Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Should college athletes get paid?

In the sports industry, m any conflicts and decisions develop. One major issue over sports is whether to leave college suspensors or non. Some people feel remunerative college supporters would be a great change, while others believe it volition baksheesh to an increase in problems and corruption. There are healthy arguments for twain views on this matter. There are many tenable reasons as to wherefore college athletes should be give. These athletes are only eyesight what everybody else is acquire. College sports bring in cash trough ticket sales, merchandise, fees for playoff appearances. When items such(prenominal) as jerseys with their verse on them are being sold, it kilobyte goddess be viewed as unfair because the athlete doesnt collect any of that profit. Their schools take in an extensive amount of currency from incorporated sponsors, and the coaches are paid millions of dollars, while athletes dont get any of that money. These athletes spew in a lot of effort through unvoiced practices, training, while they call for an education at their college. It is also cognise that the NCAA rules limit the rail lines college athletes have. An athlete cannot hold a avocation paying him/her over $2000 during the year. (http://reallythink.blogspot.com/2003/04/should-college-athletes-be-paid.html) On the pivotal end of this topic, there are many reasons why paying college athletes would not be a good idea. When going into a college for a sport, students receive scholarships which pay for most, if not all of their necessities anyway. Scholarships hold the student athlete to keep their grades up so they can keep this money given to them. These students are already acquire free meals, merchandise, and painting so why add more than money? College athletes should not be paid because it is not their job to play in a sport. They are in college which mean they are getting an... If you want to get a unspoilt essay, order it on our we! bsite: OrderCustomPaper.com

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