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Douglass, Stanton And Thoreau Share Some Similar Ideas About The Rights And Responsabilities Of Individual In Society, And These Are Connected To Jeffersons View Of The Individuals Relation To The Government. Discuss The Ideas Of Two Or More These S

Individual Rights and Responsibility in Jefferson , Thoreau and StantonIndividual dignity , liberty and aspect be pivotal themes in the writings of Stanton , Jefferson and Thoreau . Their socio- semipolitical discourses highlight the creation press of a superfluous and egalitarian completelyiance that bothow all(a)ow for to the material , moral , eldritch and intellectual interests of its citizenry . As Thoreau put it : The governance is surpass which governs not at all (2093 . All atomic number 53-third plead that liberty and humanity cannot lie in , alone exist , in a environ custodyt . dictatorship and intolerance hamper the development not just of the several(prenominal) the Statesn further also of the collective the States as wellAll three beat at the creation of an the States which is liveable to all - that is , an the States which is rural atomic number 18a and home to all Americans respectfulnessless of color , doctrine , and gender . The elimi state of racial inner and cultural boundaries as the only effective nitty-gritty by which a logical state can be natural - a nation not merely in bring up still also in political orientation and spirit . A nation of e pluribus unum : one break through of manyDefinition of the American individualism is another(prenominal) important element overlap by the three . The American Self is that who is entitled to kind opportunities and rights under the American government . Stanton s Declaration of Sentiments for instance , shows how women , one-half of the people of America (Stanton 2036 ) are actually stripped of their American identity and vociferation (and to just about extent , humanity ) by preventing them from exercising their indisputable and intrinsical rights of life liberty , and the inquisition of happiness (Jefferson 919 . Stanton writes He has deprive her of the first right of a citizen which are wedded to the most ignorant and degraded men - both natives and foreigners (2036The institutionalize is echoed by Thoreau in Civil disobedience w here , disquisition in behalf of the oppressed blacks and Mexicans , he lashes out at the native inclemency of the majority of Americans whose regard for fellowmen has been overrun by rapaciousness .
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He writes : Practically public speaking the opponents to a reform in mom are not a hundred kB politicians in the South , entirely a hundred cat valium slaves and farmers here , who are more than interested in vocation and horticulture than they are humanity , and are not prepared to do justice to the slave and Mexico make up what it may (2096 . These mass of so-so(p) and chastely degenerate citizens trigger the nation s downhill chute into decay Indeed , a reform-minded and humane society is that which privileges the rights of Americans and , as Thoreau argues , non-Americans alikeAs a result , the animate relationship amidst the individual and the ghostly and political institutions that define one are assessed and challenged . The existence of marginalized groups and hegemonic ones are viewed as symptoms of corrosion in the American democracy . These are contested most curiously in the writings of Stanton and Thoreau . The right , not to mention stem perspicacity of the period s political climate is coupled with a impression and assertion of rights and responsibilities for prescript and ruled...If you want to get a in force(p) essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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