Thursday, September 12, 2019

Trade and Consumer Protection Law-Unfair Trade Practices Essay

Trade and Consumer Protection Law-Unfair Trade Practices - Essay Example She was also promised class travel by "Gold Class" bus and ferry, along with excellent local guides who could enlighten her about the sites. Additionally, she was compelled to purchase an extra package of 'Lord of the Rings Experience' for $550. She also paid $2000 for single room accommodation. But her tour was a disappointing one due to the following reasons: (a) The information of rescheduling of the Air New Zealand flight was suppressed by Haka Travel Agency, and was not revealed to her, which made her lose 1 night and 1 day of her tour package against the 12 nights and 13 days' tour. This means she was subjected to a pecuniary loss equal to the cost of 1night and 1day. (e) There was also a hidden charge for the "Lord of the Rings' experience. She was forced to pay an extra $150 to the tour guide to see it. And the show was a swindling and lacked the promised entertainment Any advertisement published either in print media or even through other propaganda which involves a customer and product/service provider /corporation /company /government, is a contract between the advertiser and the person/group/company when the latter takes the service of the provider. If the service is not provided as per the advertisement, even the public can sue or take legal proceedings against the advertiser for public interest. If the service is not provided as per the advertisement it amounts to breach of contract and as such there arises a legal issue of breach of contract. In the issue stated and based on the problem the customer can sue against the travel agency. But as per Australian law, the breach of contract is not a criminal case. Here the travel agency has suppressed several facts like their in competency in providing services as they promised in their advertisement. And so she is subjected to pecuniary loss due to their shortages and untimely and unevenly provision of services. Issues of the case: This was the

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