Monday, March 4, 2019

Customer Value

Godard Appliances has diverse product portfolio of Refrigerators, washing machine, Air conditioners and microwave oven ovens. But, gradually it lost 50% of its market share when liberalizing opened the Indian markets to foreign players like LEG, Samsung and Panasonic. The earlier complacent Godard is now foc utilize to rule its past glory and is paving no stone unturned in this regard.But, with established foreign players and a customer keen on not only on functionality but also on aesthetics, durability and blemish value, can Godard recreate its old magic? Objectives 1. To analyses the evolution of market dodge followed by Godard Appliances since its early stages 2. To study and understand the reactive strategies of Godard Appliances to its competitors and the reasons why Godard failed to adjudge its market share 3. To evaluate and analyze the pros and cons of the current marketing schema 4.To come up with recommendations in terms of marketing strategy using the concepts and fra meworks learnt in class Scope 1. Godard group is a huge manifold but we limit our discussion to Godard Appliances, which include Refrigerator, Washing machine, AC & vaporize oven 2. The marketing strategies followed

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