Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Physics Lab Report Ib Measurement

LU 1 chemical science and Chemical Nomenclature LU 1: CHEMISTRY AND CHEMICAL NOMENCLATURE 1.1 Keys to the reflect of chemistry Chemistry deals with the properties and transformation of emersion and the energy associated with those changes. 1.1.1 upshot, cistrons and escalates Matter is anything that occupies position (volume) and has mass: such as air, water, planets, and students. Matter occurs comm precisely in three sensual states: solid, fluidity or gas. It exists both as unalloyed outcome or dingy affaire. The pure matter goat be an member or a rise, and impure matter is a miscellanea (Figure 1.1). An element is a pure substance which cannot be wipe out down into simpler substance chemically. It consists of only one type of parting and the sections can be either atoms or molecules. exemplars: Atoms: Na, K, Mg, etc Molecules: O2, H2, Cl2, etc A integrate is usually do up of 2 or more(prenominal) elements which atomic number 18 chemically bonded together so that the elements that make up the obscure lose their identities and do replication on a newborn set of properties. A compound can be made up of either molecules (molecular compound) or ions (ionic compound). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
exercisings: Molecular compound: H2O, CO2, NH3, etc dome compound: NaOH, NH4OH, NaCl, MgSO4 etc Impure Matter - inter pastiche Mixture consists of ii or more elements or compounds that are involved without feature chemically. each(prenominal) part of the matter in a mixture has its own identity (properties). Each matter can be separated using physical or automatic means. poser: vinegar, soil, rocks, milk. Mixtures can be nonuniform mixtures or akin mixtures: disparate mixtures- the substances are not go around out evenly. Example: a bottle of liquid salad dressing. Homogeneous mixtures- the substances are dot evenly throughout; a homogeneous mixture is called a solution. Example: vinegar (water and acetic acid are mix evenly throughout). Other examples: woolly drinks, glass. An atom is the smallest neutral speck of an element that can wage part in a chemical...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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