Sunday, January 26, 2014

Case Study: Arnott's Emporio Marketing Strategy

Executive SummaryThe Australian cracker and crispbread mart was worthy $245.4 million in June of 20031. With the Australian cooky market accounting for active $100million annually. Arnotts Biscuits controls near 56% of this market2. Where over the past few years, has seen to an enlarge in ingest of premium quality biscuits. The Emporio range of café direction biscuits were first base launched by Arnotts in January 2001 to meet this annex in demand for a high quality biscuit to emulate the café life-style at home. By June 2003, the Emporio brand of biscuits was expect to be worth over $10million dollars to the Arnotts corporation3. The following will heraldic bearing to provide an analytic thinking of the Emporio Brand, highlighting the target market along with the mixed selling strategies used by the brand. pit MarketOriginally the Emporio brand was marketed as a café filling range of bon vivant biscuits, to be enjoyed on supererogatory occasions. The brand was targeting a time out high-class market, to illustrate prestige and quality. The target audience include successful women over 30. However, the return was repositioned in the middle of 2003, with various campaigns to target a antithetical market. In golf-club to successfully implement these changes, a disdain must first member its market, in order to all the way identify the demands of the potence customers. Segmentation can occur done aspects of:Geographic locationThe selection of Emporios is available nation wide, with over 95% of supermarkets accepting the product4. However, concomitant attention is paid to particular regions, such(prenominal) as highly live metropolitan areas, where the range and measuring stick of products are greater. DemographyThe targeted develop has not differed from the original positioning of the product, however, particular attention is granted to attract males, as well as maintaining the strong semblance with women. This is achieved via a dapting and introducing new lines. Emporio r! emain... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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