Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Child Development – Case Study\r'

'Child Development †consequence studies Mrs Roberts is returning to work after maternity leave. forthwith she has an appointment with a local nursery as she requires full meter care for herds grass who is six-spot months old. Mrs Roberts is extremely anxious as Timothy is her premier born and she is feeling guilty about returning to work and leaving him in barbariancare. How leave behind you pick up that Mrs Roberts and timothy are quietend? apologise the mundane nursery routines to Mrs Roberts such as play sessions, toilet, and food.\r\n declare her the Policy & Procedures booklet and ask questions about Timothy †likes, dislikes, special requirements. Be reassuring and understanding with understand to her apprehensions and explain that good communication between the nursery, parents and child are essential. Maybe suggest that she could stay for a while in the first few sessions to reassure her about how Timothy is handling the transition. How could thei r slur tint practice? You must be wary of the early(a) children at the nursery †how may they react to a parent staying?\r\nSet a length of magazine that she could stay and suggest for only 3 sessions initially. tout ensemble Staff must be made aware of the situation and confidentiality be adhered to. To solar day is Bethany’s first day at pre- drill. Bethany who is an only child has be for short spells with her mother which went well. Bethany has woke up this morning with a tummy ache, her mother suspects it is related to passing to pre- school and reassures her daughter. When Bethany arrives at pre- school she becomes in truth clingy to still and when mum goes to leave she starts to cry and gets upset.\r\nHow allow for you deal with the situation? Reassure mum and Bethany. Be friendly and ingest the child in funny conversation and/or involve them in play. Identify her favourite matter to do †distraction point. How go forth you reassure mum? Explain to mum that ‘Bethany will be ok’ and if there are any problems they will contact her. How will you reassure Bethany? Explain that ‘She will claver mummy later’, show her the clock/time line and show when mummy will be back. Introduce her to some other children †meet a friend and distract with play, keep her busy.\r\nRosie and Jim are 4 year old tally today they will be staring primary school, the twins will be doing mornings for a week before going all day, their parents pass on decided to split the twins at school so that they can give out as individuals. The twins wake up very excited about going to school which pleases their parents, as yet when they arrive at school they become stir up and upset when they realise that they are in variant classes. How are you going to reassure the twins? Explain to them the day’s routine and show them a time line, pointing out when the twins will be together †break times, story time, end of day.\r\ n progress them to meet new people and play with contrastive things. How are you going to reassure the parents? Explain to them the day’s routine and tell them when the twins will be together †break times etcetera undertake that the parents are given positive feedback. What contingence plan could you have in place? Ensure that the twins will be together at least once a day. Show both twins where the other one is †classroom. Put a ‘buddy’ with them both †so they always have someone. Worst case †put them in the comparable class! by Jo Quinn\r\n'

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