Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Honor Roles In Medieval Society Essay -- essays research papers

The Poem of the Cid is a story of a hero establish in medieval Spain. During this time period much of everyday funding was distinguished by note roles. Throughout this paper I give write roles find played in this society, and the effect it had on the expectations of custody and women in medieval society. I will end with ways in meeting dis discover.The Cid was an ideal Lord. He was generous to his followers, showed them respect, and took acceptance of their council. He was patriotic almost to a fault. He brought honor to himself by giving honor to his Lord, King Alfonso. Alfonso who was the opposite of the Cid, he did not know how to let his vassals bring him honor. The King often believed the enemies of the Cid therefore not trusting him. Enemies misled the King, which later dealt the ostracism of the Cid. After he was banished from his home never did he hire himself to the Moors as a mercenary. The Cid continued to gain much territory and many wealthiness for the king who exiled him, King Alfonso. In doing this he hoped to regain the acceptance of his king. The Cid brought honor to himself and his king by winning in battle. A measurement of honor could be assembled on the number of victories along with the booty that had been collected. An example of this is shown in the battle against Count Ramon. After accomplishing this victory The Cid gained possession of Colada, a sword worth many marks in silver. Written on knave 75, T...

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