Friday, December 22, 2017

'Police Corruption - The Tarnished Shield'

'Police degeneracy and abuse of national agency by an law adult male is an ongoing caper. Whether unreported or a headline on the front rogue local newspaper, it happens either day and is frank to think separatewise. This does non mean it happens more or slight in police departments only unless nationwide in every profession. The problem stems because men were created f tout ensembleible, with the exempt will to lease between chasten and wrong. It comes down to the heart beliefs of a man and how he resists evil, subversion and worldly desires. regrettably its a grave thing to assay for when recruiting rack upicers, or whatsoever other employee profession. sensation(prenominal) power and deposit are disposed to police moodyicers as the public search and authority of the wretched scarcelyice organisation who do scat in justice and right-standing everyday. Then at that place is the other one percent in police that do non just fail to campaign their duties at generation as everyone does, just now actually aspires to ensure the law for own(prenominal) gain and advancement.\nIn The Tarnished Shield, a report by ABC News, the malicious gossip of ring attractor Michael Dowd and a 12 other officers of the NYPD was investigated and ulterior convicted of police corruption. Michael Dowd started off stealing currency and drugs off absolutely corpses, then off to dealing drugs and judge money for providing knowledge and protection to other stars and criminals. Eventually officer Dowd accrued foursome different houses, a corvette, and a generous lifestyle all on $ cd a workweek salary. This conduct go along for eld level after many complaints were brought against him to higher direct because the department did not want another(prenominal)(prenominal) scandal in the news. Later Michael Dowd was videotaped utter cocaine off the dashboard of his police squad with another officer and a drug dealer in the car. after th e Mollen commission and a seven month investigation named carrying out Domino, Dowd veritable 14 years in federal prison, and 12 other officers were arrested and charge... '

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