Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Should Animals Be Kept in Zoo

houldTopic You argon a member of your schoolhouses debating club. Write a debating speech on the topic Animals should never be unbroken in zoos. You stub either choose for or against the motion. Honorable adjudicators, Ladies and gentlemen, Todays motion is Animals should never be kept in zoos. Our team totally oppose to the motion. Mind the word never is used, which gives a very extreme meaning. Our opponents may say that zoologys come from disposition. They deserve and have to live in their own habitat to make sense. We, man beings, should never disturb them.There should be a clear boarder betwixt them and us. However, is the really practical? The following arguments will explain. First of all, zoos keep animals for educating the public. Zoos are not amusement parks or circuses, animals are not involve to be trained to perform. I hereby show sympathy for animals which are mistreated. Ladies and gentlemen, Animals in zoos are real, which attracts the public to visit. There is information about individually species and visitors can know more about a variety of species if they allege the descriptions.Even if not, at least they know they exist such kind of animal on earth and appreciate the biodiversity of nature. Zoos can also organize programmes and activities to enable sidetrackicipants to scan more about certain species in detail. Clearly, animals in zoos are valuable for educational purpose. Secondly, zoos can preserve animals. Apparently, animals can evade not only predators but also natural disasters like earthquake, hurricanes and so on so forth. This helps them to breed. Then, animals are not endangered or to face extinction.We can now protect what the nature gives us, as this is also our responsibility. In ordering to safeguard a diversity of species, it is of no alternatives but to keep some(prenominal) of them in zoos. Ladies and gentlemen, we have destroyed the nature enough since industrial revolution, it is term for us to repay and protect animals by simply keep Thirdly, animals in zoos obtain research values. Scientists are conducting researches on numerous animals. This facilitates us to understand deeply in animals.It would be difficult to randomly capture a suitable wild animal, in good condition, for experimental uses or observations. Employing animals in zoos alleviates time constraint and inadequate manpower. Ladies and gentlemen, the more we know about animals, the fail we can treat them. Of course, we definitely try to preserve their habitats in nature. To grasp that, researching is the first step. My teammates Peter will further elaborate on the part of education and Mary will give more details of run zoos.Most of us, if not all, disagree to confine all animals on earth in zoos, which is actually no possible. We just capture a few of each species for preservation, just like the seed bank for plants. Our opponent may the vie people treat them cruelly and we also cannot create the adopt very(pren ominal) environment for animals to live in. it is undeniable that artificial environment is not the exact same copy of the nature, which is what animals craving for.However, with advanced technology and better knowledge, we deal it is possible to simulate the nature for animals to live. It is not practical to refuse whatever degree of confinement of animals. Ladies and gentlemen, we anticipate a balanced sustainable development, which is on both environmental and economic sides, and we ignored the latter in the past. Conserving the nature has become our obligation and zoos are one of the best ways to smash this eternal task. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, todays motion must not stand. I rest my case. Thank you.

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