Thursday, April 25, 2019

Homeless English Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Homeless English - Research Paper exercisingThere atomic number 18 individuals who absolutely cherish the idea of being dispossessed because they are able to run their obligations through the helping hand of the society. However, this is a very wrong approach that has been taken on by these individuals who would not like to make their way through the tough times and be completely dependent on the donors and organizations which would give them shelter, food and clothing their most basic pauperisations in essence. Being homeless in the tough times of today is such a severe problem that it is hard to operate a remedy for this problem. What is regular worse is the event that being homeless is not something that one does or chooses by choice. It just happens in the nick of things and brings on more trouble for the people who do not have a shelter to live under. Hence being homeless is a stigma that has been abandoned with individuals who are not that affluent and have a tough time making both ends meet. It likewise creates issues of joblessness, poverty and health related concerns which are raised time and again. What is even sickening to know is the fact that the state of homelessness brings with it problems of expounding proportions. These problems do not just remain attached with the poverty domains yet are engulfed with more grave concerns, most of which are related with the ways and means under which people wear out becoming mature and are shelved into a box from where they cannot escape (Khan, 2010). They simply let go murder the feeling of thinking in a better way for their own selves, and this results in their complete subjection of activities and tasks which they ought to do time and again (Gudauskas, 1999). One must remember that homelessness is not a sin, yet it is a circumstantial happening which comes about when there are problems which an individual cannot face up to and hence becomes a part of the unwanted picture that has developed wi th the advent of time. Some estimates suggest that around 200,000 to 500,000 Americans live without a permanent shelter. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development quoted more than 600,000 sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals deep down America, as of January 2009 figures. Moreover, approximately 1.56 million people were making use of an emergency shelter or even a transitional housing program between October 2008 and September 2009. For some, homeless becomes a blessing in disguise. This is because they believe homelessness gives them a sense of being unattached with the responsibilities that they would have to take had they owned a house. They are thus dependent on the state and its people for their shelter needs. Similarly, they have gone one bill ahead and relied on their food and clothing regimes as well. The need is to establish their psyche more than anything else. This is the campaign why they are living in an age of destitute where they have just about naught with them yet they are undertaking minimal efforts to make do with the changing times. These are important considerations which need to be understood and which shall pave the way for future growth and development regimes of such individuals. The society therefore takes the brunt of such individuals who do not want to do anything yet remain at the behest of the people at large. The state has therefore

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