Friday, November 1, 2019

RFID in the Context of Customer Services Research Paper

RFID in the Context of Customer Services - Research Paper Example According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that in the modern business world, there is a need for companies and firms to increase the quality of services they provide their customers or quality of goods and products they produce or manufacture. It is very hard for any company or a firm to regain popularity among their lost customers or improve their position in the market. To make a profit very often means to provide customers with better services. At the same time, a chosen marketing strategy of customers’ services improvement should be developed in compliance with the needs of the company; their assets, potential, set goals and many other internal and external factors. Moreover, with regards to a wide-spread nature of technological innovations, companies implement innovative technologies in customer services. In accordance with research conducted by†¦: â€Å"Technology does more than enable the creation of new or improved services. It may also impro ve consistent service standards of the company, and, what is more, important is to involve the customers in operations through self-service technology†. Therefore, the modern business world needs innovations. To keep pace with the globalized world every firm or company should meet new requirements and follow the developments of technologies. In order to appropriately introduce valuable innovative assets, it is relevant to assess their advantages and disadvantages. An individual-centered approach is high on the agenda in the modern business world. A customer is of crucial importance. The more customers the company has, the greater success comes.

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