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The poems I am comparing in this essay are Half-past two and :: English Literature

The poesys I am comparing in this es enjoin be Half-past two andReports by U.A. Fanthorpe and release school by Hugo Williams.All three of the poems are active school, and about the differentaspects of it. There are salwaysal points of view expressed in thepoems, such as that of a teacher, the perplexity of a claw startingboarding school, and a child who cannot tell the time.In the poem Half-past two, the poem tells of a child who, afterbeing t aging off as been told to take a breather inside until half-past two andthen he can go. To the dismay and confusion of the child, he cannottell the time and so wonders what to do when and if, half-past twoever came. In this poem, the style is very much that of a child public speaking firsthand to himself and thinking in his head. The poembegins with Once upon a which is a harsh clich of old fairytalesof which the majority of them started in this way. In the firstparagraph, as he is so young he did something very wrong but thencarries o n to say that he had forgotten what it was that he had doneto deserve his punishment.At the stopping point of the lines in the first verse, there is no punctuation sothat the commentator doesnt break out and is forced to carry on reading toreach the curiosity of the sentence, and enable them to have a pause. Thisis written just how a child would tell a story, by not taking a pauseuntil the most important bit of a story is told. When the child speaksof phrases that he hears often, they are written as, Gettinguptime,timeyouwereofftime. As the child cannot tell the time, he classesthese as ways to tell the time.U.A. Fanthorpe attempts to recreate the voice and thoughts of thechild by describing a clock as having little eyes and two long legsfor walking meaning the hands of the clock.In the eighth verse, the deliberate repetition of the opening words ofeach line Into the are used to suggest a change of mood. The longerlines suggest how his caput escapes and his imagination starts t ounwind. This contrasts with the other verses and situation.When the child writes about his teacher, he uses capitals whenaddressing Her. U.A. Fanthorpe has done this to display how importantthe child regards the teacher. When the teacher starts talking, U.AFanthorpe uses italics to show how he regards her, and also as acontrast to the normal font used so that her run-in catches the

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