Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Clean Energy and the fossil fuels in Saudi Arabia Essay -- Environ

Over the past 200 years, mankind discovered the dodo fuels and they used this source to produce hug zero. This affects the environment in umteen negative ways and caused many issues worldwide such as urban transmit pollution and acid rain, embrocate spills and the high temperature of earth. Saudi-Arabian Arabia has the biggest crude reserves in the world by 19.66% (the world factbook, 2011) and the second oil producer state of matter in the world with roughly 10.121 million lay a day which account for 12% of the heart and soul world mathematical product of oil in 2010 (Fontinelle,2011). Moreover, the region relies heavily on oil industry. And the around victoryful companies in the country are thus whose work in oil industry such as ARAMCO Company. The reason behind this success is because most of these companies get financial support and attention from the Saudi presidency and sometimes the political science owes these companies. Because of the massive reserve of oil and the high income that generated from oil, the country has less attention to seek for other sources of unclothe energy such as solar energy and wind energy which leads to the increase of air pollution in the country. However, oil is expected to last in the undermentioned 50 to 100 years (Hubbert, 1956). Furthermore, the International organizations have made many decisions to protect the environment and environmental resource such as Kyoto communications protocol which decided to raise the use of solar energy to 50%of the total global energy use by 2020 (UNFCCC ,2005 ). Recently, these issues lead the Saudi government to realize problems, such as air pollutions, and start to invest in clean energy area but not as expected. These years many people in Saudi Arabia argue the uses of clean energy and replace with the fossil fuels. And they d... ...hese negatives and people can get positives from this and have clean and healthy environment. Moreover, they will have renewable en ergy. We also can pee new jobs and we can use this fuel in transportations. However, this technology is rattling expensive but it can cover the cost in retentive term and sometimes in a short term. In addition, Saudi Arabia is large country and it is known as a desert country, which is commensurate for this technology. Many believe that the best solution for this issue is to use both(prenominal) fossil fuels and clean energy and create hybrid power (KACST, 2009). Therefore, the country can get the benefit from both side and they can financial support fossil fuels longer as much they can, save the environment and other source of income to the country. Finally, every person needs to think about this issue, so we will have a great and successful life in the future.

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