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We Have No full to rapture by C . S . Lewis Just before his death C . S . Lewis wrote his last article We Have No Right to blessedness , which was published in The Saturday Evening Post of 21-28 December 1963 . The principal(prenominal) focus in this article is made on the opinion of transport and a proper to it . Lewis warns us about the quite a little of lifelong pursuit of blessedness . If the person s save aspiration is to become happy , one day it becomes an irresistible impulse and so it will sweep this person a passage . Lewis states that the expression to nurture a refine to bliss is preferably dis aimable . such(prenominal) right plenty be interpreted as a kind of freedom guaranteed by some uprightnesss . felicitousness is an go up subjective notion , so no law can guarantee it . By the right to purs uit happiness the of rattling(a) declaration just meant that all people have a possibility to be happy only only expenditure legal methods and lawful intend for the permit toment of this goalAccording to Lewis the right to happiness does not make more sense than a right to be six feet tall , or to have a millionaire for your father , or to get good weather whenever you want to have a picnic (Lewis 63 . In this substance , it is ridiculous to speak about such a rightThe tenseness of Lewis attention is sex activityual happiness . Some people quetch that this kind of happiness is the strikingest happiness because emotions they get during sex argon stronger than any other emotion . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics a   nd disciplines! All custom essays are writte!   n by professional writers!
Having these emotions one sentence a person looks for more and more such emotions mentation that they ar real happiness , but all in all it is only an illusion . These promises of happiness often attend to be untrue because erotic passions cannot last long , they are feelings of this concomitant moment and do not leave ofttimes subsequently them . Lewis makes a conclusion When two people achieve long-lived happiness , this is not solely because they are great lovers but because they are also -- I must put it inexpertly -- good people controlled , loyal , fair-minded , mutually pliant people (Lewis 65 . To be happy means to be in harmony with yourself and not to be haunt by happinessWorks CitedLewis , C . S . We Have No Right to Happiness Saturday Evening Post (December 1963 . Repr . God in the bobsleigh : Essays on Theology and Ethics Walter Hooper . Grand Rapids , MI : Eerdmans , 1970...If you call for to get a full essay, orde r it on our website:

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