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It Progects

Summary of the ExtractCost associated with give failures in a strategic field of IT applications has increased exponentially in the US , with to a greater extent than half(a) of much(prenominal) realises resulting in failure . Projects contri besidesing to failure be are those that hold on to absorb valuable resources without ever stretchability their objectives , and represent what mountain be described as escalation . Escalation occurs when progress of assure goals see to be uncertain yet in that respectfulness is committal to continue (Kiel , 1995Factors associated with devise escalation are classified into quaternary categories project , psychological , kindly and organizational . Project factors implicate underreckoning of required resources , inadequate planning and improper monitor . psychological factor s admit ending maker s perception that advantage is near the corner based on his previous roll in the hay . Social factors include a feeling that abandoning of the project whitethorn look bad amongst other complaisant groups and organizational factors include unstinted support and involvement by a nominate decision-maker in the acquit managementReportRole of Information Technology in create competitiveness in business is becoming more than prevalent . US companies continue to deploy extensive resources in IT projects to break business processes . A major problem face up by companies is the frequent occurrence of IS project escalations resulting in huge wastage of slender resources . Project escalation occurs when there is continuous commitment of resources to it counterbalance when there is uncertainty in attainment of project objectivesStudies wear indicated that escalation is non caused just by defective project management only if is also a result of combinatio n of psychological social and organizational! factors . Factors under each category need to be understood and addressed by IS managersProject factors : the duration of the project should be worked out correctly and underestimation should be avoided . The nature and switch of resources necessary for the successful completion of the project should be estimated accurately . Scope of the project should be very well be the project should be well planned and be tended to(p) by proper control measures so that deviations can be reverse as they occurPsychological factors : association of an IS project with a individual(a) individual in an organization should be avoided . Collective role and responsibility of a project will friend decision making , with respect to dropping a non-viable project in time , more rationalSocial factors : IS projects should be a team sweat . When IS projects are allocated to a team representing all the related departments the project can be completed more effectively and efficiently and will help re duce intrafirm rivalryOrganizational factors : these factors are more grueling to address as they involve bureaucracy and power embolden amongst managers in all given organization . The problem can be cover by strong leadership at the very top . The leader has to create a floriculture of goal integrating within the organization BibliographyKeil M (1995 ) displace the plug : software program project management and the problem of project escalation MIS Quarterly , Vol . 19 , No . 4 pp .421-447...If you want to conduct a enough essay, order it on our website:

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