Sunday, August 25, 2019

Group Geospatial Revolution Videos Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Group Geospatial Revolution Videos - Assignment Example Alternatively, geographical or geospatial information systems describes the different technologies, methods and processes used to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in organizations. From the foregone discussion, it is evident that organizations strive at increasing efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. This same motivation has motivated Portland City to create some technologies, methods and processes that can be used to enhance their service operation. This has been motivated by the fact that GIS systems area cost effectiveness; additionally, they improve different functions in the city, something that increases the city’s potential to attract investors. The city has employed various professionals that have been doing their best in order to ensure that the city improves its practices. The incorporation of GIS in the city’s operations has increased job opportunities for many people that have continued to enjoy the improved services in the city. For this reason, the city needs to create goals and objectives that can be helpful in the achievement of the mission and vision statements in the city. However, the goals and objectives for the city’s GIS can only be derived from its mission and vision statements. It is important to note that a vision statement refers to the future picture or impression that an organizations develops for its for its practices. In this case, the vision statement for Portland City provides the picture of the city in its future as far as GIS systems are concerned and looks as follows; â€Å"To have a city that has effective and efficient services so that city residents and other investors can enjoy the lucrative investment opportunities. The city is thus positioned to become the centre for innovations and inventions that enhance people’s social and economic functions and processes.† The mission statement

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