Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Disaster recovery plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Disaster recovery plan - Term Paper Example In this regard, Cisco involves in introducing along with executing pioneering technologies as well as programs to deliver quality products to its huge figure of customer base and also to build a strong community worldwide (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2013). Thesis Statement The paper intends to review the present network architecture of Cisco Systems, Inc and propose network architecture of an alternate computing facility in relation to the occurrence of a disaster. Subsequently, a disaster recovery plan policy will be developed which will take into consideration aspects such as disaster declaration, assessment of security and disaster recovery procedures among others. In terms of market size, the business of Cisco is divided into various segments that include the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific region, European market and Japan as along with other emerging business markets. With regard to determine the layout as well as the organizational structure of Cisco, it has been apparently obse rved that the organization employs nearly 72,400 employees worldwide. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization named John Chambers has designed a top-down organizational structure segregating into four main parts i.e. ... rganization is facing certain difficulties relating to its network architecture owing to the reasons of complex business environment and gaining momentum of extreme business market competition. The present network architecture of Cisco can be recognised raising greater value especially in the service sector providing emergency services at the time of happening any sort of disaster like earthquake and fire among others. Cisco introduced as well as developed a Network Management Reference Architecture (NMRA) to assist the customers in understanding as well as addressing the operational needs concerning on people, process and technology. At present, the strategy of the organization relating to the aforesaid network architecture is developing an innovative technological vision which is aligned with the business requirements to comply with the clientele requirements by a greater level. The aforesaid network architecture which follows by Cisco can be better explained with the help of the f ollowing pictorial illustration. Source: (Cisco Systems, Inc., 2013) Proposed Network Architecture of an Alternate Computing Facility in the Event of a Disaster For developing an alternate computing facility, CISCO needs to remain much focus upon strengthening its existing organizational framework. In addition, the organizational network structure of the organization is also required to be standardized in order to assist the customers for understanding the technologies as well as the offering facilities at the moment of the occurrence of any disaster. It is worth mentioning that at this present era of modernized world, the global business lifecycle vastly depends upon information and communication technology (ICT) by a greater level. The initial objectives of the IT network disaster

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