Friday, October 28, 2016

Augustus Caesar - The First Man of Rome

Augustus Caesar the offset Emperor of the ro mankind letters world brought on and kept the Pax romisha, the long item of stability and peace that helped boasting the arts and agriculture. Augustus used his epithets, honour such as his grammatical construction and military programs, images, literature and propaganda to circumvent his image in the look of the humanity. Emperor Augustus Caesar in the extremity known as the florid Age, used his titles decreed by the senate, to assume his honours and images which show his honourable achievements in a positive light. These then go to legitimize Augustus position as the offset printing man of the Roman world. Augustus Caesar was known as universe the first man of Rome, whether this is for him existence the first emperor, where the power lies irrevocably in one mans repay or is due to his legion(predicate) achievements. Augustus had courageous military gage, the support of the wealthy and of the plebeian, this meant th at unlike Julius Caesar, Augustus benefited everyone; he was a religious drawing card, model to be the son of a god. Augustus had the support of the senate who dubbed him with many titles that helped support his known place as the first man. Augustus himself gained his name from Octavian to Augustus, by means of giving up his power, this title meant revered one which showed how the domain viewed him with respect, awe and devotion. He boasted somewhat this title and claimed that this was awarded to him for his courage, Clemency, Justice and worship . (Source 15) Augustus also brought on the verge principate, where one man would rule, this man would be known as the princeps. Augustus was given this title, short for Princeps Civitatis which meant first citizen this relates to his title as the first man, as if you werent a citizen you held no power. This title did not give Augustus power but implied and advertize his supreme authority; this to the public would express how Augus tus must be a great leader for the senate to put him solely in c...

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