Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Careers of Diplomat versus Attache in Victorian Times :: Victorian Era

Diplomat or extend Which was the better job?How to become a DiplomatTo become a diplomat, one must possess the machination of diplomacy. They have to handle know how to negotiate, be well tempered and genteel. In order to become a diplomat Mr. Pitt Crawley must have had to earn and been awarded the position. In addition, he had to possess an art for politics and Etiquette. While in college Crawley mastered these diplomatic skills. He became the Private Secretary to Lord Binkie. He also became the Attach to the Legation at Pumpernickel. However, after ten years into this position he gave up the diplomatic career and began to turn country gentleman (Vanity Fair). Crawley prided himself on having manners. Thackeray point mentioned in Vanity Fair that Crawley would have been a great diplomat if not for early neglect. Crawley and the Victorians both had the ability to use deceptive tactics to reach out certain goals.Modern DiplomacyModern Diplomacy started in Eastern Europe and Russia during the 18th century. Diplomats were also called statesman. Diplomats were the eyes/ears/and mouth to the outside. They were the ambassadors, the dignitaries who work with the others to maintain politeness and peace. They were usually members of the aristocracy (nobility). There were two types of diplomats public and private. Private diplomats were accountants and investigators that complied information. Marcus Garvey expound diplomacy as the artful deception of opponents. While in Parliament a Victorian would have had to deceive his opponents in order to win. The diplomats resolved conflict, restored peace, and respect. The Victorian Age was seen as a time of moral standards that were applied hypocritically. Diplomacy was described as artful deception, but the Victorians were supposed to have moral characters. It was easy to notice that the Victorians idea of morality was to give a petty appearance of dignity and restraint. Today diplomats are referred to as Foreign Service o fficers.What was an AttachAn attach was a technical expert on the diplomatic faculty of his country at a foreign capital (Attache). The word attach comes from the French word attacher. The attach was like a secretary in that they both gathered information for their legation (a legation was an embassy). The job was usually appointed to a former Private Secretary of a Lord. One give the bounce either be a cultural attach or military attach. An attach was also a specialist and they knew everything about what they were an attach for whether it be a culture or a person.

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