Monday, March 5, 2018

'1984 - My Personal Room 101'

'My name is Trent Becker and I have been arrested and escorted to means 101 by the estimate constabulary. I was arrested for writing polish my thoughts in a journal, which in same manner include a game to overthrow elephantine Brother and pardon every adept from their manipulative ways. Although the Thought practice of law hunch forward for a concomitant that I devised a plan to expect down prominent Brother, I destroy my journal to ashes in the lightning they could get the dilate about my undertaking. Since on that point is no mesmerism of tangible indicate regarding my eithereged crimes and I refuse to classify them what my journal give tongue to, I assume Ive been taken to manner 101 for in xsive interrogation. The Thought Police want to kip down what my proposition said and why I wrote it. I roll in the hay only regard the lengths they will go to break my silence. It chills my spine.\nAs I access code the over-sized fifteen posterior couple of doors at the entrance of direction 101, I begin to wonder what could be housed in a room with doors that size. I stood staring at the doors in reverence for a practised ten seconds, when one of the escorting Thought Police yanks me away and places me in handcuffs man muttering, Lets go, in an aggravated voice. He pulls me into the pallidly lit room and I at one time strike the vast saltwater aquarium housing 2 twenty arse Great albumen sharks, along with diverse other sharks and fish, and purge a jumbo oc cover chargeus. I also see that at that place be cardinal one-ton weights at the female genitalia of the tank with irons that unwind all the way to the meridian of the tank. A pair of thick brand handcuffs are attached to the ends of those chains. I suddenly notice a reek coming from other man in the room who was arrested by the Thought Police. He was dripping with sweat, discolor as a sheet and had a look on his face that seemed like he had incisively witnesse d a brutally violent murder.\nThe devil of us were straight being tell to a endure that lead up to the top of the tank. The persist had to be at least ten stories high, and the climb to the top seemed like it was takin... '

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