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A Management System For Shopping Malls Computer Science Essay

A heed administration For storageping M entirelys Computer Science Essay1.1 IntroductionTherough this governing body to design arrangement to orgnize the proceeding of Shoppiing M on the whole stingingtain many grass overs cash in ones chips to the same company of this m solely.Through this carcass we croup manage the work of all shops in this mall and monitor all activities in all shops.In this organization we prep atomic weigh 18 tow members, the first is vigilance, and the second is Shops,Each personaalisation hase different device characteristic articles.we brook in this corpse of rules tow level of privilleges, executive or manager , and the employee of shops.The manager or executive director place tote up juvenile administrator for this establishment, channel stark naked employee dor shops, add novel shop, and crack bill of all shops in this mall.The prescript exploiter of employee of shop has the privillege to complete trade proceeding,ad d stark naked goods to the chisel in of this shope, up hear the proportionateness of exicting goods in the warehousing of this shope,monitore the daily gross revenue operation done, onitore the monthly trades operations done, and monitore the balance of goods in the sotre of this shope.1.2 Aims Of The ProjectThrough this ashes we work to achive the hobby goalives conduct the Registration of invigorated shope in this objective we orgnize the translateation of bare-assed shope and throw in the relation reading nigh this shope. take aim the registration of deals operation in this objective we orgnize the registeration of sale operations informtion and try to do it in less(prenominal) sentence with less attack.Orgnize the registeration of peeled goods breeding in this objective we accept the normal exploiter to enter the reading of new good in the submit of his shope.Allow the exploiter to add extra sum of an excting food for thought in his shopes store.Enabl e the substance absubstance abuser to perplex info about gross revenue operations done through and through this carcass (daily and monthly) prinmesa format.Enable the user to see info about goodss balance in his shope in prin carry over format.Enable the administratore to get knowledge about all shopes in the mall.1.3 System ToolsTo design this organisation we use Visual Basic 6.0 as program language to design the GUI (Graphical substance abuser Inter submit), and we employ Microsoft Access to constitute the informationbase of this outline.We prefered Visual Basic because it is subduedto use. We rear draw forms (interfaces) using drag-and-drop techniques. A wight is used to place defends on the form ( windowpanepane). We can enter the failure value for the attribute of any control we add to the form (interface). many another(prenominal) attribute values can be modified during run time based on user actions or changes in the environmentFor examplewe can cange the date of sale always to the current date even if we run it later 2 years after finish designMicrosoft Access database forethought system was as well as used in designing the database of the system. It is used to create simple database solutions. Access tables make a variety of standard hatch types, indices, and referential integrity. The system also includes a query interface, forms to display and enter data, and informs for printing. The underlying Jet database, which contains these objects, is multiuser-aware and handles read-locking and referential integrity including cascading, updates and deletes.Microsoft Access also offers the susceptibility for programmers to create solutions using the programming language Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is identical to Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) and used throughout the Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Most VB6 code including the use of Windows API calls, can be used in VBA. Power use rs and developers can extend basic end-user solutions to a passkey solution with advanced automation, data validation, error trapping, and multi-user support.Applications that simply view data or have simple data entry can support considerably more users.2.1 Structure of the systemIn this system we have tow primary(prenominal) sections first for managemetn and second for shopes.2.1.1 instruction sectionIn management section we have four featurs augment new administrator in this feature we allow the administrator to add anothor administrator (administrator = manager), in this feature the asministrator enter the user hear and password for new administrator. correspond new user in this feature the admin can add new use (we mention here in user to the employee of the shope), to add new user the admin need to enter the user name and password and the shope which this user result belong (or works for), here we mention that we cannot add new user to a shope not there in the mall.Add ne w shope in this feature we allow the admin to add new shope to the mall, to add new shope to the mall the admin need to enter the name of this new shope and the type of it (e.g optics). notify of all shopes in this mal in this feature we allow the admin to get information about all shopes in this mall in printable formate.2.1.2 shope sectionThis section available to the emmployee of shopes in the mall, we have to mention that the administrator of this system must add this user then he can login to this this section we have sextuplet features peeled sale in this feature the user can enter the information of new sale operation, these information includes the guest name, customer mobile number, saled good,ordered auantity,unit price, and discount if there is any discount.Add new goods in this feature we allow the user to add new goods to the store of this shope, the information needed to do this trade union movement includes Good name, Purchae price,sale price,Quantity,an dmeasure.Update goods in this feature the user can update the quantity of any exeicting goods in the store of his shope, the relative information requested here is good name, added quantity,purchase price, sale price.Goods report in this feature the user can get report of all goods and its balance in his shope.Daily sale in this feature the user can get report of all sale operation done through this system in current day.Monthly sale in this feature the user can get report of all sale operation done through this system in selected month.2.2 Systems TablesIn the previous section we explained the main social organisation of this system, now we have to enter the mental synthesis of the systems database (the database of this system was designed using Microsoft Office Access as mentioned before) The following tables are designed in the database of this systemADMIN this table created to fork up the information of administrator login data (Table 2.2.1)USERS this table is for saving the information of users of this system. (Table 2.2.2)SHOPS this table is for saving the information for shops in this mall. (Table2.2.3).GOODS this table designed to save the information of goods. Table(2.3)5-SALE_INFO this table desgined to save the inormation of sale opertation. Table(2.2.5)2.3 Connecting between systems database and users InterfaceThere are many ways to connect between visual basic and MS Access but in our system we depend on the partnership by the code and connecting the object directly to database not by adding object on the form at design time.It depends on the connection chain of mountains for ADO library, at first a new ADO affiliation and ADO recordset items is created then define the connection path (path of database in this system) as connection stringAfter that the recordset is opened by sending a query for specified table name.Dim rs As ADODB.RecordsetDim con As ADODB.ConnectionThe following shows an example about the connection way in this systemTh en write the following code where connection to database is precious to retrieve, send or view data make up rs = New ADODB.RecordsetSet con = New ADODB.Connectionrs.CursorLocation = adUseClientConstring = Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0Data Source= App.Path MMS.mdbcon.Open (Constring)Chapter 3Implimntation of the system3.1 briny Features Of The SystemThe aim of this system is to earn a number of objectives. These objectives areRegistration of new shops in this feature, the administrator need to register the iformation of new shop, this information include the name of shop and the type of this shop (shops activity).Orgnize the operation of create new user this feature allowed for administrator only, in this feature the administrator can create new user, this new user works in selected shop while the administrator create this user.Orgnizing the registeration of sale operation in this feature the user must register the information of sale operation, this information include the sh op name,goods name,order quantity, the discount, customer name, customer mobile, and near information will be automatically loaded when the user select the good name like available qantity, and unit price.Orgnizeing the registeration of new goodsThis feature allow the user to add new goods to the shop where he is working, this information include the name of goods,purchase price, sale price , and the purchased quantity.Orgnize the operation of updating the quantity of goods in this feture the user can add quantity of any goods in his shop.Preparation of detailed reports theadministrator and user can get these types of ReportsAll shops this report shows the information of all shops in the Mall.Daily sales this report displays the information of all sales operation done in selected date.monthly sales this report displays the information of all sales operation done in selected month.Goods report this report show the information of all goods in the shop.We have to mention that the fir st report allowed for the administrator only, while the other reports allowed to the normal user3.2 Implementation Of The SystemIn presvious section of this report we explaineed the structure of this system and talk about the objectives of this system, now we will talk about how t use this system, or how this system works.First there is portal window, in this window the user select the section heshe wants to use Management or Shops as shown in estimate 3.1 public figure 3.1 Introduction window3.2.1 Management Section If the user select Management from the introduction window heshe will get the login window where heshe must write the user name and password of administrator in this system, as shown in figure 3.2Figure 3.2 Administrator Login windowAfter meet the sorrcet username and passowrd of administrator, heshe will get the main window of adminstrators task, as shown in figure 3.3Figure 3.3 Administrators task windwIf heshe wants to execute th feature of New administrator, he she must riffle on New Administrator pushing, then heshe will get the following windw, as shown in figure 3.4Figure 3.4 New Administrator windowAfter fill the requested fields , the system will connect to the databse and go into the table Admin and save new record with the information of new administrator.If the administrator wants to achieve the feature New User, heshe must while away on New User discharge on the Administrators task windw, then will get the following window, as shown in figure 3.5Figure 3.5 New User windowIn this window will need the username and apssword for new user , also we need to select the shop where this new user will work, the reheel of shops will automatically loaded to the window by going through the database and go to Shops table and bring the name of all shops in this mall.When the user fill all rewuested fields heshe must click on yet button to save the data of new user, in this operation the system will connect to the database and go to USERS t able and create new record conatin the information of the new user and get hold of him an autonumber as ID, the administrator can cancel the operation or close this window by click on Close button.In case the administratore wants to achieve the feature Add New Shop, hezshe must click on New shop button on Administrators task windw to get the following window, as shown in figure 3.6Figure 3.6 New Shop WindowIn this window we can see that we have only tow fields about new shop, these fields are shop name and shop type, after the administrator fill thee fields, heshe must click on Save button to go through the database and create new record in table Shops and give this shop an autonumber as ShopID.The administrator can cancel the operation or close this window by click on Close button.Finally, if the administrtor wants to get report about all shops in this mall, hese can click on All Shops button on Administrators task windw, the get the report as shown in figure 3.7Figure 3.7 All Sho ps report window3.2.1 Shop Section This section specified for the normal user (the employee of the shop), the user can go into this section by clicking on Shop button in Introduction window, then heshe get the folloing window, figure 3.8Figure 3.8 user Main windowAs we see, in this window there are six buttons, each one for different feature.If the user want to perform sale operation, heshe must click on New cut-rate sale button, then will get the following window, as shown in figure 3.9Figure 3.9 Sale windowIn this window the user will find come of all goods available in this shop and the balance of this goodsand the unist price also, ths information brought by the system when load this window, the system will go to the database and go to goods table and bring the name of all goods which belong to that shop, after that when the user select the goods name and its balance nd the unit price.After the user fill the requested fields then click on picture button to cacuate the total pr ice, then the user clicks on Save button to save the information of sale then he can click on Bill button to get the bill of this sale.If the user wants to add new goods heshe must clicks on New Goods button then heshe get the following window, as shown in figure 3.10ConclusionUsing this system we organize the work in the Hall, also we reduce the time and effort spend to achieve the following task Register customers information in this system.Register the relative information of engagement in this system .Organize the operation of updating the information of reservation.Organize the confirming and caneling reservation in this system.Getting the reports of all reservation done through this system.Getting the reports of all reservation done through this system accoring to selected month.Getting the reports of all reservation done through this system accoring to selected month and year.After using the system we can say that work of Hall reservation can be organized through this system .As we explain in the body of this report the use of this system is easily and any one with simple knowledge of computer usage can use this system and finish the task without any mistake.there is no perfect system and each system contain some notices either the analyzing or the scenario of work, but in this system we try to cover the most important task or features of store department work.Before we build the system we have to analyze the system and detect the work flow of working and see what are the rules that control work in Hall reservation operation to chute building the tables and see what windows we need and how any windows we must have in our systemafter that we search for tools alter us to program the system in best way, we find that the easiest tools to do that is VISUAL BASIC (VB) for program the user interface and Microsoft Office Access (MSACCESS) as database management system, these tools are easy to use and easy to be used in developing the system in future.When sta rt to build new system the designer face tow types of problem technical and official.The technical problems was to find the suitable and multipurpose tools (programming and database management system) enable the designer to build efficient system and enable the user to store many records in database able to be retrieved in few seconds without any problems.After we choose the programming language and database management system and connect them together and start build the database and table and start writing the code that will be executed while system running in order to achieve the tasks of this system.

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