Thursday, October 17, 2019

Law Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Law - Term Paper Example The disastrous effects of these truths could carry forward into our future life which needs to be averted. (150 Words) Outline: Our present energy resources may not last long due to high rate of usage and unbridled consumption, especially by the industrial sectors. Therefore it has become necessary to seek new and alternative means for addressing this issue and providing means of its alleviation and mitigation, if not a long term solution that could effectively deal with this current issue. Developing several ways and means by which the dependence and funds spend on fossil fuels and contemporary energy sources could be reduced and innovative ideas leading to outsourcing of alternative energy sourcing could be developed and gainfully employed. Innovating and development may take time and resources. It is a long drawn process which requires sustained efforts and investments. It is also necessary to develop newer techniques through which existing energy resources could be optimized and effective control measures taken to limit its ineffective and inefficient use, through innovation. Introduction: The subject of seeking alternative and substitute means of generating energy resources needs to be seen in the context of depleting resources, due to mismanagement and slack control mechanism which does not address the core issues. Although much has been said about the need to tackle energy crisis on a war footing and seek renewable and alternative areas like harnessing wind, solar or nuclear energy for the advancement of human society, there are many areas in which improvements could be made for achieving such objectives. In the first place, there is legislation in place that is designed to control the use of energy. This is done by creating hybrid or alternative fuel usage in vehicles. It is planned that by year 2018, nearly 50% of

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