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Etymology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Etymology - Essay ExampleThe forge remember dates back to the 18th century when it was developed. The vocalize teleph one is the combination of different traditional languages. It is derived from the rare language of Greek. The parole telephone is made by combining two different words. These two words are tele and phone. The word tele in Greek mover far away and the word phone means voice or sound. Both these words combine to give the word telephone which was designed to transmit the voice of individuals to far away places. The roots of the word telephone are yet non specifically known. Even though it is assumed that French was the language which gave birth to the word of telephone. Firstly the word telephone was apply for a devisal which produced sound waves. The gadget produced different frequencies of sound waves. This whatchamacallit was made by Sudre in 1828. The word telephone was initially used for this gadget but later on was used on for another device. This device was used in different ships to signal the other ships of their location. This instrument is likewise known as a signaling device in English. Telephone was the word given to this device as again the signals being transmitted by the ships were a way of communication between the ships. in addition after a certain span of years a communication gadget was predicted by P. Reis in 1861. This communication tool was predicted to come the name of telephone by P. Reis. In 1877 Graham Bell made his known invention of a gadget through which people could transmit their voices. This gadget was later on named telephone by Graham Bell himself in 1876. This word got its level of a verb in 1878. The verb telephone means to speak to soulfulness by the use of telephone. The word telephone can be defined as a gadget which is used to have telephonic conversations. It can be further divided into a verb a noun and an adjective. The verb of the word telephone means to telephone a friend i.e. a particula r action of calling a friend. When we try a word from etymological concept we need to know search out the origin of the word. As we use the word Book, from an etymological point of view, book was used as * bc -in Old English. bc is adopted from Germanic word *bk-, which means beech tree. In the same way, the old English form of book, i.e. bc has Germanic origin, *bk-, written document, book. Book and beech are twigs of the same tree. Both words have Germanic origin, which is *bk-, which means beech tree from an Indo-European perspective. The meaning of book thereof can be said as beech tree and it is because of the fact that people of Germany, in early ages, used to write on the stripe of beech tree. The same origins of book are found in Latin. Liber is the word for book in Latin. Liber meant verbalize, that is the smooth inner bark of a tree. Early Romans used to write and state on the bark of a tree and hence Liber was used to identify the thing we call Book in English these d ays. Book refers to a tote up of papers printed, written, and blank or with images combined together usually fastened or hinged at one side. Every paper of the book is known as a page number and every side of the leaf is called a page. Books are meant to convey some idea or information. There are many kinds of books including, explanation books, novels, magazines, journals etc. Books are available at the bookshops and libraries. People can purchase books

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