Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Nursing Homes Essay

For many of us we have a place that we go to, to rest, relax, and sleep a place thats alter with memories, laughter, tears, and family a place we call home. Then we have the people much(prenominal) as the antiquated that is forced or persuaded to believe that their place of repose where they sh ard in memories with their family and revel champions in their home is no monthlong suitable to meet their demanding needs due the illness and capabilities. So, their love ones wear them on a tour to this place that tries to imitate a well- cutn(prenominal) place, save are far from find oneselfing like home. What is this place you whitethorn ask? A nursing home that is a home out from home, really? In my opinion Nursing homes do non benefit the ones that its design to suffice, rehabilitate, and care for but to strip the senile of their dignity, sense of belonging, and respect. Many senile people are at generation helpless and really depending heavily on the individual who was hired to help them with sidereal casual activities that we may take for granted.We wake up every day get out of bed, go to the restroom, and dress ourselves without any assistance, but the time-honored do not have the opportunity to do the same day-to-day activities without waiting tirelessly on the people who distinguishm to have bury that the elderly are humans. I have personally experience the inattentive and unthinkable acts of the people who work at the nursing home from ignoring the elderly who is screaming desperately from the depths of their soul to the take place of their lungs for help Yet the workers flip on by as if the sounds of help are sounds of sweet sing birds singing. As we freely walk to the restroom and cleanse ourselves the elderly waits upon the termination of their call button that seems to go unanswered until the elderly has no choice, but to release all that they were holding onto themselves and their beds.A lot of families think that they are doing their elderly love ones a good deed by direct them to a place that portrays to be a loving and caring because the family feel that they are unable to provide the round the clock care that their love ones now need. But little do they know the place that they are sending their love ones is not the place that appears to be, in my experience you have to ensure that your love one is receiving the care that the nursing homes promise to deliver by making day-to-day bring downs to show the workers that this particular resident has a family that care and visit daily.When the workers see that the residents have family that comes daily the worker tends to answer pages and stay on top of what their job consist upon. However, if you are a family that dont visit your love one daily but just on holidays your elderly love one is more at risk of neglect wherefore the motto of most nursing homes We want those special members of your family to become evenly special members of ours. We want t o relieve the anxiety and frustration you may be experiencing by providing a nursing home community of constant support, assist and personalized care. Above all, we want to serve each person entrusted to us with compassion, dignity, purpose and respect.

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