Thursday, July 25, 2019

LION KING film analysis of the leadership issues in the film Essay

LION KING film analysis of the leadership issues in the film - Essay Example The question is, what are those qualities that make a strong leader? Why is it that some leaders are loved and respected by their followers forever while others fail to maintain the faith from their followers? The answer lies in their leadership styles. The movie â€Å"The Lion King†, is an excellent example of different leadership styles (1994). Through the characters of Mufasa, Scar and Simba, the movie has clearly and distinctly described the qualities that make a strong and a weak leader. Leadership can be defined as â€Å"an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purpose.† (Rost 1991). This definition shows that a relationship is developed between a leader and the followers only when they have a common goal to achieve (Rost 104). A relationship cannot be developed if the goals of the leader and the followers differ. In the movie ‘The lion king’, Mufasa is able to gain respect and love from his followers because he is able to understand their needs and works towards the fulfillment of those needs harmoniously. Mufasa displays a transformational leadership style through the quality of the relationship that he develops with his followers. A strong leader is the one who is able to form a relationship with his followers not on the basis of expectations but on the basis of trust and understanding. Transformational leaders take effort in nurturing the sense of self worth in the followers and boosting their self-esteem (Bass 1998). When the followers realise that their individual qualities are being recognised and nurtured by their leader, they feel that their individual needs are being taken care of. They feel enthusiastic and energetic under the guidance of such leader and hence, commit themselves to the achievement of goal in a genuine way. They are willing to give their best in an effort to reach their purpose (Bass 1998). In the movie ‘The lion king’, Mufasa

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