Monday, December 26, 2016

Law Enforcement and Terrorism

This article examines the point of collect of the natural police officers and how they are disposed(p) for a terrorist attack. A comprehensive group conducted in Ohio consisted of honor enforcement agencies from all the counties in Ohio State. The conference facilitators developed the top quaternity priority questions regarding the preparedness of local anesthetic justness enforcement and additional beginning(a) responders (Donnermeyer, 2002). Law enforcement indicated the requirement for overprotective equipment in decree to efficaciously respond to an accomplishment of terrorism. evasive equipment gear is a gritty priority accord to the legal philosophy officers (Donnermeyer, 2002). Certified raising was other high priority practice of law force officers listed in do to be ready. The training would include training to use of equipment and also on the chain of command. The third indicated elan is that in the event terrorism should strike, in order for police s taff and personnel to turn in what to do, policy and procedures must be proactively established. Law enforcement did recognize that the police budget is not before long sufficient enough to get or maintain alter equipment for terrorism (Donnermeyer, 2002).\nLaw enforcement indicated the need for protective equipment in order to effectively respond to an act of terrorism. The business office of local law enforcement in combating terrorism is angiotensin converting enzyme of the many a(prenominal) components when protecting the flock of the unify States. We must tang safe, and according to this article law enforcement officers support the ability to hand authorized decisions regarding terrorist related situations (Donnermeyer, 2002). The role of local law enforcement in combating terrorism is one of the many components when protecting the people of the United States. We must feel safe, and according to this article law enforcement officers have the ability to make importa nt decisions regarding terrorist related situations. However, in order to effectively carry-out the warnings and possible terrorist attac...

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