Friday, March 8, 2019

Explain How Constructivist Theory Differs from Traditional Ideas About Teaching and Learning

Constructivist possible action is very similar to the traditional ideas about precept. The teachers roles that argon similar include specifying learning objectives, preparing learning activities, and designing assessments. The main variety between Constructivist Theory and the traditional roles of a teacher is a commove in emphasis away from the teacher merely providing information and toward the teacher promoting the interaction that makes students thinking open and visible.The constructivist theory puts the opportunity for knowledge in the students hands more than in traditional ideas of teaching. The teacher acts as a guide for imaginative and exploratory thinking. I would office constructivism in my classroom. I give provide high quality re acquaintations. I will use examples that include all of the information necessary in order for the students to agnise the topic. The first example that popped into my head was to bring in a legal profession for each group and to cut the cake into different portions to help with fractions in math.I will also connect content to the real world. I will try my best to relate the content I am teaching to the students. I know for myself, when I can relate to the content that is existence taught, it is more interesting to me and I am more likely to do well in that specific content area. I will embolden high levels of interaction. Group work will definitely be present in my classroom. Something I learned from this section is that the Constructivist Theory can be used with all grades and with all ages.

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