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Motivation Solution Essay

Motivation is the real driving force of a lodge that culminates the finished work force of a comp any(prenominal) into cardinal tireless engine that runs on towards success. However, it is easier said than done to achieve that flow of need in a company because it takes relentless effort from the overseement to keep every(prenominal) component of the organization motivated.Therefore, I felt re exclusivelyy happy as an organizational consultant, when the CEO of The Altitude Corporation, Mr. David had sought my assistance to valuate and recommend ways and means to improve the state of LOB (Leadership and organizational Behavior) in his priseed company. It made me happy on another throwaway that I could successfully pinpoint the problem areas and specific solutions for them and Im sure that the application of much(prenominal) solutions would definitely make a divergency to the future per relieve oneselfance of the organization.Therefore, this paper is presented to The Alti tude Corporation as distinguish of the blueprint of the detailed, employee- base analysis, which deals with pauperism problem of the company. hither Ive embedded the nuances of motif with the problem areas to provide an enhanced understanding of motivation and its relation with the company. However, the design of the problems found in the motivation sector is placed belowThe businessAn exhaustive study on the motivational state of the 350 employees of the organization is screening that there is serious lack of motivation among the employees, which is the cumulative effect of mingled factors. These factors be in possession of been mentioned along with possible solutions and detailed discussion in this report, too discussion on the topic to enhance better understanding about(predicate) the problems of the company.What is Motivation?Background Altitude Corporation is a budding company with 350 employees on its roll at present, where most of the departments are inter interdep endent in executing the various levels of operation. Therefore it is necessary to understand the key concepts of motivation to apply them towards motivating the employees.Motivation is the guiding spirit behind the achievement of a chosen action, where it helps to achieve the desired result out of that action. nowadays this guiding spirit is actually backed by some mebibyte requirements of happiness which form the core of all hold beings reasoning for survival or to develop as the management guru Shiv Khera says, motivation is a drive that encourages action or feeling. It is a force that crapper literally change your life (Khera 2004).Motivation Philosophy in study EnvironmentIt may seem that motivation is an automated process, and adult male have nothing to meddle into it but it is the degree of its intensity that determines the level of ones achievement and from this perspective motivation is a very all-important(prenominal) factor in human life, which is multidimensio nal and is not limited to manage just a living for a good number of years. Thus, at the primary level motivation is essential for existence, and in its secondary level, it is essential to develop further on aesthetic, emotional or esoteric flat solid of existence.Likewise, one might have many goals spread out at various levels of his/her existence and thus requires all of his/her power of body and judicial decision. Here motivation would be that essential catalyst to synchronize the body and mind power of that individual, which would heighten the emotion and passion to achieve all such goals. In this context, motivation philosophy is an extremely important in workplace, because all or most of the primary or secondary goals of the employees are any directly or indirectly attached to the success of his/her workplace, which is totally dependent on the motivated action of the employees themselves.Thus it will be apposite to incorporate motivation theories that have evolved out of wo rkplace environment and I have chosen four such theories for better understanding of the font from various angles, besides showing the correlations among them and the proceedings of the Altitude Corporation.Motivation Theories supposition 1 Hierarchy of of necessityThis theory of Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)1 provides an outline of human take that a manager should know and exploit to motivate the employees, because motivation is point by unfulfilled needs. Thus Maslows model of needs is valuable to systematically pursue the needs while keeping the flow of motivation intact.Maslows model (Abraham, 2006) divides the human needs into five broad based categories and they are1. Physiological Needs Air, Water, Nourishment and Sleep these are the ele affable needs of humans and a company should take care that the employees are having all these in proper measure. Its only after conflict this need, humans wad look towards sustenance, and thus arrives the need the like safeguard need. 2. Safety Needs This need covers the issues of safety in both living and in workplace, medical insurance, job security and financial backup. Company should move to contribute in all of these areas with the view that the problem in any of these areas takes away the focus of the employees. This provides much needed mental space and age to the employees, where they send away afford to pursue another vital need like Social Need.3. Social Needs Group activities, socialization, or enhanced interpersonal communication are the elements that fulfill the social needs and which are considerably at heart the ambit of a company to imbibe in the employees, where they form a sense of belonging, which paves the way for the next need, that is Esteem Need.4. Esteem Needs At this stage humans turn their focus on esteem that involves recognition and social status, at the outer world and self-respect or sense of achievement in ones own mind. This creates the computer program to pursue the self-rea lization process, which is a unique and endless process, where one can bask in the endless discoveries about oneself. Maslow had named this ultimate need of humans as Self-actualization. It is thus understood, that an employee would reach his/her highest point of regard about the company, if it can help him/her to reach this state.5. Self-actualization Every human life is ideally poise to pursue this need where one can delve deep within and keep on discovering oneself from many perspective both on mental and physical plane it is something like playing in ones own garden in Maslows words, Self-actualized persons have frequent occurrences of boot experiences, which are moments of profound happiness and harmony (Maslows, 2008).

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