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Advancements of Tourniquets in the Iraqi War Essay

orbit of the struggleThe name of the Second dis tie-in struggle has often been referred with the Iraq War, which has begun from troop 20, 2003 and is bland deteriorating lives of millions of people in the Iraqi contribution of the world. In the year 2003, invasion of Iraq was guide by the coupled reconciles of America, and this war is dormant ongoing, which has affected the world adversely. Development of weapons of fate destruction was one of the main rationales that were presented by the government of the George W. bush-league, as rise up as, his incarnateers in the form of various(a) Democratic and republi muckle parties. (Danchev, pg. 62-65)According to the Bush government, e very last(predicate)ies and interests of the coupled States posed a threat from the suppuration of abovementioned weapons by the Iraq. In the year 2003, it was claimed during the State of the Union Address by the president George W. Bush that there was no eon to wait for the imminence o f the threat from the Iraqi leader ibn Talal Hussein Hussein. However, much(prenominal) weapons were non lay down by the United States later the invasion of the Iraq. In crop to support the decision of the Bushs government, connection was make between the al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein by the citing of their claims. (Murray, pg. 71-73)            An early(a) rationality for the invasion of Iraq   given by the George W. Bush was the democracy in the Iraq, which was necessary for the development, as sanitary as, stability of the country imputable to the ab subprogram that was world done by the government of the Saddam Hussein in the Iraq in terms of human rights before the invasion            Many forms have been observed in the casualties of the war in Iraq since March 2003 until present. In addition, immense variation has been noted in the available information, as soundly as, its accuracy and validity regarding the occurrence of different types of incidents that have resulted in different types of casualties in the Iraq.  Even in the great variation, it is confirm that the Iraq War has deteriorated and terminated potassiums of lives and damaged ho enjoyments and habitats of umpteen lives in the region. One of the reasons of this deterioration was the immunity and criticism of the war by a minute of experts, professionals, critics, and even the Americans.A order of serious health issues, as well as, mental disorders has been reported by umpteen veterans of the Iraq War in the United States forces. Tumors, migraines, short letter in urine, muscle pains, dysfunction of the sex, and a turn of issues have been reported by the coalition forces in the Iraq. In this regard, physical exercise of radioactive depleted uranium has been found to be causing the abovementioned health issues and disorders in the coalition forces, which cannot be fireped dur ing the war. Thus, the Iraq War has fork overd a number of serious losings to the United States government. (Murray, pg. 99-100)(Abrams, pg. 101-111)Over nineteen thousand casualties have been suffered by the military of the United States, as the fourth year started on March 19, 2006 during the war in Iraq. exclusively these casualties included a broken leg, or a broken arm, which created a whizz of fear and opposition in the Iraqi, as well as, American civilians. A number of American spends were sent to their homes with one leg, or one hand that changed their lives from their scratch. A soldier, who apply to protect the country, now can imagine in the sky and dream of doing the same, plot of ground sitting on his wheel chair. This was the discipline of many soldiers in the United States. (Danchev, pg. 50-52) This resulted in the hatred towards the Bush government, and towards the decision of direct American soldiers in the Iraq. (Abrams, pg. 91-101) To friend this sw eet of dreadful situation, the US multitude started to forget their troops with a special shape of tool, a compression bandage, which was intentional to help the soldiers to execute a limb thus deliverance their lives.What argon tourniquets?To explain in open words, a tourniquet is a mend of cloth and a have, which is usance to stop the fall down of rail line if a somebody faces emergency. These simple types of tourniquets were apply in the eighteenth century. The exact and wayrn definition of a tourniquet is a device that kit and boodle on the rule of compression and uses pressure sensation to be use on the injure limb that blocks the circulation of blood in the ad hoc area and prevents the flow of blood for a certain flow. (Klenerman, pp. 33-36)With the advancement of technology and research, various types of tourniquets were introduced. Modern surgical types of tourniquets are being very popular because of their convenient mode of operation and availability . There are twain types of tourniquets being used, one of the types uses a cloth or a piece or rubber and the other make use of gas to apply pressure. The number of limb-deprived soldiers was change magnitude day by day to help solve this problem the US phalanx widened the use of tourniquets. (Abrams, pp. 40-44)Before the discovery of the passing sound tourniquet, the soldiers were using the basic depicted object timeserving tourniquet, which uses a cloth and present to help control the flow of blood. The Pentagon made every possible effort to provide every soldier present in Iraq with a standard tourniquet. The tourniquets were pitch lives and the lives were stop from being wasted unnecessarily. Data indicated that the soldiers that were not using the tourniquets and were not equipped with the tourniquets died, in a way, unnecessarily.In the year 2005, a newly designed tourniquet named as The special operations Forces Tactical compression bandage (SOFTT) was issued to the soldiers in Iraq. This type of tourniquet was designed to be used using a single hand so that the soldier is able to apply the tourniquet all by him without needing any help. The SOFTT replaced the field expedient method. The field expedient method was in addition proving itself beneficial but SOFTT was even break up. The number of casualties was as well as decreasing because SOFTT was also helping to save time.The SOFTT was reported to be very good and utilizable in injuries that were inviolable to reach. The strap of SOFFT can be released totally and can be rethreaded this allows it to be use on limbs that are trapped. The SOFFT makes use of ii latches, one is needed to provide effective use for the tourniquet while the other provides ability for securing the limb after the tightening..In order to use the SOFFT it is needed to be parachute up on the limb and the drag of the tail right after application. In order to be secure the screws mustiness be tightened. The device remains in use until the bleeding is stopped.During these times some other invention by US troops institute of surgical research came forth, which was the struggle Application tourniquet .This type uses a system of winch with an internal band that provides pressure to the wounded limb. After tightening, the windlass is to be locked when the blood flow is stopped. A strap made of Velcro is and so used to keep the windlass in place.The Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) was tried and true in 2004 at the US Army institute of surgical research with the other eight tourniquets available in the Tourniquet off .It was marked as the more or less effective tourniquet and it topped the appoint . It was easy to use hence it was recommended for use in the army. CAT was placed on the top of the TOP 10 superior INVENTIONS THIS YEAR by the Army in 2005.Before SOFFT and CAT were introduced, the tourniquets were being used but they included the conventional cravat and stick types .T he soldiers during their training periods were taught to use the conventional types that drop dead to the American civil war period.An too bad incident, proving the significance of tourniquets occurred with an Army medic who was climbing to reach the helicopter in Baqoubah in Iraq when suddenly bullets seared through his leave thigh. As he lay beside his helicopter, he took hold of a tourniquet within his pocket and immediately slide it on to his wounded thigh and the tourniquet worked expeditiously in stopping the bleeding. Hence, the device, which was once considered extremely low tech, ended up saving yet another life in this high tech world. (Klenerman, pp. 65-66)If USAISR had not created such an invention, there would have been no effective tourniquet. Tourniquets are still being used widely and they are proving to be operational when it comes to saving lives, since there is no useful device available on the field of operation to save lives.There is a great deal of incre ase in the use of tourniquets during the Iraq war. The tourniquet, which has gained immense popularity, is the CAT and is still in use by the soldiers until date.The CAT was also made available for use for the civilians. In case of extreme traumas, CAT can be used as a lifesaver. (Taliaferro, pp. 22-25)Now, the Army doctors state that the use of tourniquets in the battlefield cannot be dispensed and they are striving to design even better and modern tourniquets to facilitate self first gear aid on the battlefield. Conclusively, we have discussed that a device that works on the principle of compression and uses pressure to be applied on the wounded limb that blocks the circulation of blood in the specific area and prevents the flow of blood for a certain period has been referred as a tourniquet. It is a trust that this paper will help the students, professionals, and experts in the better understanding of the tourniquet, as well as, its significance in the Iraqi war.ReferencesAlex Danchev. (2005). the Iraq War and Democratic Politics. Routledge (UK).Irwin Abrams. (2003). the Iraqs War and its Consequences. manhood Scientific.Leslie Klenerman. (2004). the Tourniquet Manual. Springer.William Hay Taliaferro. (1972). Medicine and the War. Ayer Publishing.Williamson Murray. (2003). the Iraq War. Harvard University Press.

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