Monday, October 28, 2019

Global Warming Essay Example for Free

Global Warming Essay Among The most profound environmental problems, Global Warming is one of the serious problem. Former vice president Al Gore takes his environmentally friendly political agenda to the big screen with the documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. The film follows Gores platform of recognizing global warming as a worldwide problem. Gore says the truth must be revealed or there will be consequences to pay . Since the beginning of Industrial Revolution, atmospheric concentration of CO2 have increased by 30%, Methane concentration by 100% and Nitrous oxide concentration by about 15%. These increases have enhanced the heat trapping capability of the Earth’s atmosphere. The combustion of coal, oil and natural gas accounts for most of the heat trapping greenhouse gases emitted by human activities. Most of the best and brightest in the world scientific community, however, believe we are heading for the trouble. But coal and petroleum products are abundantly used for moving the life cycle of people. Asking such people to slow down or choose more expensive alternative energies is asking for trouble. Petroleum industry is very big industry In which there are millions of people employed and the millions of families thriving on this for their livelihood. To find out the solution of Global Warming merely alleging the petroleum industry and burning of fossil fuels then those millions of people who are depending on these industries are badly affected. There are so many other causes also which are responsible for the Global Warming like industrial revolution, nuclear radiations and emitting of green house gases. 98% of total global greenhouse gas emission are natural, mostly water vapour; the effect of water vapour is not well understood. Some of the critics of Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient of Truth’ says â€Å" An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore makes absurd remarks about global warming that stretch well beyond the IPCC claims. This clip demonstrates some of Gores various exaggerations on the subject of global warming†. There could be benefits in the wake of the planet’s warming. Increased rainfall, created by climatic fluctuations, in a semi arid region will raise agricultural productivity. Rising CO2 levels cause plants to grow faster and absorb more CO2, through photosynthesis. Longer growing seasons may boost yields in northern Canada and Europe. In fact, a vast majority of scientists now believe that even an immediate and dramatic cut in global greenhouse gas emissions would not fully prevent climate change impacts. Even USA, world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is not willing to be subjected to any kind of restraint on their energy use. USA has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol. The country claimed that if it has to implement the provisions of the Protocol, the economic losses will be heavy and will drive 5 million Americans out of work. Policies to promote energy efficiency, in the long run, will improve economic performance, at the individual firm or country level. Global warming is a global problem calling for global solutions; no nation alone can defeat the problem. Industry must develop energy – efficient vehicles, consumer goods and production processes. â€Å" Most important, individual households must contribute to emissions reduction through their power of consumer choice and their personal lifestyle decision†. Reference: With inputs from â€Å" Is Apocalypse Near, Far or Never? † by G. Vijaya Raghavan V S M Nair.

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