Saturday, November 25, 2017

'The Life and Death of Aaliyah'

'Aaliyah Dana Haughton was innate(p) January 16,1979, in Brooklyn, untried York. When she was 11, Aaliyah competed on the television system program superstar Search, but she did non take situation the prize. Soon afterward her television appearance, she performed with Gladys Knight, who was the wife of Aaliyahs uncle and manager, Barry Hankerson. In 1994, at the age of 15, Aaliyah launched onto the R&B charts with her source record phonograph album, Age Aint Nothing alone A Number. This record, produced by vocalizer R.Kelly, cursorily s disused a million copies and climbed the charts until it had reached platinum status.\nLater that grade, rag week reported that juvenile Aaliyah married 27 year old R.Kelly, but Aaliyah denied the coupling and the marriage was reportedly invalidate. Aaliyah graduated uplifted school in 1997, she released her sopho more album, unmatched In A Million (1996). cardinal In A Million envisage the 17 year old singer as a Hip-Hop chanteuse with a self-confidence intimately beyond her years. The album sold 2 million copies. Aaliyah realise even more remembrance in 1997, when she recorded pilgrimage to the Past. Aaliyah to a fault performed a song for the Oscar beam in 1998. ace of Aaliyahs songs (Are You That psyche?) in the 1998s, Dr.Dolittle,starring Eddie Murphy, went to offspring 1 on the R&B charts, was a erupt crossover reach, and Aaliyah pull in her first Grammy Awards nomination.\nIn 2000, Aaliyah do her playing debut in the action hit Romeo Must Die. She was as well as the executive manufacturing business of the movies soundtrack which she performed the hit individual Try Again, which profit her second Grammy Award, also two MTV symphony video Awards for the topper female boob tube and Best moving picture From a Film. Aaliyahs third album was released in July 2001 and made it to No.2 on the billboard album chart. In 2001 Aaliyah also compete as the king Of The Damned, which was based on t he bestselling novel by Anne Rice and rotary for release in 2002. On dread 25,2001 Aaliyah died in a trag...'

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