Friday, March 15, 2019

Drug Usage In Todays Youth Essay -- Essays Papers

Drug Usage In Todays Y bulgeh Todays teenagers cry bug out incessantly for their individual(prenominal) freedom but have thrown their responsibilities as well as their right to these personal freedoms out the window with their increase turn towards drugs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 1997, nearly fifty percent of high school seniors have employ marijuana. i This is a shocking statistic. However, it non as shocking as the fact that this percentage has been on a steady increase since 1992 and has shown no sign of leveling out any time soon. The youth of at once have not just started to use illicit drugs in much frequently, but drugs are r each(prenominal)ing a greater number of adolescents and teenagers each year. One big problem with todays youth is that the majority does not dismay the consequences of drugs. In addition, they are increasingly using illicit drugs and almost touch on drugs as the common thing to do. There are countless delin eations out where todays youth is portrayed as drug users. Even if it is not a drug based movie, there is at least one observe on, reference to, or portrayal of the use of drugs by all types of people. The conquer part about it is that it is not only the stereotype drug user in these movies that is using the drugs. In fact, in several of the pop coating movies that have been released in the past few years it is the most popular kids in school that are using the drugs. For instance in the movie Clueless, at a party, Cher and the other popular kids smoke marijuana and coif it sound like it is all right to do. This portrayal of not only the slackers, but also the cool kids in todays fraternity using drugs is a big influence on todays youth that using drugs is ok. Using drugs is irresponsible, unh... ... and added personal freedom, this is hindered by the addition of drugs to this natural cycle. If a user is to irresponsible to not see the disadvantages of drugs why should any f reedom be gained. The problem with todays society is that they always want the quick fix to everything. This is upheld with the youth of todays society scatty personal freedom, but no responsibility. i High School youth and Trends. NIDA Infofax. Database on-line. Available from http//www.nida, ii Hamilton, Linda. Recreational Drugs An Alluring Threat to Your Body Chemistry. leap Magazine, January 1996 iii Same as ii. iv Brook, Judith S., Balka, Elinor B., Whiteman, Martin. The Risks for Late Adolescence of Early insubstantial Marijuana Use. American Journal of Public Health, October 1999 v Same as iv.

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