Saturday, March 23, 2019

Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese :: Biography Biographies Essays

Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese   In this I essay will be discussing two unique authors, Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese. Morrison is a Nobel apprize winning author, and Fox-Genovese, is a history professor at Harvard. Both of these women postulate interesting perspectives on race and gender. According to the articles I have read, Toni and Fox-Genovese de valetd the way people view women and minorities is wrong.    In a Vibe magazine interview, Toni claims that In a recent British nanny case, there was indisposition about the fix not being bag with child...she she should have been home with her children, said some people (Vibe 1998 p.2). Morrison states that it would be an entirely different situation, had the mother been a poor black women. A black women should cut back, even if that work is taking care of somebady elses children (Vibe 1998). This is a wrong way to look at things we fought a long time to have Women taking care o f children tacit to be work. Now its understood to be something else (Vibe 1998 p.3).     According to Toni, people coat up who you are by what you look like, what your name is, and by what you do. withal this is scarce part of who you are. When I was a little girl, a man came up to me and said, are you a Willis? - referring to my mothers maiden name-I thought so, by the way you walk. I moved to New York and people said, What do you do So you say Im a writer..but you thats only part of who you are (Vibe 1998 p.3). Often people wrap their identity in what they do. This can be troublesome when your not performing to someones expectations, one mightiness think there is some thing wrong with who they are, which is not true. The alike thing applies to gender and race. It is unfair to already have a preconcieved apprehension about someone without checking him or her out first.    Fox-Genovese claims that many articles of literature forefend certain peo ple. Like Morrison, Fox-Genovese agrees that elite culture denied the values and perceptions of all others and impose itself as an absolute standard (Fox-Genovese 1998).

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