially murder. This will provide the basis for an excellent essay on media coverage of crime reporting itself. If you want to delve into the psychology of the crime itself, look at media coverage of divorce, custody battles and the psychological factors that drive the news.There are many different kinds of crimes. How much more so if the crime takes place in the city of New York? This will create interesting essay topics. For example, a student may look at what happens to people who commit acts of violence in the city of New York in th e way of gangs. Gangs come in many shapes and sizes and it's worth looking at this as a case study in psychopathy.There are other essay topics that go well with Gone Girl. A good example is a look at the role that media play in the lives of the rich and famous. Sometimes crime reporting may be more entertaining than the crime itself and this is a good topic to discuss in a Pulitzer prize-winning essay.You may want to look at the impact of the media coverage of the divorce of the Lady Gaga and John Mayer. The press greatly covered the marriage and divorce, but they failed to cover any of the personal information that was made public. Why? This led to all the world knowing that the man who left his wife in a cruise ship had been involved in multiple relationships, including the marriage of the pop star.The ultimate example of how media coverage of divorce affects society is seen in the plight of Kim Davis, who has refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. A psychologist looked at how the press had reported the case and concluded that it was important because it highlighted the dangers of intolerance. The student could consider this topic by looking at the extreme reaction to the case in the news.Another essay topic that can apply to Gone Girl is the issue of mental health in this case. A teenager in a young woman who has serious mental health issues, has many lessons to teach us.Students are often challenged by writing, in that they have to choose a lesson or subject and learn to interpret the lesson that they are reading. One lesson would be that men can act abusively, while another might be about the detrimental effects of stereotypes on people's lives. There are many things that can be learned from essays, so always take your time when doing these and make sure that they are worthwhile.

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