Saturday, April 27, 2019

Construction Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Construction Law - Essay warningplaced on par with other kinds of projects because delays in construction and claims arising out of such delays apply constantly been an integral part of construction law. According to Yates and Epstein, there is an enormous amount of time, energy and cost that is give to delay claims which do not strictly begin around the time of completion of the job, rather these delays sustain right at the inception stage of the project itself.2 The Protocol states that the process of analysis of delay place only begin to be addressed when there is an understanding about what work was carried out and when such work was carried out, as a result, the Protocol recommends that contractors maintain a written record of what work is to be carried out on the project and when it is to be done over the specified time period. However, as McCredie points out, this causes difficulties, not only in terms of the extensive record keeping which the contractor will now have t o maintain, but also from the point of view of correlating those records with schedules and locations3.In the case of Great eastern Hotel Company Ltd4, charges of indifference by contractor and resultant dischargees thereof as claimed by Great eastern Hotel were not upheld by the court and no relief was allowed for losses sustained. In this case, the difficulties in forming causation of delay wind to losses were also demonstrated. There is no definite court precedent to establish causation of loss due to delays and in this case, it was pointed out that the Courts have not laid down any formal tests to establish causation, rather they have relied upon commonsense and an interpretation of the individual facts in a particular case in order to determine whether the breach of the contract was a sufficiently substantial cause of the claimants loss.5 whence the party that violates the contract is liable only if the breach was in effect the effective cause of his loss.6An natural proc ess for losses caused by a breach of

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