Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Discourse Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Discourse Community - Essay Example Many enjoy this and aspire to actually experience it. This is the main reason why car racing games are so popular. I remember watching an episode of the comedy series Malcolm in the Middle years ago. Malcolm’s father devised a plan to get him and his brothers out of school for the day to watch NASCAR. It was the first time they or he would ever watch it live. They were so excited because they know that it will be action-packed with cars going around at full speed. More specifically, his father is more excited at being able to watch cars flying and flipping around at the expense of the driver. Because admittedly so, granted that this may cause the life and limb of the driver, watching it happen is something to talk about. They all though they were going to have a blast and it will be so fast. But of course it was not. The race took hours with the cars going round and round for hundreds of laps. And much to Malcolm’s father’s disappointment, nothing eventful happened that day and they went home bored as ever. Of course, they were not the only ones unfamiliar with the rules of racing because they have only seen the highlights on television. Unlike that NASCAR event they have attended, safety is not always guaranteed on the race track. The driver must rely on his crew and his skills to be able to win and to ensure that he is not hurt whenever he goes out to race. Anyone who wants to learn this sport, as an spectator or as a would-be driver himself must know the rules, the proficiency and the composition of the sport. It contains a language all its own that must be learned to be able to keep track of what is happening. This is vital so that one will not be misled or unaware. A great example of the exclusive language used nonverbally during matches is the flags. The different colors signify different signals to the drivers and his team. The yellow flag or caution flag signifies that there is something wrong on the track and they must slow down.

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