Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Boony Doon Case Essay

look FORMATTING RULES AND CONTENT GUIDELINES/ CASE QUESTIONS FOR BONNY DOON VINEYARDI Formatting rulesThe case write-ups should be typed and biramous spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman), normal margins with a utmost length of 5 scallywags which you can split between text, numerical tabulations or appendices as you see fit. You should have a cover page with your names, assimilator numbers, title and course section. You can add the table of contents page and 1 page with the appendices. I expect that it will take you more or less 3.5 pages to do the depth psychology (points 1to 4) and about 1.5 pages for points 4 to 7.II Content guidelinesThe grammatical construction of your report should follow the following template1. Brief statement of current position/outlook of graceful Doon (about 1 paragraph)2. Firm Analysis(This offset should include business model, business-level strategy and position, value chain model synopsis analysis of the firms resources, capabilities and c ompetitive advantage, organizational analysis (management, ownership) advantageousness analysis (please make sure to include relevant numbers).3. Industry analysisThis part should include basic descriptors (size of the market, key players, demand) Porters 5 forces model, life-cycle model, key success factors (what it takes to be successful in this diligence) economics of the industry (profitability, costs and revenues) industrysoverall attractiveness (including the past movement and projected growth)4. Strategic problem/issue identification and definition5. contemporaries of alternatives6. Recommendation(s)7. Brief implementation scheduleIII Case Guidelines/major points for comme il faut Doon VineyardsReference point You ar writing a report as consultants to Bonny Doon. Your report will be presented to their senior management. Here are the main points for your report. 1Describe the current environment for Bonny Doon, including competition and the market trends in the Californ ia wine industry at the time of the case. 2.Outline the main features of Bonny Doons business strategy. What are its benefits and drawbacks in the light of current note? Why has Bonny Doon been so successful? 3What are the main challenges and strategic problems facing Bonny Doon?4.In light of the problems that Bonny Doon is facing, what would you recommend to their management?You should annex a statement to this write-up, which should be signed by all members of the group, indicating that this is exclusively the groups own work, is based exclusively on the study provided in the case, and that each group member contributed their best.

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