Monday, April 29, 2019

Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment2 Assignment

Geology Vol ignoreoes&Earthquake Assignment2 - Assignment drillBack from the Dead depicts the magnitude of damage that a volcanic activity can cause. The depiction shows the gust of Mt. St. Helens as one of the most catastrophic events that occurred in the United States. Both movies give viewers first-hand inference that volcanic activity can cause economic and human loss. Various things such as disruptions champion to the eruption of hot magma and lava. But those are not the major lessons learnt. People who knew the background of Mt St. Helens were take aback by the events that followed. The events that take place, as shown by both movies, reveal that mountains that occur through volcanic agent can reoccur. What is interesting is that a resurgence of plant and animal life invoked the mountain out of its dormancy. Additionally, the movie increase insight regarding causes of environmental and geological shifts, forces that spur eruptions. If geologists and people in general can further better understanding of factors behind shifts, they prediction of future eruptions can become easy (Dale, Swanson, and Crisafulli, 7).Fire Mountain, on the other hand, presents a firsthand experience of one of the biggest natural catastrophes to have occurred that resulted in more 540 meg tons of rock and ash being thrown out into the sky. The movie is talking almost the akin event as Back from the Dead is, but the details and accounts presented in this movie are unlike from the first one. The video, packed with evolutionary partiality, does not categorically mention how the ecological or geological features came about by the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 parallel the creationist explanations more than the evolutionary theory. However, it gives a good account of what happened, curiously with its interviews with survivors, and the viewer can easily draw apparent conclusions. This movie shows how seemingly old, stratified rock can form by

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