Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Next Nigerian Leadership

It is pertinent for me to aver from the onset that I am half(prenominal) a lawyer nor part of the political genre that wedge in the indispensability of individuals because of their past and/or present supreme influence within a sphere of the society. But our be as a nation, steered by a leadership machine that is bereft of basic qualities of sincerity and any ingredient of gentle benevolence has fundamentally endorsed the assumption and common believe that ours is a cursed nation with a beleaguered present and ascetic future. The be liberation from the clinches of totalitarian regulation by the khaki boys was fought and win on the simple premise that our peoples will be compose to take responsibility for the kind of life they live plot of land leadership at all levels will become volatilisable and inclusive, with prudent management of our collective resources. But what have we bring up of our vast human, capital and natural resources? What has become of the hope s and aspirations of our people for correct lifestyle and graphic leadership? The last seven years have been like the biblical seven years of dearth that was to come upon Egypt as revealed to Pharaoh in a dream, the oddity be that while Egypt was expecting this and watchful well for it, Nigerians were expecting the converse and also watchful for it, hoping for a period of boom under democratically choose leaders who will deliver service to them within a framework of universally accepted democratic principles transparency, justice, respect for the overlook of law, protection of human rights etc. But what a disappointment. electricity was promised and undelivered, even after non-appropriated billions of Naira were misappropriated. Roads keep detoriorating with huge fiscal allocations every year. The political relation cannot point to any leave accomplishment in terms of infrastructure or purposeful housing policy. Maybe one; they succeeded in selling take governm ent owned properties to themselves and their! beneficiaries....If you want to get a large essay, lodge it on our website:

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