Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Athletic Trainer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Athletic Trainer - Research Paper Example An Athletic trainer is a medical expert concerned with various areas of an athletes care. The athletic trainer teaches and instructs the athletes on ways to avoid injury during competitions by use of exercise practices and warm-up schedules. In case an injury occurs to an athlete, it is the duty of the athletic trainer to examine the injured athlete and establish whether the athlete requires medical attention from a doctor. Athletic trainers are also involved in the management and administration of rehabilitation of athletes for instance through exercise and training. In addition, the athletic trainers engage in monitoring the progress and performance of athletes to avoid further injuries. They are also involved in applying and fixing supportive gadgets for instance support braces or tensor bandages. Generally, the work of athletic trainers involve ensuring that the athlete is fit and in god health. In this case, these trainers also work closely with other professionals involved in t he affairs of the athletes for instance the athletes’ doctors and coaches (Hand, 2011). It is evident that athletic trainers hired by sports teams concern themselves w primarily with preventing injury, examination of injuries as well as rehabilitation of the athletes. It is also evident that as the name suggests, the major function of the athletic trainer is not to train the athlete on the specifics of the competition but rather to ensure that the athlete is fit for the competition. Even though the athletic trainers mainly occur in professional sports, others occur in the public domain (Beach, 2011). Heron (2011) affirms that athletic trainers concern themselves with institution, amateur and professional athletes in addition to normal people injured while participating in various sports. Athletic trainers should undergo a system of education and training before they

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